Heroes – S03E23 – 1961

Volume Four: Fugitives

Tonight’s episode – 1961

This episode is being hyped as Angela Petrelli’s Company Man.  We can only hope, right?

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Aww….stole my joke…

  2. Really excited for this ep. Just caught up on the last two weeks last night. If this actually is Anglea’s Company Man, we’re in a for a hell of a treat.

  3. This is like Indiana Jones…..but creepier…

  4. "Finding the truth involves a lot more manual labor than I thought it would."

  5. Peter and Nathan really need to hug it out.

  6. Now it’s like Leave it to Beaver

  7. If my mom told me to start digging and we uncovered a mass grave… I think I’d probably run.

  8. Yay for black & white!

  9. Yikes… holocaust vibes. No good.

  10. Huh….first time we have ever seen Mohinder’s dad at all?

  11. @ TNC – Nope. He was in the first episode.


    Hey, young linderman!

  12. "Relocation Center" + soldiers with guns… man, these kids are naive.

  13. Oh god dont tell me that wimpy dude with the glasses is HRG.

  14. @TNC. Nope, they gave his name. Something "Bishop." That and we know this is a relocation center for people with powers.

  15. @Anson: Looked like him to me….then again i guess anyone with glasses look like him

  16. The guy with the glasses was Bishop – Elle’s father.

  17. @ Conor, Ah I knew I had heard that name before.

  18. @conor: oooh okay. A character I’d like to forget

    Creep hand in building!

  19. creepy Flowers in the Attic vibe

  20. Wow, looks like we really drew a crowd tonight.

  21. Those guys came into the girls’ dorm with the agression of a bunch of date rapists.

  22. So….this is gonna be a happy episode right?


  23. wait.. Nathan was a double agent?

  24. Hmmm….this is going the ‘Identity Crisis’ route

  25. Peter just came off like a total punk kid with the delivery of that "I’m sorry what happened here mom, but" line.

  26. They have an escalator? 

  27. Touchy feelie!

  28. Super powered inmates always give the business to their jailers. Eventually.

  29. Here, have another Rooferita…

  30. I like that the young Linderman is channeling a bit of Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Blew my mind when I found out Lindrman played him.

  31. *wispers*

    What? Cant hear you speak louder

  32. Storm!  Sweet!


  33. "Is Dr. Suresh gonna come for me." This proves it. Everyone in that family is a creeper.

  34. Bad CGI snowflakes later…

  35. You’d think they would have a tighter lock on the inmat–er, guests at a facility like that.  Wouldn’t let ’em just roam free in creepy packs.

  36. @conor: They needed to graze them before slaughter

  37. "Sure, I used to go to Cici’s Pizza"


  38. ummm no granma i haven’t

  39. It’s a twister! It’s a twister!!

  40. I reckon that’s the sister comin’ in.


  42. It would be awesome if the sister has a mohawk and wears 80s punk leather clothes.

  43. @ Conor, you totally read my mind.

  44. So who would be the Tin Man?

    Oh yea it would be Peter….no brain

  45. @TNC: Tin Man has no heart.

  46. ‘You bastard this is my coffee shop…’

  47. "and bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia!"  I love that joke.

  48. Peter’s losing the "Most Grizzled Petrelli Brother" contest.

  49. ‘I’m sorry could I finish my sentence Peter’

    @conor: Wow…..that was really stupid on my part…

  50. Now they’re arguing about baseball tickets. The secret origin of the Petrelli bros. being dicks to eachother. Baseball tickets.

  51. "I’m trying really hard…to act my way out of this scene."

  52. Dirt…..in my…..eyes

  53. @Anson17: Never underestimate a New Yorker’s love of baseball.

  54. Amazing how those papers dont flap at all in the wind…

  55. @ Conor. I’m from Minnesota. We pretty much hate all of our teams. I hope someday I can be proud of a sports team.

  56. I’m Dr. Suresh….and this is my magic murder bag

  57. Where’s Dr. Peter Venkman?!?

  58. @TNC. Love me some Venture Bros.

  59. Hrm… so far so meh…


  60. Look lets change the subject…..how bout them Beatles?

  61. Everything is going to be fine… as I pull out this enourmous, menacing needle!

  62. ‘I warn them to put conditioner on before the storm’

  63. PETER
    Okay. Nervous?

    Yes… I don’t like this.

    Don’t worry, you only have seventy-five more to go.
    holds up a card with three wavy lines
    Okay, what’s this one?

    A couple of wavy lines.

    who wants to zap him just for fun
    Sorry! This isn’t your lucky day!

    I know. I –
    PETER reaches for the little lever. JENNIFER seems amused, so PETER winks to her. MALE STUDENT stumbles over some words before PETER zaps him.
    Hey! I’m getting a little tired of this!

  64. Sorry we just got off the trampoline….

  65. I was so expecting a bald Matthew McCoughnahey to come jumping through that dust with a big ol spear in his hand at Claire.

