Heroes – S04E09 – Shadowboxing

Volume Five: Redemption

I’ve got to rush to catch up on last week’s episode to make it for the live blog tonight!

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I made it just in time! Finished last week’s episode with two minutes to spare.

  2. Last week’s episode was pretty good. I laughed at the idea of so many Hiros running around like Marty McFlys in 1955.

  3. Wait, these girls are still in that slaughterhouse from Halloween?

  4. The timing is getting funky with how they are breaking up the storylines.

  5. Peter has a terrible poker face.

  6. @DevastronL Yeah, there is no rhythm to this show.

  7. "The eye-talian eagle scout." Funny.

  8. Haha – Parkman’s revenge!

  9. I guess you just have to take it as this was going on while events were unfolding in the present last episode.

    I am looking forward to more Parkman and Sylar stuff. I hope they focus more on that than on the Claire storyline which is losing my interest.

  10. Evening lads.

  11. After a good night’s sleep he feels like a new man.

  12. Man, I pity any new viewers (haha!) that this show gets. There are so many different versions of characters walking around with little-to-no explanation.

  13. Man, that room is goingt o be COVERED in baby powder when Claire gets back.

    It’ll smell nice, though.

  14. Never thought of that Conor. Certainly is a barrier against entry. Not smart.

  15. That patient is going to die.

  16. …or not! She’s a secret doctor! Like Bob on ER.

  17. I’m not sure what the deaf girl’s purpose is in the show yet. Other than to be a foil to Peter. I like her, but don’t understand her role.

  18. She’s a secret doctor, that was revealed in an earlier episode.

  19. Peter heals people now, right? That’s why everyone in his rig has a miraculous recovery?

  20. Damn that Haitian.

  21. I forgot that she had some sort of medical or doctor training. She gave it up because she didn’t like how people treated her as a deaf person or something.

  22. @zombox: I will admit to my attention wandering when she and Peter get too much screentime.

  23. He heals/kills. Basically chi manipulation.

  24. I still say that this show has never regained what it had with the first season which was a singular purpose. There might have been different storylines, but everyone was heading to the same climax and it was all tied together with the super catchy "Save the cheerleader, save the world". They’ve never recaptured that.

  25. I don’t think the show will ever be as good as that first season. I’ve pretty much accepted that and just enjoyed the show for what it is now.

  26. I agree with that assessment, but I think this season is as close as they’ve gotten. Narrowing the cast, focusing on the better characters, developing them and a lot less campy humor.

  27. @Devastron: I’m not expecting it to either, I’m just surprised that they still aren’t learning their lessons. There were very clear reasons why the first season was a success.

  28. Not much going on in thise episode so far.

  29. I have been liking this season a lot, probably the most since the seacond. The carnival characters have been a very strong addition.

  30. @Devastron: I agree that this season has been pretty strong so far.

  31. A coke with pancakes??? UGH.

  32. Are they back in Charlie’s diner? Had to vacate the TV for a sec.

  33. This diner is the center of the Heroes universe.

  34. I love the return of evil Sylar. For real evil.

  35. This diner must have some kind of cosmic significance. Or they wanted to squeeze one more week out of the set.

  36. Its like the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

  37. I love that there are just these random midde-aged dudes hanging out in sorority houses and dorms.

  38. Take his ass down Noah! Don’t hesitate!

  39. Oh yeah, Noah and the Carnival guy, this should be good.

     I need to check out that online thing some time too. I thought I heard it will tie into the show eventually.

  40. @conor: It’s a dirty job but someone has got to do it.

  41. I love that every now and then they remind us that Claire was raised by HRG. She’s sharper than people give her credit for.

  42. Take that, Invisible Wallace’s Girlfriend From Veronica Mars!

  43. Oh hells! Parkman.

  44. I like how the suit fits perfectly on both Sylar and Parkman.

  45. Uh oh…

  46. OH SHIT!

  47. That was awesome!

  48. Did that really just happen?

  49. Whoa!

  50. That may be the most awesome moment ever in Heroes.

  51. I heard there were going to be some major deaths this season but I hadn’t heard about Parkman being one of them…

  52. I doubt he’ll die. He’d take the ‘real’ Sylar with him.

  53. None the less. Kick ass moment.

  54. Yeah, there have been lost of rumors about a major death this year, one that won’t be taken back. Didn’t expect this though.

  55. Time to get it on! *Funky bass somewhere in the background*

  56. Oh, he’s not dead.

  57. oh snap Peter gonna heal Parkman?

  58. Told ya, Conor.

  59. I think HRG dies for reals this year. That’s my guess. It’ll be a springboard for Claire to really be something special.

  60. It feels like a lot of people I watch on TV have big walls covered in clues. I feel like I need to devote a wall in my apartment to clues.

  61. Aaaand there he is in the preview.

  62. See, they even gave it away.

  63. I’m sure everyone will be happy to see Mohinder die next week.

  64. Called it!

  65. A nice fake out by Heroes there, I’m surprised they revealed it in the preview.

  66. Overall, I liked this one, but it wasn’t as good as last weeks.  The last 5 minutes were awesome, but the preview reveal took away the impact.  They couldn’t let us stew a week thinking Parkman would die?