Heroes – S04E12 – The Fifth Stage

Volume Five: Redemption

Something about a nail gun this week? I don't know. The size of teh cast is still too unwieldy. They keep saying they're going to cut it down, but I'm still waiting.



As always, I look forward to your thougths, opinons, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Nice! I had not seen the promo.  This is the first Heroes I’ll get to watch live in weeks!

  2. Evening lads.

  3. That poor cutie is dead for sure.

  4. I’m here but about five minutes behind. I’ll be caught up after the first commercial break.

  5. Peter got the Rene (the Hatian)’s power to use against Sylar.

  6. I showed up 5 mins. late, too. I’m on board, now….

  7. Carnies are creepy. No matter what context.

  8. I was wrong, I’ll be caught up by the second commercial break.

  9. Sylar.

  10. I knew it.

  11. It just said written by Tim Kring. I thought he was taken off this show? There has been so many upper level changes that I get confused, now.

  12. When pretty boys attack!

  13. this is GREAT!!

  14. I never thought of either one of those two as brawlers, but I guess when push comes to shove…

  15. Kring has always been with it, it was Loeb who got removed.

    I have to hand it to Peter, nabbing the Hatian’s powers was a brilliant move, one that seems obvious once you think about it.

  16. @Devastron-I say that or somehow got a hold of Sylar’s powers, but I’m sure that might come with a price.

  17. WOW!

  18. When did Heroes turn into Gore-no.

  19. I’m back live, just in time for Peter to crucify Sylar with a nail gun.

  20. Yay! Daddy’s home.

  21. How did Sylar change to Nathan if his shape shifting powers are nullified? Or did Peter release those specific powers?

  22. I love that people with tattoos were once considered a part of the freak show.

  23. Also, everyone knows that in order to win at the bottle toss you have to lightly lob the ball. They stack the bottles so that a hard strike always leaves one standing!

  24. Stop pointing out plot holes Conor. You ruin the show for me! 😀

  25. Ah, offering to show "back stage" to the visiting college girls. The oldest trick in the book!

  26. @zombox: It’s only a plot hole if Peter/The Haitian can’t control which powers he can nullify. I was never really clear on how much control he has over that.

  27. Hey. He’s the sleazy brother from the Riches. That’s where I know him.

  28. Evil Jamie Madrox excels at playing creepy, scary vagabond characters. He was great on THE RICHES.

  29. Multiple Man…always a constant in the Brotherhoo…I mean carnies.

  30. HRG just got bamboozled by misdirection!

  31. It took a few episodes to warm up to, but the Riches turned out to be awesome. Though I still think Minnie Driver killed the show.

  32. what else was he in? he looks familiar…

    and Elisabeth Rohm.. i always liked her back in Angel as Kate..

  33. I wonder if this season, HRG is kind of setting himself up for failure, kind of like a greiving Batman, until he has things solved.

  34. Ah, reconciliation with the guy who was going to molest her…

  35. That is the definition of forgiveness. Claire is apparently Christ-like.

  36. @Superyan: He’s been in a lot.

  37. Claire is no C-3PO.

  38. I know that hillbilly. He is everyone where I live.

  39. This guy has serious anger management issues.

  40. If Claire is joining up with Magneto and The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, which X-Man does that make her?

  41. I bet that guy was working with Samuel, a little extra something to convince Claire of their good intentions.

  42. Mmmm. Rogue? She did a stint with Magneto.

  43. Either that or mind control, or something, because there’s anger and then being unreasonable. Attacking a grl like that is unreasonable, even for a crazed hillbilly, I’d think.

  44. You apparently do not know many crazed hillbillies. Shit like that happens ALL the time.

  45. He was probably drunk on moonshine. That’s what hillbillies drink, right?

  46. In fairness, moonshine is pretty good.  I can’t blame the hillbilies for that.

  47. Oh, man — I thought he did it!

  48. Nathan’s a goner.

  49. He’ll fly away at the last minute

  50. So… that was a metaphorical death, then?

  51. Figured it was a Sylar trick to get out of the range of Haitian power.

  52. Nevernevernevereverneverevernever do a slo-mo scene when you’re using fairly obvious blue screen!

  53. I think that was Nathan’s farewell, though. There has been a lot of talk about him leaving the show this season.

  54. @captbastard: It’s actually green screens now. And it was not nearl the worst green screening I’ve seen, even in the last week (that’s on V).