  66. @Genghis: Ha! What an obscure reference….I love it

  67. I would love to have that Qube.  Of course, I liked the Scion Xb.

  68. For an episode that takes place in 1961 (as the title suggests) sure doesnt feel like it….nitpicky I know

  69. Parks and recreation looks like way too much of an Office clone to be funny.

  70. Russell Crowe as a dirty hippie…

  71. I love what they are uncovering here.  This is leading down some really dark roads.

  72. @conor: Like this show can get any darker…

  73. "Suresh go find Peter."


    "And somebody get me Rex Kramer!"

  74. SCIENCE!

  75. Restarting the company is a cool idea.

  76. *Peter shakes head*

    Peter: No man….not even close..

  77. I feel like they still don’t know what to do with Mohinder, and haven’t since the end of season one. But he’s dreamy, so they keep him around.

  78. This is like a Russian film…

    Dirty people, abandoned houses, loooong winded monologues.

  79. "made me kill my wife." No. He didn’t make you do shit. Maybe I’m just arguing semantics.

  80. ‘Claire listen to your father, dont touch anything you could get herpes…’

  81. Would that be a function of her healing factor?

  82. ‘Then I turned into a teenager and now I know my limitations’-Claire

  83. I bet that HRG grimaces inwardly everytime Nathan calls Claire "honey."

  84. Oh he’s not os bad, but I think they wasted his spider powers.  Coulda done a lot with that I thought.
  85. Dude Anson, Im also from Minnesota.

    I am a Proud Twins fan, in fact im switching to the game during commercials

  86. ‘We’re going to see Rebel without a Cause….or whatever popular film was out this decade’

  87. @Genghis: I didn’t say he was bad, his character just doesn’t really serve any purpose.

  88. "Are you gonna make out." Loved her delievery of that one. Got a chuckle out of me.

  89. That facility was really ahead of its time in terms of recycling.

  90. Why does every distant relative live in creepy houses?

  91. I always fancied Angela’s power as being one of persuasion.  That seemed to fit her personality best.  Seems like everyone on this show is a seer.  😛

  92. Yikes.

  93. Army of Darkness…thats all I’m saying


    Okay not gonna keep a straight face for this one guys 🙂

  95. Evil mysterious Petrellis! They’ve become the Summerses of the Heroes verse.

  96. That cellar had me feel like i was playing Fallout 3.


    Also, I feel like another Petrelli is the LAST thing this show needs.

  97. im not really likeing this episode…..

  98. @Anson: Ditto

    Seriously she looks like one of those creepy ladies that walk around your street asking to read your fortune….or is that just my neighborhood?

  99. It would be great if the sister’s anger was rooted in her not being allowed to hang out with the boys.


    *lightning bolt*

  100. Dammit, @Zombox you took the words right outta my mouth.

  101. @conor  I’m hip, I’m hip.  He certainly seems to bog things down at times.  Maybe the revelation of his father’s role will galvanize him so he becomes more of a force like in the second season.

  102. I just love it this is suppose to be a dramatic moment….

    The reveal of an old gypsy who lives in New Orleans

  103. @ Conor, that would follow the trend of Petrellis getting bent outta shape for lame reasons.

  104. Oh for crying out loud….we’ve lost her…Houston we have lost the mothership

  105. Okay, gotta give it to them. That was a pretty cool edit.

  106. Oh, come on. Its 1961. She’s a rich white, Italian girl and he’s a black kid. My disbelief is strcteched!

  107. "I never told you that."


    "All another part of my pederastical powers…"

  108. This isn’t going to go well…

  109. I was just gonna say they probably couldn’t get away with that in 61.

  110. Here comes the obligitory race problem…

  111. ‘Dont touch me! The martians can hear me!’

  112. ‘and you didnt give me on Christmas card…’

  113. Wheels on the bus come flying off… flying off… flying off… wheels on the bus just go flying off… into the great unknown…

  114. I havent been alone….I married Buddy Holly. He’s standing right next to you!

  115. @TNC. That’s the first time i’ve ever laughed at one of your comments. The Buddy Holly one.

  116. Fantastic sequence.

  117. so she hid underneath building….and no one bothered to check?…

  118. Yeah, that was actually pretty wild.

  119. Ok… so he slaps a little girl, then gets hit by a dude with sonics and that starts the beginning of the end of Coyote Sands. How is any of this actually important to what is going on right now in the show? I normally dig these kind of episodes, but I don’t feel like it’s adding anything.

  120. Oh she has the shakes!

  121. so  is it just me or is this episode a massive retcon?  Mohinders dad as we learned in previous seasons only had a theory about the super-humans, thats why he was excited about Sylar

     Now we learn he worked at a super-human gulag?

  122. ZAP!

  123. @Anson: Yeah I mean it’s a flimsy excuse to get everyone executed….

    She’s gonna Hulk out!!! Brother!!

  124. Hey, Conor was right. She did throw a lightning bolt!

  125. I don’t know about it being a retcon… but its really not very good. And seems entirely unnecessary.

  126. Yeah cause telling a woman how she had a life outside of this place….that makes her feel comfortable for being cooped up in there

  127. ‘Peter you keep Buddy in line, I gotta talk to my sis’

  128. The socks were from the first episode. Clever bastards.

  129. @Anson: It’s adding backstory and history.  It’s important to add texture to the world these charactres in-habit. By learning where they have come from, we learn more about them and their world.

