Heroes – S03E24 – I Am Sylar

Volume Four: Fugitives

Tonight’s episode – I Am Sylar

What will happen? Are people gonna die?  Will the Heroes stay on the run?  Will The Hunter succeed in rounding up all the living weapons?

Only two episodes to go this season, so I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

s always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. can’t wait for this episode.kinda excited about this.

  2. Hope this is better then last episode. Although any medicore or bad episode with Bryan Fuller is watchable at most. If Loeb or someone was still on this season, thumbs down.

    I hope we get something out of, what is the penultimate episode

  3. Let sylar scream his name out ala Beowulf style.



  4. im so excited!!

  5. Hey I asked for the ‘all american burger!’

  6. i have a mancrush on sylar not gonna lie

  7. What house am I in?….What state is this!?-man

  8. Ew!!

  9. Ewwww.

  10. Wait… what was with the tooth?

  11. ‘Come on kid, act like you mean it! Your pay isnt worth it….’-Director

  12. wow that was gross

  13. Is it as good as a plan of killing yourself?

  14. Oh this speech matt is doing is a lot of forshadowing his death

  15. I have a friend like Matt Parkman who we only refer to be their full name.

  16. All problems can be solved by sitting at the park

  17. i’m late. night boys


  18. That makes me sad. I like Matt Parkman.

  19. Okay so if there is security cameras on the street……not on in the park though?

  20. Hm. Liking the new angle they’re playing with Sylar. That’s an interesting thing to do with shapeshifters.

  21. It would be awesome if Sylar woke up as Spock.

  22. Here we go….what I called for when this plot line kicked in…

  23. oh man sylar…just keep being aweosme

    @conor; YES!!

  24. wow grosssss but awesome!!

  25. Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

  26. Wow, creative use for the title

  27. scarification=creepy=sylar?


  28. So now Sylar is a cutter with identity problems. Is Bright Eyes gonna start playing soon?

  29. Its been done with lots of shifters. Mystique comes to mind immediately.

  30. @Anson: He’s gonna put goth gear on and read the next issue of Sandman…

  31. i lvoe that commercial

  32. the parkman one

  33. @TNC Goth Ron should totally be on this show.

  34. If John Malkovich didnt have a career….

  35. Hey! Clint Howard! Awesome!

  36. wow sylar…hes so awesome

  37. Aw, crap – Micah is in this one again.

  38. I’m gonna blow your mind….

  39. So it’s basically the melting power, but vibrational based.

  40. Crazy like a fox…

  41. Micah > Daphne.

  42. Shenkar?

    Shenkar 🙂

  43. @zombox: Daphne > Micah

  44. that powr was so cool

  45. Alright I’m confused on why Sylar is going AWOL here….

  46. well so much for Clint Howard

  47. Bah! Jeph Loeb is still in the credits….

  48. Awww man?  Micah?  Why couldn’t he have died?

  49. ‘I’m sorry could you repeat that? You kinda mumbled there’-Sylar

  50. Heh. I finally read Identity Crisis last night.

  51. Hunter is a caring, nurturer.


  52. identity crisis

  53. This pocketwatch story is not as compelling as the one in PULP FICTION.

  54. wow sylar is truly amazing. i lvoe this ep

  55. @conor: Or in Watchmen

  56. i didnt like identity crisis.

  57. rofl ando as bait

  58. This is a shitty plan-Ando

  59. Well that plotline with Ando not trusting Hiro is back in full gear….unexpectingly

  60. whoa awesome!!

  61. Well, that was a cool little twist. Interested to see how they explain it.

  62. Oh, I think they’ve had it in the background the whole time. They’ve been a little fractured since the whole death thing.

  63. @zombox: Not the last 3-4 episodes I’ve been watching…

  64. i hope sylar kills the hunter soon.

  65. I think Hiro is a little jealous of Ando (much like Ando was early in the show of Hiro).


  66. zachary quinto not in star trek trailer…hmm

  67. Yeah, Hiro and Ando haven’t been the same for a while.  They keep up appearances, but they are not as close as they once were.

  68. sylars mom…another throwback to season 1

  69. ‘Alright my Beatles albums have come back to me!’-Sylar

  70. Haha – that was *not* a NYPD uniform.

  71. @conor: I thought this was DC?

  72. @TNC: Yeah, you’re right. They gave that cop a weird regional accent, then.