  55. I, currently, live in one of the many Hicksville, USA…so I know my fair share of hillbillies and they do cause trouble. I don’t know, maybe I don’t like thinking about the abuse of ladies by any type…though it happens, and will be portrayed in fiction, too.

  56. @conor That’s fair. Nathan’s storyline has been over for, probably, two seasons. He’s just been Peter’s brother for a long time.

  57. @mcbaker No intelligent human likes to see any abuse, but hillbillies are rarely right thinking.

  58. Has this season moved slooooowww, or has that been the state of Heroes for awhile, and my optimism prevented me from seeing it until now?

  59. Nice turn of phrase there Magneto.

  60. @Yeah, it definitely wasn’t the worst, but it would’ve looked a lot more believable if it wasn’t slown down to quarter-speed.

  61. @mcbaker: No, I think you’re right. This season has been interesting, but slow.

  62. Yea! Take taht hillbilly dick!

  63. It’s nice to see that Russell Brand is part of The Brotherhood.

  64. I dug that episode. I don’t mind the slowness, I don’t feel like its draginess. Anyway, off to read some Umbrella academy.

  65. @conor-Oh good, it’s not just me….yeah I agree with that…interesting, but slow.

  66. Nice to see Ando is still part of the show, even if it was just for a split second.

  67. I really hope that Claire is playing possum and has not fallen for the carnie flim-flam.  I am really tired of seeing ‘dumb’ Claire. 

    Interested in seeing what Sylar has planned next, and Matt, and Hiro.  But one question with Hiro, how has he gone from end stage brain tumor to able to ‘port people and run around with no consequences??  (minor quibble)

    I hope that this is the last we see of Pete’s mom for a while.  Like the actress, hate the character.

  68. Just got done watching the show.  It was good.  I’m actually glad they ended the Nathan/Sylar angle and gave Nathan a proper goodbye.  It was a great touch, and more for Peter’s character who now has a very focused purpose.

    I’m interested in the Carnival stuff, too.  The thought of all these powers getting together to feed the one leader is an interesting idea.  If you get enough people together, he could potentially crack the world in half. 

    Good stuffs.

  69. One question, were the rampant internet spoilers about who was ‘dying’ correct?  I avoided them successfully and now I wonder if they were right.

  70. @MisterJ: I don’t know that I’d categorize it as dumb to join the more militant wing of the people who have powers. That’s been the basis of X-Men stories for decades.

    As for the deaths, it wasn’t so much internet speculation about Nathan dying as it was reports that he was leaving the show from reputable media reporters.

  71. @conor-I would argue that going against HRG’s thoughts/beliefs (in the context of the show of course) is almost always dumb.  Time after time he has proven that he is the most intelligent, forward thinking, and capable person on the show.  If his own daughter hasn’t figured that out, then I would categorize that as dumb. 

    The X-Men analogy does not hold up because Samneto has not shown Claire that his faction is more militant, only more libertarian.  The only time that one of Samneto’s people has used force in front of Claire he openly said it was wrong.

    As to the death, thanks for answering my question.  But I had no idea who was reporting it, because, as I said, I avoided the entire issue.

  72. @MisterJ: I disagree that Claire’s actions are dumb. Number one, she’s not the omniscient viewer that we are, so she doesn’t know that HRG has been right most of the time. Not having that information doesn’t make her dumb. Number two, it’s normal for kids to rebel against their parents and try out different philosophies. That’s not dumn, it’s normal. Number three, one of the best things about this season is that Samuel and his people aren’t necessarily totally evil. There is, like Magneto, a lot of gray in their world and actions. That might be something that Claire responds to right now.