  130. Well, there’s another poorly written tertiary character that’ll show up sometime later… sigh…

  131. I love that Stride gum commercial with the goat ROCKING that dude’s abs!


  132. @ Conor. I understand that, I just don’t feel that it’s actually accomplishing any of those goals. I guess it has added some motivation to Angela, but that’s about it. Maybe I’m just missing something.

  133. @conor Dude, I expected to see a rainbow next to you.

  134. Going back to that scene with the military killing everyone.

    But that looked forced didnt it? I mean maybe there was an underlining plot of the military hating the people with powers (echoing the nazi threads like this episode was trying to do)….But seriously? One power used, for defense mind you, gets everyone killed? Hell the military guys were right there and saw the dude slap the girl….So again unless the soliders hated the power people they had to have seen in was in self defense.

  135. Damnit, cant anyone kill Suresh!?

  136. @TNC: All you need is one jumpy soldier to start a massacre.  It’s certainly happened before.

  137. Boring emo Surresh. Snore. Snore.

  138. @conor: No….no I dont believe that at all…

  139. So….the military didnt bother at all to chase these four down?…

  140. Wow, Angela got conveniently scheming rather quickly.

  141. ‘I’m sorry ma….they stopped serving breakfast at 6pm’

  142. There we go. Establishing Angela’s motto. "Necessary Evil"

  143. For the sake of sparing this show further criticism, I’ll assume the black kid erased their minds.

  144. @TNC: They probably used their powers to elude capture… like all the modern day heroes currently eluding government capture via use of their super powers.

  145. Burgers and Fries, the american way…

  146. Yup, laughed out loud at the "How’re the freis?" line. Angela is easily my favorite character along with HRG.

  147. @conor: Well I guess the dude with the mind powers helped in that….but still, they had to have a manifesto….they had to know some people were missing

  148. @Genghis: Thinking the government murdered your sister might turn one quite militant rather quickly.

  149. NICE!!!

  150. That scene may be the only interesting thing to come from this episode.

  151. thus the future in season 1

  152. I guess the public doesnt know yet of his powers?….or Danko didnt want to frame him some more…

  153. Oh… shit. In "Five Years Later" we saw Sylar as Nathan being president. Is this a possible link to that alternate futere?

  154. @TNC: Right, and they eluded capture…. just like the current characters.  Pl;us, it seemed like the entire program was buried after the massacre.

  155. Great ending.  Too bad they forgot to rotoscope in the yellow eyes on Mys-


  156. Ha! I love that final shot with Nathan and Peter.

    ‘Petrelli brothers, Away!!’ *cue Superman theme*

  157. Another strong episode. This show is on a fantastic roll.

  158. @conor: Guess the govt. didnt care of tying loose ends in the 60’s. It was all about commies at that point.


    This was an alright episode…..much worst then what I saw from the previous 3. I just wonder where the hell this is going. Cause with 2 episodes left we dont have much time to save the day and stop the bad guys. I mean if they stick with this ‘being on the run’ plot for next season that’s kinda boring.

  159. @conor agreed

  160. Thought it was mostly a boring show. Didn’t move the plot forward at all until the last 2 minutes.

  161. I ment that this was a good episode; but doesnt pale in comparison to the 3 previous episodes…sorry for any confusion

  162. @zombox: The plot doesn’t always have to move forward like a runaway train.  Sometimes you need to stop the train and get to know the passengers.

  163. I didn’t feel like I got to know anyone. Every character acted exactly the same as the have for three seasons. The flashback scene didn’t show me anything that hadn’t already been hinted at. It could have been done in, easily, 1/3rd the show. The addition of her sister was, honestly, pointless.

  164. @zombox: Angela was a blank slate of motivation before. Now we know exactly why she does what she does, and why The Company came to be.

  165. Not at all. She was easily identified as a classic anti-hero archetype from early in season 2. She does bad things, but she thinks she does them fro the greater good. As Peter’s father became a major point her motivations became more clear. She had clearly been a kind of mastermind dreamer, trying to create a kind of Illuminati peace… but lost her way in her husband’s shadow and her own base instincts. I didn’t need more.

  166. @zombox: I was glad to know that everything she does is driven by the guilt she had for abandoning her little sister and leaivng her to be killed by the government.  It adds a very interesting layer to hre actions – not only within The Company and within her family.

  167. @zombox: I like to know the motivations behind the archetypes.  it adds deeper meaning to the story.  Now Angela is a much more tragic figure than she ever was before.

  168. Raise of hands who think the next time we see faux Weather Wizard it’s her dying at the hands of Sylar?

    *raises hand*

  169. I like how the revelation that Suresh knew about the powers long ago and then had his memory wiped (along with everyone else’s!) establishes a kind of "all of this has happened before and all of this will happen again" feel where the Company’s origins actually kind of doom their own kind by preventing anyone outside their ranks from repeating prior mistakes because they aren’t allowed to remember what went wrong before.

    Also the socks thing?  Awesome.