Heroes – S04E10 – Brother’s Keeper

Volume Five: Redemption

Looks like we’re staying in the past with more from Mohinder. I never hated him as much as everyone else seems to, so I don’t mind so much.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I’m here, but my dinner just arrived, so I might not be commenting for a while. I’ll be reading, though!

  2. I like how Hiro calls everyone by super hero/villain names. It’s a nice bit of character.

  3. Ugh, my eyes are already rolling as Mohinder returns to hinder the plot.

  4. I don’t mind Mohinder as much as everyone else seems to.

  5. Heh, I like the Hatian. "You stay the hell away from me Sy-Nathan, I mean, Peter, we have to talk."

  6. Well I just think they were finding a good balance of characters. I think Mohinder for an episode is ok but if he sticks around after that its going to complicate and crowd things.

  7. What’d I miss lads?


  8. Woot. Down the shirt shot of Hayden. Gratuitous.

  9. It looks like HEROES is going all LOST on us.

  10. I bet that hurts like hell.

  11. Well that will certainly be a test of her healing powers.

  12. @zombox: You didn’t miss much. Samuel won’t tell Hiro where Charlie is unless he goes back in time to help him. Tracy can’t control her powers. Nathan was apparenetly "missing" from his job as a U.S. Senator for a while.

  13. Cocaine!

  14. "Nathan"’s therapy bills are about to go through the roof.

  15. I have not been following this commercial break storyline at all.

  16. I knew Sprint was evil!

  17. I’m having trouble feeling whther I am interested in Nathan/Sylar and Peter or not.

  18. ‘Slow Burn’… boring. I know they’re trying to create interactive TV, but who cares?

  19. It’s going to be really awkward when HRG gets home.

  20. That’s just nasty.

  21. Matt Parkman is life’s punching bag.

  22. @conor Yes he is. That’s why I empathize with him.

  23. I think Mohinder built the hatch.

  24. Mohinder is totally sleeping on the couch from now on.

  25. Hatch…?

  26. Mohinder is a dumb ass if he bails on her.

  27. That’s a LOST joke.

  28. Tried to watch Lost. Couldn’t make it past the 4th episode.

  29. Parkman is the worst secret keeper ever.

  30. @conor Isn’t that, like, some sort of cult of christian virgins?

  31. This episode is looking like a pivotal one, possibly bringing Sylar back and revealing the secret of Samuel and the carnival.

  32. Nathan’s days are numbered.

  33. Damn Mohinder. You are an idiot.  WHy do you always do the stupid thing?

  34. I like this secret, otherworldly carnival. It’s a cool idea.

  35. That’s some rough green screening.

  36. That Samuel uses to amplify his power.

  37. That was dumb Peter. That chi power was awesome. A real Sylar killer.

  38. Well the real question is, did Peter just get flight from him or ALL of Sylar’s powers? Also, I guess that means Hiro is screwed.

  39. @Devastron: I am constantly confused as to which powers Peter has and which he doesn’t.

  40. Good call Devastron. Very good call.


  41. Not safe, Mohinder! Not safe! You’re a scientist! Take the fire outside!

  42. @conor Mohinder once shot himself up with experimental serum. The dude has no fear.

  43. Ouch. Death by pebbles.

  44. Damn those cock teases!

  45. Ah, the old Doc Brown gambit


  46. Wait! Mohinder took a page out of Doc Brown’s book!

  47. Now they need to go stop the Libyans.

  48. Lol, I was also going to say something about the Doc Brown move he pulled there, although I think it was Hiro who did it.

  49. This episode is heavy.

  50. 1.21 Gigawatts!

  51. I love that everything comes back to Mohinder. It’s always his fault.

  52. Don’t ever threaten a time travelling teleporter.

  53. Hiro is about to get screwed by Samuel, methinks.

  54. Riverdale Psychiatric Hospital? I think that’s where they are going to take Archie when his current storyline is over.

  55. Damn, that was cold of Hiro to dump him there.

  56. Conor with the Thor-speak. You should take a shot at writing the big man.

  57. Verily.

  58. I think I’d be okay with seeing less of the Petrelli Brothers, which is sad because they were my favorite characters before this season.

  59. Everything always falls apart at the Thanksgiving table!

  60. It wasn’t an action-ie episode, but it was an episode with a lot of answers. Passing grade.

  61. Kind of an anticlimatic ending there.

  62. So why didn’t Sylar take back control of his body once Parkman was touched? Makes no sense.  Also, didn’t Peter once have the ability to switch powers that he previously had acquired? The season with his father is where he learned that he could recall previously acquired powers.  He seems to be back to season 1 status.

  63. I’m not the only one who sees the Samuel/Magneto comparison am i?

    Also @IroncladMerc

    If they let peter stay that way he would become a god and that doesnt make for good story telling when he can just pull a duex ex machina.

  64. @English: You’re not. We’ve been talking about Samuel as Magneto all season here on the liveblog. 🙂