  73. @conor-I would counter your first point with the fact that Claire has said, on at least one occasion, that HRG always has a plan and that it normally works out.  She may not have as much information as the viewer, but she has seen her dad, and his machinations, at work enough to be aware of the depth of his experience.  Further, she has nearly the amount of information that we have.  HRG showed her the ‘clue wall’ in the Thanksgiving episode.  Shouldn’t knowledge of that wall alone be enough to condemn her actions?

    I’ll certainly spot you the ‘teen angst’ angle, but the idea of ‘running away to join the circus’ passes by normal kids around age 8 not 18.

    Lastly, I never called Samneto’s Brotherhood ‘evil.’  Rather, I said they have a libertarian viewpoint, which is a far, far different thing than evil.  He has, aside from the murders, a completely respectable position.

  74. @MisterJ:If Samuel’s position is completely respectable, than how is it dumb to want to check them out for a while?

    I know plenty of adults who would love to run away with the circus.

  75. I was referring to his advertised position that he has told Claire, which is completely dismissed by the aforementioned ‘clue wall’ that Claire is completely aware of, and the suspected murders that Claire is also aware of.  Murders and attacks on civilians generally require some explanation to be accepted.  If Samuel was dealing with Gretchen, I could understand following the carnival, but he is dealing with Claire.

    Would I be correct in presuming that these adults who would love to run away are aware that it is just an escapist fantasy and not a real option?

  76. @MisterJ: Claire might have decided that a more accepting and militant community is what she needs to be happy. She has shown over the course of the show that she’s not comfortable being herself around normal people. Right now she might need a different environment surrounded by people like her. If that’s the case, it’s a perfectly reasonable move to make, especially taking her past history into account.

    This is all escapist fantasy we’re talking about here. The desire to run away and escape your life and its problems is almost always escapist fantasy, except in fiction where it is actually possible. That doesn’t mean the desire to do so goes away, and it doesn’t make one dumb to wish it were otherwise.

  77. @conor-So your position is that it is perfectly reasonable for a person who has spent the last three years fighting against possible terrorists and murderers like Sylar, Bob, and Mr. Patrelli to join up with a group that her father and most trusted advisor have severe reservations about, think are terrorists and murderers, and also have evidence to back up those reservations and beliefs, and have shared said evidence with that person?  That is a pretty spindly limb that you have climbed out on based purely on social comfort.

    Fantasy, yes, not reality.  Claire is not fantasizing, she is taking material steps towards achieving.  Big difference. Wishing something is almost never dumb, but doing that thing can be.

  78. @MisterJ: That’s my position, yes.

    As for the other point, I no longer follow your line of thought so I’m going to move on from that one.

  79. @conor-cool

    the other point was just about the difference between fantasizing about running away (the people in your example) and actually taking steps towards running away (Claire’s actions).  I have a tendency to use legalese in my arguments, so that is probably where the miscommunication comes from.

  80. @MisterJ: I followed your words, I just don’t know what you’re arguing anymore (concerning wanting to run away to join the circus), because it has nothing to do with what we were talking about originally. You said people get over that compulsion when they are 8. I said I know people who never did. Then you brought the actions of a fictional person into the discussion. Clearly the answer is we just travel in different circles.

  81. @conor-You were talking about rebelling against your parents and their philosophies.  I countered by offering that acting on wishes to run away in the context of teen angst.  I argued that you grow out of actually acting on this compulsion during childhood.  You countered that you know people who fantasize about it.  I offered that there is a distinction between the two.  That’s pretty much it.

  82. @MisterJ: I wasn’t talking about rebeling against ones parents, but running away to join the circus (literally or metaphorically).

  83. Then what does this mean?

    Number two, it’s normal for kids to rebel against their parents and try out different philosophies.

    That is a quote from you @4:23 and the genesis of how we got on this road.

  84. @MisterJ: That’s a entirely seperate thought from running away to join the circus. I was refuting your claim that people stop wanting to do that after the age of 8.

  85. @conor-It’s not a separate thought if the act in question is running away and joining people who have different philosophies, which is what Claire did.

    Perhaps I could have been more clear in in my meaning the ‘idea passing by.’  I was really referring to the dismissal of running away as an actual option, NOT a fantasy.  I thought this was shown by the context of Claire actually running away and joining the circus (really a variant thereof).