  73. ‘Why did you lie about Santa being real?’-Sylar

  74. I’m loving this episode!

  75. SO badass!! talking to themselves

  76. sylar seeing dead ppl

  77. ‘But what a memorable day we had together’-Sylar

  78. I’d totally watch a buddy show with Sylar and Ando!

  79. wow this is a real deep profile into sylars mind. its so awesome!!

  80. ‘No one can make graham crackers like you ma!’-Sylar

  81. Boy howdy

    Real lucky that Hunter was on the other side of the door and not the other 3 million living in DC

  82. Ugh…

  83. ‘Our time….to be alone….’

    *cue porno music*

  84. HOLY SHIT!

  85. Holy Shit!!!!

  86. The first thing I would if I was frozen in time like that would be to move those darts so that would not happen.

  87. What a dickhead move… I’d wanna kill him for that too.

  88. wow hiros being a rel dick. now i see why they are fighting in that FUTURE SCENE

  89. Again this fraction between Ando and Hiro seems pretty forced if you ask me…

  90. I saw him lining them up and I knew what was coming. That’s one of the first times in a while this show has gotten me to say "NOOOOO!"

  91. wow still not over that sylar psychic profile thign…so sick and nwo he just wants to kill

  92. Kill him Sylar!

  93. someone’s getting their brain eaten

  94. @TNC: Aren’t you the one who has skipped half the season?

  95. Will this show up stage Lost by killing a kid in a more horrible way? Stay tuned!

  96. i smell a micah pwning

  97. I will clap happily if Sylar cuts the top of Micah’s head off.

  98. @conor: Well I caught up with the season…..heh not very good until Fuller got on board.

    But I know this whole Ando/Hiro thing has been building up. But ever since I started watching this again, or when Fuller came back on board, this plotline seemed to have been dropped. I just dont see Hiro being this much of a dick to Ando.

  99. I miss Daphne

  100. @TNC: HE’s jealous. Their relationship was always one way – he was the hero and Ando was his sidekick. That relationship shifted and became equal. Some people can’t handle relationship paradigm shifts.

  101. @gobo: Me too.

  102. Oh god this promo for Southland is terrible

  103. @conor: AGREED!!

  104. @conor: No I understand what your saying.

    But they dropped this plotline a few episodes back. They became the lovable, comic relief again with the Parkman baby. Again it just feels forced to bring it back

  105. Kill the little bastard. Kill him now.

  106. so is sylar really the Hero?? cuz that would be awesome!!

  107. @TNC: They didn’t drop it, it’s been constant. It just hasn’t been emphasized in a while because they have been focusing on other characters.

  108. wow idk whether to punch Hiro or say thanks

  109. @conor: Well then I cant explain why I didnt see any of this tension in the last 4 episodes I’ve seen them….but whatever we’ll agree to disagree

  110. LOL since when do you wear glasses.

  111. I know I’ve asked this beore, but how is Ando’s power offensive?

  112. @rayclark: That would be decidely not awesome.

  113. World’s Finest right there

  114. Poor, poor jerri curl Micah.. so hated… heh.

  115. Wow…..Sylar is swayed really easily…


  117. Well at least I got to see what Micah getting killed looks like

  118. Sylartried the Hero thing before. It didn;t work out.

  119. god dammit no brain eating for Micah

  120. Saw that. Dammit! Making Sylar a hero is gonna drag this show through the mud again. Also, since that was Sylar, that means that Micah isn’t dead. DAMMIT!

  121. wow Sylar is totally a good guy now….

  122. welll….almost lol.

  123. Alright we got 20mins to go with this and one more full episode….Where is this season going!?

  124. hmmmm…..still being creepy…..

  125. Wow….that’s fucked up….

  126. I’m still a bit cnofused on this whole speaking with Mom thing. Is it that his object reading power got an imprint of his "mom" and used his shapeshifting to manifest?

  127. Sylar is haveing wierd Bates thing going on

  128. Oh… I think good guy might be an exaggeration.


  129. Sylar’s mom sounds a lot like Frances Conroy. It’s freaking me out.

  130. im still creeped out….

  131. You see when I talk in a different voice I dont play dress up I….

    well I’ve said too much

  132. @Anson17: If he absorbs people’s DNA (did he just say that?) then hers could have been on some of those objects in the box.

