Heroes – S04E04 – Acceptance

Volume Five: Redemption

I suspect this will be the final season for Heroes. Ratings are in a free fall and they weren’t all that great to begin with. The only thing that might save it is that NBC literally has nothing else to air and what they are airing isn’t doing all that much better than Heroes is.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. yeah i normally try to defend heroes but i can not defend this season at all

  2. I’ve been enjoying it so far. It’s been quite strong.

  3. the problem is that im only intrested in one story line (matt and slylars) and i dont care about any of the others

  4. That certainly would be a problem.

  5. also has anyone notice the simalrity between what petars doing in this and what clark kent is doing in the new season of smallville

  6. And here we… go…

  7. sorry for the poor gramer

  8. Normally I’m all down for heroes, but come on guys. The Packers are playing tonight. Look in your hearts and see what more important.

  9. woops. What is more important

  10. I hate this music.  A lot.

  11. Not that I’m entirely against it, but I think Ali Larter’s current character is an excuse to see her practically naked every episode. Good evening boys.


  12. Yep, the music sucked.

  13. So far, the only storyline I don’t really care about is Hiro/Ando.

  14. Haha… Hiro has a bucket list.

  15. @conor yeah, I’m not a big fan of it either. I havent really liked Hiro’s storylines since season 1.

  16. I do like that his powers have a consequence to his health.

  17. @conor yeah that is quite smart

  18. Hiro goes back in time to prevent a guy from copying his butt?  THAT’S the story?!  I don’t know if that’s awesome or stupid.

  19. I’m kinda with you Conor. I like Hiro and Ando better than I did last season, when I felt they real drug the show down consistently. They are probably still the weakest link, though.

  20. I don’t know that they have learned their season two lesson, which is whne you keep Hiro seperated from the rest of the cast, it hurts his character and the show. He needs to interact with everyone else. His strength in the first season was that he was the only hero who wanted to be a hero and enjoyed it and his enthusiasm rubbed off on the others. Keeping him sequestered in Japan is no different than keeping him sequestered in the past (in Japan).

  21. They could have thought of a better mistake for the guy than copying his butt. Some sort of real story at least.

  22. So Hiro is going to be ‘leaping’ back in time and putting right what once went wrong?

  23. I think they just don’t know what to do with Hiro. He’s much, much too powerful to let him run wild.

  24. @zombox thats always the problem with time travelers. There’s just way too much control they have and there end up being way too many plot holes.

  25. Hiro is about to learn a tough lesson, I think. You can’t always change the future. Some thngs are meant to be.

  26. A lesson only useful to people who have the opportunity to change the future. Well, I’ll disqualify myself immediately.

  27. This man was DESTINED to photocopy his ass.

  28. Hiro’s learning about the inflexibility of past events.  We call it the Butt-Copy Effect.

  29. I think it wuld be funny if we found out that Nathan was a secret serial killer.

  30. So they’re trying to make Nathan into a Anthony Michael Hall from Deadzone.

  31. That would be awesome, Conor. Awesome.

  32. Or Christopher Walken.

  33. That was a nice reaction take from Claire.

  34. I like Noah’s approach to sales.  He should move to Scranton.

  35. Boozy Swoosie Kurtz is always a +1 for any TV show.

  36. I bet Nathan killed all his high school girlfriends. Kiling’s always easier than those break-up conversations.

  37. I’ve never had anyone show themselves out of my apartment. No one has ever offered it to me, either. "I gotta leave, so you do too."

  38. Nathan was Chaci in high school.

  39. Nathan = Ted Kennedy?


  40. What kind of weirdo wears a basecall cap and a swimsuit in the middle of the night?

  41. I wonder if real Nathan covered it up or his Mother did.

  42. Angela probably had the Haitian wipe Nathan’s memories.

  43. @conor the best kind


  44. Actually that’d be an interesting episode; where Nathan/Sylar grabs the Haitian’s necklace and learns stuff.

  45. I bet it was Angela who covered it up. Mothers always do.

  46. @Tork that’d be awesome. All the different conspiricies and events that have been covered up by him in the past. It would open up a whole new set of storylines.

  47. HA! I called it.

  48. Its good personal drama. It lacks a certain impact given the character it is happening to is dead.

  49. I really like HRG. I think he’s one character they havent done too bad with in all four seasons.

  50. I think that Claire should worry that her dad has suddenly started dressing like Hank Moody.

  51. I’m not liking mid-life crisis Noah…

  52. I have figured out what they are going to do with Hiro. He’s going to keep going back in time to save this suicidcal dude and by the end he’ll be covered in toner to the point of black face, and then he’ll have a seizure and drop dead. The end.

  53. @Tork: I think it’s terribly fascinating. What does a cold-blooded secret agent do with his life when he’s out of work?

  54. @conor yeah, Hiro has an admirable death trying to stop a man from copying his butt. Lol.

  55. @ThePunisherMAX: Well, that and killing himself. That’s pretty admirable.

  56. Eh, it’s an interesting question to ask about Noah.  I’m just not sure sweat pants and take-out is something I really want to watch Noah doing as opposed to previous seasons.

  57. What a sleazy dude.

  58. @Tork: Characters need dramatic arcs, they can’t remain stagnant or they get boring.

  59. Sure, I’m just kind of wanting something else.

  60. Hrm. Are all the powers becoming unstable?

  61. Just the artificial ones.

  62. Was that a syringe or a knife?

  63. Nathan’s phone works in a parking garage.  That’s amazing.

  64. I think this is the most verbose I’ve ever seen Ray Park be in a role.

  65. Not really. Not living in a big city, my phone works almost everywhere.

  66. Mine does not

  67. My phone even works in some subway stations.

  68. Wow! Boozy Swoozie had him killed!

  69. 2 Sylars?

  70. Nathan’s going to bust out of that grave an start dancing Thrill– SYLAR!

  71. Wow in the heck does that not look suspicious to the nth degree?  You could wait a bit before having him killed.

  72. HA!  Gretchen…

  73. So far, I’m digging this season of Heroes. I just wish they’d go back to the 9 PM start time. 😛

  74. I’m all the way out here on the west coast, so I just barely finished watching this episode. It was good. This season is off to a good start, but the Hiro story did bother me too. I thought he had already learned that some things he just cant change (like when he couldnt rescue that waitress in season 1). Also, what was up with Tracy’s power?; was that her way of crying?… Whatever, i still enjoyed it.

  75. man Zachary Quinto is killing it this season

  76. Zombie Sylar now. His mind is in Matt Parkman, now his body’s gonna be a zombie until his mind is reunited with it.

  77. Heroes is crossing with Dollhouse-Tabula Rasa Sylar!!  But seriously, it is an interesting idea.

    This was the least annoyed that I have been with Claire in a long time.  

    A guy whose destiny it was to photocopy his butt.  I don’t know if it is idiocy or genius writing.  I lean towards the latter.  

    I kinda hope that Pasdar is done now.  I don’t have anything against him or his acting, but I did not like what they were doing with the plot of his character.

  78. Ok.. here’s what i don’t get… Didn’t Hiro ALREADY learn that you can change the past in Season 1.  He went back over and over again trying to save Charlie only to realize that no matter what he did, he couldn’t save her from getting killed. Sooooooo… why does he think he can now??????????????

  79. i meant CAN’T change the past