Heroes – S03E20 – Cold Snap

Volume Four: Fugitives

Tonight’s episode: Cold Snap

Bryan Fuller (Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies) returns to scripting duties on the show tonight and advanced word is strong. Fuller is one of my favorite writer/producers currently working in television, so I’m excited.

Only five more episodes for the season after tonight!

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. so, is this our fist non-loeb ep?  In any case, how can I watch this on the web so I can live blog?  (I’m on the West Coast)

  2. Here we go.

  3. here we go. its been forever!!

  4. Those kind of razors always freak me out for some reason.

  5. the hunter is so awesome!!

  6. nite boys


  7. i think sylar wants to work with the hunter

  8. Theme for this episode – Who Marions the Marionettes?

  9. wait what happened to sylar?

  10. WHy would Sylar do that?

  11. @conor – me too, and I collect knives and swords.

  12. Hah – a shaving/razor theme!

  13. So, Cold Snap – Len Snart analogue appearance? 

    SIGH..  I wish. 

  14. rats, I’m such a failure, I didn’t go to the live feed until now.   

  15. Whoever directed this likes close-ups.

  16. the hunter is so awesome

  17. Nice one, Hunter.

  18. All TV shows should have people pop in from out of frame to randomly taser people.  It’s fun.

  19. shes learning how to overcome the sun

  20. @conor- goes with the razor theme…they use a lot of slice shots.

  21. oh my i think i’m gonna start loving ali larter’s character for the 1st time.

  22. @psyguy411: You mean jump cuts?

  23. see, this is why ice is awesome!

  24. @conor – Well, I mean when you usually just do a close up on on hand, like from the wrist down, I believe it’s generally called a slice shot. At least my former TV/Film production teachers would, haha.

  25. im hoping rebel isnt micah

  26. Oh no! Micah is in the credits.  Rebel must be Micah.

  27. crap. saw that one coming like from the beginning

  28. There’s the word razor, too…

  29. Nice, the baby has a power

  30. Ando and Hiro should open a babysitting service.

  31. heh, lead based toys

  32. prophecy fail

  33. Angela cleverly out-witted the men who didn’t cover both sides of the car.

  34. i think having her in front of the lamps was a ploy to get her all sweaty

  35. Help everyone, damn you! Not just the important ones!

  36. i love parkman

  37. You only get rescued if you’re part of the main cast.

  38. lead-based toys… hehe

  39. jedi mind trick!

  40. Could rebel Micah??

  41. i wish they would have a commercial free hr of heroes.

  42. @crin

    he totally is

  43. Commercials make the world go round.


  44. doesn’t parkman get nervous really easy and not use his power so well? i guess he still had some sedation on board.

  45. @Crin Yesss. I waas thinking it must be Micah. Goood.

  46. Unless Rebel is the baby…wouldn’t see that really weird thing coming.

  47. HRG is a gifted mimic.

  48. Wayyyy back when I used to work retail, we generally frowned upon two people being in  the change room at one time.  Generally.. for just this reason!  Stupid sexy fugitives. 

  49. I hope Tracy leads HRG to rebel just so he can put a bullet in his head.

  50. creepy little baby

  51. Baby Genesis Device. Genius.

  52. 1) Baby Genesis device is funny.

    2) Scary monkey toys do NOT belong in a baby’s room.  No good ever comes from them! 

  53. they are vessels for satan!

  54. the gay asian thing again. god!!

  55. i wish atms talked to me

  56. Creeeeeeeeeeeeepy ET homage.

  57. Why do Hiro and Ando continue to get played for bad humor stchicks?

  58. Jeses, Micah.

  59. @zombox: Are you kidding? That scene was one of the most emotional we’ve seen out of this show.

  60. @conor

    e? must have missed that…. then again i was terrified of that movie as a child

  61. Run him over taxi…

  62. micah hit puberty nice. i think we found rebel.

  63. @zombox – because they’re the only thing funny on the show.  It’s them or nothing.