  133. agh this is such a good episdoe. it puts great insight into sylars head

  134. mabey thats why he was sniffing the shirt…….

  135. It looks like a mixture of all of his abilities is starting to drive him crazy. The combination of shape shifting and reading memories and stuff from objects seems to be mixing and giving him like a multiple personality disorder. The Healing thing is probably messing with his shape shifting too, like the extra tooth. Its an interesting idea that too many abilities or the wrong mixture of them would have bad side effects.

  136. I’m getting tired of seeing Sylar torned on being a good guy or bad guy….Choose a side and stick with it!

    We’ve seen it for 3 straight seasons now

  137. @Devastron

     I hope the writers go down that route, its an awsome idea

  138. @conor: hers was on those scissors he was touching so thats how he absorbed her DNA (cuz he did say he absorbed DNA)

  139. He touched the scissors he stabbed her with, there was probably some dried blood on them.

  140. I still dont understand why no one has ratted out that Nathan has abilities.

    You would think that is Hunter’s first priority before becoming leader

  141. hmmm i have a feeling sylar wants to be nathan……in order to be successful

  142. @TNC: maybe the hunter just wants to hunt…right? =)

  143. ‘I just thought all boys go threw this stage’-Mom

  144. @TNC: LOL ahhh mom so funny

  145. ok completely creeped out by this sylar mom scene ..and thats not easy to do

  146. it dosent help the creepiness  factor when Sylars mom looks like a crazy witch

  147. Season one. It all goes back to SEASON ONE!

  148. wow…mom knows how to really get her kid to succeed

  149. Moving closer to season 1’s future.

  150. they just corrupted the "you can be anything" speal in ways I never thought possible.

  151. ITS A TRAP!!

  152. Man I forgot about that future I thought the Heroes stopped from happening.

    Great call backs

  153. yeah its def a trap

  154. This is the same guy that 4 episodes ago tortured Noah almost mindless… talk about MPD.

  155. so this part of the season has a lot of throwbacks to season 1 i have noticed

  156. Hmmm………i love season 1 and this part of 3…looks like Sylars finally taking matters into his own hands

  157. ooo the epic word "change"

  158. Don’t like how quickly Parkman is getting over Daphne.

  159. Have they been sitting in the same diner for the whole day!?

  160. in season 1 issac mendes drew sylar as the president, they are revisiting this. cool. it happened 3 yrs later instead of 5

  161. @TS4P: but you need an Admiral Ackbar voice when you do it LOL

  162. @TNC: The episode flashed back 18 hours after the opening scene.

  163. Oh noes! Not Obama!


  164. The episode started out with 18 hours ago. The end is just now catching up with the present, where the least episode ended.

  165. @conor: Oh thats right, forgot.

    It is a nice little writers touch to basically say:

    ‘You just prolonged the future of Sylar becoming president, not stopped it’. Kinda like the Terminator 3 plot.

  166. @rayclark

    Admiral Ackbar: The Shield is down! Commence attack on the Death star’s main reactor.

  167. Mmm… I want a milkshake.

  168. I like that parts of the future are coming true while other parts can’t. Certain characters are dead and the explosion didn’t happen. Everything is happeneing for different reasons.

  169. ‘Okay didnt understand a word you said Nathan’-HRG

  170. *cough*Retard*cough*

  171. He just left his milk shake!

  172. I guess we have to pay the bill….cheepskates

  173. So did he!

  174. i want milkshake too now ><

  175. Nosebleeds are never a good thing….

  176. I think this episode has been fairly strong because of the lack of involvement of the Petrellis. I feel like they’ve been present in most of the weakest parts of this season.

  177. how come ando cant just supercharge hiro??

  178. @TS4P: wayy to steal that quote but still its awesome rofl

  179. ‘Alright boys we were just here a couple of hours ago’-SWAT

  180. wow sylar…

  181. Well they’re gonna have to kill Sylar….they cant just hold him back forever for touching the president

  182. @rayclark

     yeah imbd.com ftw

  183. Will Nathan die? Or will Peter save him?


  185. Sylar has heard this ‘your pathetic’ speech 1,000 times

  186. @TS4P: lmao always FTW duhh

  187. Wow, I almost thought Nathan was going to die

  188. caring friend my ass

  189. welp that was a sick ep cant wait for season finale next week. im out PC

  190. good epsisode, makeing me excited for season finale

     the season needs an awsome cliffhanger

  191. DAMN!

  192. OMG

  193. oh  shit!!!!

