Heroes – S03E22 – Turn And Face The Strange

Volume Four: Fugitives

Tonight’s episode – Turn And Face The Strange

Throughout this entire volume, Angela Petrelli has been a shadowy figure in the background.  Will we find out more about her secrets and lies tonight?

Heroes has been on a nice little creative run here.  Let’s hope it continues tonight.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Other then the nitpicking plotline from last week; these two episodes have been more enjoyable since the end of season 1.

    The writers somewha seem to be back on board, and the other producers (hopefully with Fuller probably giving them an earfull) seem to get back to what this series is trying to accomplish. Although I still think the acting is a bit rough around the edges, same with some of the writing….still looking forward to tonight.

  2. I’m just going to jump in after ignoring this show since….a while now.

  3. About to start!

  4. This story arc has been real good…

  5. after a week hiatus im back

  6. You guys were right, HRB isnt gonna believe this

  7. last weeks was so awesome!! i cant wait for this weeks!!

  8. wow way to be Hunter…

  9. Or…maybe he does believe it

  10. night all

  11. baby genesis device…toddler touch and go…they really brought back the aweosme duo of ando and hiro that i missed since season one

  12. That is an unearthly crying.

  13. they have really brought back everything that i have missed from season 1 its like gotten SO much better since the beginning of the season.

  14. So a guy who could use his mind powers to let someone kill themselves…is gonna use a gun?

  15. whoa thats not sandra….at least i dont think so….o0o0o0o

  16. So the baby will bring Matt Parkman back from a suicide mission…

  17. so i love the sylar/hunter duo thats so awesome

  18. Well that’s risky to disguise right in front of HRB

  19. im totally loving the new Heroes. it makes me so excited for next season!

  20. damn torn bw heroes and ncaa championship. go unc tarheels.

  21. Coyote Sands? The gamblest place on earth

  22. Oh noes! Not Noah!


  23. Seriously… if I was Noah’s son, I’d have a serious inferiority disorder.  His dad doesn’t come home and his mom won’t return home, because wants to stay a hotel until she gets answers?  Where’s the love?

  24. No electricity in that building

  25. what happened to the little girl with the gps ability

  26. A southern japanese man?

    Now I’ve seen everything!

  27. lyle should also be very jealous and hateful of claire who is mom and dad’s obvious fave even before she manifested.

  28. wow,that baby could manipulate anything

  29. Again couldnt Matt just tell Hunter to walk off a building?

  30. im hoping the next ep is all b&w cuz its called 1961 so im totally hoping
  31. nice plan get everyone to think noahs crazy

  32. i wonder what big secret Angela has

  33. whoa divorce papers

  34. Ouch, divorce papers

  35. Saw it coming.

     Still, the delivery is nice.

  36. Lyle’s mom is pretty darn selfish. 

  37. Whoa!!!

    Didnt see that coming

  38. that scene was really heartwrenching for some reason…and it was sylar damn

  39. ouch she is hitting him with all the low blows. sylar kicks ass.

  40. Okay…  I really should have seen that Sylar part coming. How could I forget what Sylar said he was going to do ten minutes ago?

  41. sylars doing a LOT of crossdressing in this episode

  42. Ando is hysterical here

  43. God. Again with this garbage comedy schlock.

  44. haha ando

  45. It’s a good thing Hunter decided not to turn his head to the right.

  46. Damn Noah is good!

  47. Wow checking her signature?

    Man that is too smart for a tv character. lol

  48. What is this ‘A Mad Mad Mad Mad World’?

    Is Peter gonna be in a diner next to Claire/Nathan without knowing?

  49. YES HRG!!

  50. i bet money that is his actual wife

  51. wow im so scared

  52. OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!!

  53. Oh this could go in a bunch of different ways.

    Let’s not hope the most obvious

  54. told ya

  55. Total mind-eff.

  56. Sylar messed him over

  57. That wasnt so dramatic….if he shot her, then hell yes that would’ve been great

  58. wow i feel bad for hrg

  59. sylar totally pwned HRG and here comes matt pwning the hunter

  60. Okay again, if Danko’s mind is this easily accessible….why not let him kill himself?

    Answer: Loses tension

  61. Ha

    Hiro must mean ‘Deus Ex Machina’ in japanese

  62. Well that’s clearly Sylar.

    But nice touch with the shadow in the opening shot

  63. Damn!

    I love HRB!!

  64. I love Noah.

  65. Seriously HRB might be the smartest and best written character on TV

  66. and Daphne is easily forgotten

  67. talk about manipulation

  68. Now that’s good!

  69. Saw that coming a mile away

  70. honestly this is one of the best well written episodes in awhile. I saw it all coming but it just came off as good. Man its about time this show gets back to here it was supposed to bo

  71. Didnt see that coming thought, guess HRB was right

  72. What is wrong with this place?

  73. Is this like….a concentration camp for powers? (way back when of course)

  74. Avengers assemble!

  75. heroes is taking an intersting turn. back to basket ball. later boys.

  76. meh

  77. I gotta say this was a really great episode.

    Predictable in a lot of ways but somehow they added little twists to the situation to make it more enjoyable. I liked it that HRB’s wife in the apartment was her and not Sylar; and actually showing HRB was right on shooting the agent was something I didnt see coming. The only thing that really was predictable was Hiro coming in to save the day. I know he has powers to stop time, but how many times are they gonna use that crutch to not kill major characters?

    Overall it was a great episode, probably the best in like….over 2 years?

  78. Heroes are supposed to use their powers to keep people from being killed… especially in the nick of time.  I think Parkman wanted to use a gun on the Hunter because Daphne was shot.

  79. Another excellent episode.  HEROES is on quite a streak.

    Things I Liked:

    – Badass-Out-For-Poetic-Justice-Revenge Parkman

    – Sylar wrecking havoc in HRG’s life.

    – The Hiro & Ando road show.

    – "Baby Matt Parkman"

    – The Hunter’s Russian (Mail Order?) Bride-slash-Escort

    – Moral ambiguity!

    – "Ando! Make the face!"

    – The psychological war games – HRG vs The Hunter & Sylar and Parkman vs The Hunter

    – Hiro saves the day!

    – "Let’s land behind this building so as to save on SFX costs!"

    – Dig, Petrellis, dig!

  80. Why the HELL does Next Champion call him HRB when it’s HRB Horned Riimmed Glasses, what, do you think it’s Horned Rimmed Balls?

  81. @fractal: Wow…I didnt even realize my mistake. To think I have been doing that for….3 weeks now? Egg on my face.

    @conor: ‘Let’s Land Behind this building to save on SFX costs!’

    Ha! You noticed that too right? That whole freezing the parking garage probably set them back for 20 episodes.

  82. No problem TNG, I figured that was what was goin on…  Or should I call you TNB?

  83. @Fractal: Touche…..you can call me whatever you want….(the dirty stuff in your head though)


    As much as I like it Hiro and Ando are comic relief for this season (we need it cause this is a depressing season)….I really feel like they have no purpose on the show anymore. Hiro is just a walking ‘Deus Ex Machina’ and Ando seems to only be good at something when the writers tell him to be good at something. Again I still find them funny, but if let’s say they had to get killed off this season; I wouldnt be crying about it.

  84. Yeah, loved the past two episodes.  I was worried that Sylar with shape-shifting would get old real quick, but it’s well done so far.

    Although I’m surprised HRG just went off on his wife, I mean I know he’s at the end of his rope, but he’s so together you think he’d bring a pen and be like "SIGN"!!