Heroes – S04E11 – Thanksgiving

Volume Five: Redemption

This week, NBC announced that Heroes was moving to 9pm after the holiday break to make way for Chuck, which, if you've seen the promos for the new season, looks totally awesome.



As always, I look forward to your thougths, opinons, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I cant wait for chuck!

  2. man chuck is a good show

  3. Damnit, I really liked watching Heroes at 8. Half the time I have to record it when its on at 9 because I can’t watch all of it.

  4. Evening lads.

  5. I think he was watching the first cut of BLAIR WITCH.

  6. I missed last week’s episode… possibly the week before’s as well, I can’t remember, so if I ask a lot of stupid questions, bare w/ me.

  7. I would like to watch an entire episode of HRG trying to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

  8. I hate the 8 time. It means I have to cut my gym time by 30 minutes.

  9. Lock the camera down and se lots of time lapse. It would be great. He would definitely shoot at least one appliance or can of yams.

  10. I’m sure that HRG could call on someone to flash cook his frozen turkey.

  11. HRG: pimp/lover of yams.

  12. Mama Petrelli might be the worst mother ever.

  13. The ol’ "that wasn’t your brother, it was a shapeshifter" Thanksgiving chat that everyone dreads.

  14. Never back a badger into a corner.

  15. Its hard to top the ‘your brother’s really dead and that is secretly the superpowered serial killer disguised as him’ for awkward Thanksgiving dinners.

  16. "I’ve got some heroes up in here, now!" – dude from Biggest Loser

    No you don’t. Shut up. 

  17. This is going to be an awesomely awkward dinner.

  18. That face Claire just made is the same one that I make when people act like that around dogs.

  19. There is no better revenge against the ex than showing up with a younger and hotter replacement.

  20. MR. MUGGLES!

  21. Considering how little life the show has left in it, can we just get ‘Hiro-as-Trunks-from-DBZ’ w/ the sword and badassness for the rest of the series?

  22. I agree captbastard, I want future hiro. I was watching season 1 with my friend the other day and I realized how much I want future hiro

  23. Have we seen hints of the tattooed lady being ready to revolt against Samuel? It seems like it happened just all of a sudden.

  24. I think she mentioned how she doesnt like him bringing in the new people, and she was angry at him using the old guy

  25. @conor
    I kinda figured that from the start; I dunno if it was hinted at or I just assumed it.

  26. Those badly animated talking retrievers are creepy.

  27. She has kind of talked back to him a couple of times. I guess she was just assuming they’d be bringing Joseph back all this time and now that he isn’t back she’s suspicious.

     And, of course, there is that online web series thing too.

  28. I think tattooed lady’s story is mostly in that online thing, Conor.

  29. @zombox: I kind of figured that.

  30. A dinner like this one requires multiple bottles of wine.

  31. Can we kill doug? man is he annoying

  32. Claire’s considering asking the Hatian to erase her memory of this dinner.

  33. "I am thankful for this big glass of red wine."

  34. I’m considering asking the Haitian to erase season 2 and 3.


  35. Butterfly Man Thanksgiving.

  36. Yikes!

  37. Wasn’t his brother supposed to have powers? An empath like Peter or something? I guess it doesn’t really matter, he didn’t have healing at least.

  38. Dear Gap commercial,
    Shut the fuck up.
    Every fiber in my being

  39. You know, that was not the most mature thing I’ve seen Claire do.

  40. @zombox: But it worked!

  41. @conor Go HRG!

  42. Am I showing my old man side?

  43. Did somene say pie?

  44. I hope they consolidate the Sylars tonight. Otherwise, I’m starting to feel like this is a really contrived way to have him in all of the major storylines.

  45. Even Sylar likes pie.

  46. Just me or is the less Sylar the better? He’s no longer interesting to me now that he’s the charasmatic sociopath that we’ve frankly been seeing a lot of lately.

  47. All Syler want is some pie. And he likes pie.


  49. @captbastrd: It’s not just you. I agree, the less Sylar the better. That’s usually always the case with good villains.

  50. But, like the X-Men writers of yore – they have overdone him. Too much of a good thing is too damn much.

  51. @conor
    But even the character has changed to a point that I’m just not into it.

  52. Sometimes I forget that Ray Park is even on this show.

  53. @captbastrd: Yeah, he’s not nearly as effective as he used to be, mostly becaue they never figured out what to do with him and overused him trying him in too many different scenarios.

  54. I find it amusing that Hiro keeps referring to himself as a hero when he’s acting really quite selfish and not heroic  right now.

  55. is sylar using the puppet masters powers?

  56. I hope Mama Petrelli knows a good plastic surgeon.

  57. Heroes: Exorcist.

  58. ugh i hoped we were done with nathan

  59. If they live in this crazy, unlocatable place, where does Sprint mail Tattoo girl’s bill?

    HEY! Gap commercial, what’d I tell you??

  60. The evil incarnate bar was a great line. Sylar always gets the best ones.

  61. @Devastron
    That’s my point, the writers give him those lines all too frequently because he bacame popular but instead of keeping up w/ whatever it was that made Sylar cool they tried to make him cool. Which never works.

  62. EW! She drives a box-car!

  63. Incapacitation of Hiro attempt #475.

  64. Well, that was a compelling promo. I’ll give it that.

  65. is heroes getting renewed? does anyone know?

  66. It has not been announced either way at this point.