  194. Ruh roh Raggy!

  195. Holy crap!

  196. Good recovery episode. Much happier with that one than last week’s.

  197. Yeah…..I call Sylar dying next week

  198. sylar is totally awesome.

  199. so i have a feeling Hunter might not make it for next season

  200. Hopefully some people stay dead this time

  201. and it matchs up with Heroes killing great villans early on

     adam, Arther

  202. @TNC

     they wont kill Sylar, hes the resident movie star now

  203. 1. Micah is a WAY more interesting character than Daphne ever was. I for one like the idea of a character who actually wants to be, you know a hero. Having him play a digital Harriet Tubman was a cool idea.

    2.  They really need to kill Sylar. This show has been on for three years and they are basically rehasing the same plot points with him. I do like that he wants to be President, not to help people or even the power of the office, but to be someone "special". In fact it would be cool if for whatver reason Sylar became Obama and the other heroes had to live in a world with Sylar at the helm.

    3. These guys need to sit down and exchange numbers. Maybe email adresses. I still can’t believe all these characters don’t know each other.

  204. This was…..a better episode? I question it because last week wasnt that great. While this episode was better, it wasnt by much.

    I am getting tired of the writers deciding to make Sylar just suddenly second guess every season. Either he’s the anti-hero or just plain villain….not both. You cant suddenly decide to show a guy murder all of these people and then put a interaction with his mom to show ‘oh he’s really torn inside’. Doing it once in season 1, that’s fine. But doing it over and over just gets old.

    Plus the stuff with Micah was just plain boring and useless in the long run. Ando/Hiro was more entertaining of the 3 plots going….Hiro just letting Ando get 6 shots of tranqulizer in him was badass, But as I said earlier; bringing a plot point back when it was completely dropped the last 5 episodes doesnt make much sense. Finally, it got annoying they showed the same shot of the Petrelli’s and HRG 3 times (first happening last episode).

    @TonyStark: Your right, he is a film star now. So why would he wanna stay on a show when he can get bigger money on big sci-fi films? I really think this is Sylar’s last season. If I’m wrong, then great, cause I still like Sylar even if he’s written as a ‘woe as me’ guy every season finale. But how are they going to stop him from not taking over the presidency? They cant keep that storyline up forever if he still has those mimic powers. Plus the previews indicate, at least in my eyes, that Sylar is gonna piss someone off that gets him killed.

    Again it was a decent episode, but overall I’m hoping this has a strong finish. The episodes with Fuller back on board have been great so far….But with these last two episodes it seems like ‘deja vu’ all over again.

  205. Just finished it. Thought it was a great episode. I like how Sylar got the DNA off of the scissors and picked up all the memories off the sweater and individuals globes. Re-asserting his mother issues and giving it a Norman Bates, Pyscho vibe was pretty cool. 

    I also enjoy his decisions in this episode. It wasn’t a good guy/bad guy decision. It was a Bad Guy….Really Bad Guy dynamic.

    As much as I like the Hunter, I hope Sylar rips him into pieces. I doubt they’ll kill Sylar unless the series is ending, otherwise they’ll keep him even if Quinto leaves for a bit, Sylar is a great device to pull out of the box to add tension in a later season. 

  206. Great episode.  I don’t see how keeping a character consistent is a problem.  Sylar has always been messed up and messed with and now his absorbed powers are affecting him, making his inner turmoil much worse.  When Sylar was first introduced, I thought he was boring and one note.  That all changed when Angela started messing with him.  Having him try to be good was genius, it was something he wanted.  But he sucked at it and when he learned his new family was a lie it twisted him even farther.   A bad guy who always kills is boring.  An unpredictable villain is always better.

    I have no problem with Micah.  An inexperienced kid trying to help via technology is a solid addition.  I LOVED Daphne largely because of the actress.   The only real gripe I have with this season is Parkman forgetting her so soon.  Evidently, some of that was due to time cuts.

    If someone has to die, I wouldn’t mind waving goodbye to Nathan but not before he realizes that Peter is a better man, and greater hero, than he could every be.

     That last scene with Sylar was awesome.  I didn’t flinch when he went down and thought, "They’ll just have someone remove the knife when they need him again."   But having him unaffected…. awesome.