  64. Micah can join Walt from LOST in the Child Actors Who Got Really Awkwardly Grown Up By Season Three Club.

  65. lol

  66. @ conor…wasted airtime. more and more i feel like i can do with the gay asian boys. so not funny

  67. That was an awesome line from an Upper East Sider.

  68. @crippler: Then I choose nothing.

  69. I quite enjoy Hiro and Ando even if they seem to have no idea what to do with them. They are funny and have great chemistry.

  70. remote control baby!

  71. Oh great baby’s mom is a user and has a human remote control. That could make for bad parenting.

  72. maybe the baby charged by ando gives hiro powers back?

  73. haduken!!

  74. yeah!

  75. Haduken!

  76. When Hiro and Ando don’t have humor/character moments…their other stuff works, too….like this.

  77. nice…baby parkman jump started hiro

  78. I don’t think they’re that funny. I think the actors do have good chemistry. But camp and goofball comedy is not for me.

  79. It’s a good thing they had a wheelbarrow handy!

  80. You know, the Parkman baby isn’t THAT special.. my little guy figured out how to turn on the tv last week.  So he turns it on, and off, and then on, and then off and then… ad naseum.  So, there.  😉

  81. psyguy411 love the baby remote control idea. not bad parenting if he would do it on his own anyway right?

  82. Does it matter anymore, when it’s followed by shit?

  83. @Spooky: What are you refering to, exactly?

  84. Daphne has come back to me…

  85. gwen stafani? lol

  86. oh wow a character moment!

  87. Feh. On again off again, snore snore romance. Bad chemistry between the actors. Never feels like they mean it.

  88. Well, that’s a lot of effort for nothing, Matt! I hope you learned your lesson.

  89. So… is that it for Daphne?

  90. puberty strikes again!

  91. Wow! Tough crowd, haha.

  92. Micah should team up with Baby Parkman.

  93. Doesn’t mama Petrellli have some powers?  Wouldn’t this be a good time to break them out?

  94. Momma Petrelli is screwed.

  95. That’s the most ineffectual doorman I’ve ever seen.

  96. very cool

  97. Ah, now that was a cool moment.

  98. Awesome.

  99. Peter will forever be a Mama’s boy.

  100. @Crippler: Angela is a precog.

  101. Did we drop the razor theme??? Not that it matters.

  102. @Conor – Exactly.  She’s dramatically precognitive.  If the script requires it, she has it.  If not, like today, she passes through blissfully unaware. 

  103. Nice…. very ice.

  104. @Crippler: I imagine that precognition is like every other ability, you have to either choose to actively use it (or it happens in the dream state). 

  105. Very cool…

    That’s a pun!

  106. Ouch.

  107. WHOA!

  108. T-1000!  ?

  109. damn that was actually a very cool scene

  110. About time Tracy went down for good.


  111. Blink Blink

  112. Hahah – not dead!

  113. My bet is that she’s liek Uceman circa 200 and can reform herself from water molecules.

  114. I actually kind of like Tracy, so I’m glad she’s not dead.

  115. that is so wrong hiro. stealing from a baby…funniest moment of the nite


  116. Damn, I need to learn to type. Like Iceman, Circa 2000.

  117. Daphne is about to get sung to by Ewan McGregor.

  118. @conor: lol — Swoon.

  119. What the?

  120. how the hell is parkman flying? unless this is a dream

  121. I think Parkman is making her think this is all happening.

  122. Ah, of course…. mindscape.

  123. Oh, that’s some heartbreaking shit right there.

  124. i was right. poor parkman

  125. 🙁

  126. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

  127. Wow!  Ok, THAT was pretty cool. 

  128. That was messed up.


    I love it!

  129. Are they gonna pull the Ghostbusters 2 stunt?

  130. Still hate Daphne’s character, but at least she had one really cool moment in the story. I guess that proves there are no bad characters, just bad writers.

  131. noooooooooooooooooooooo. sylar working with the devil instead of killing him. i hate the hunter

  132. well done episode

  133. i’m disappointed for 1 reason. at the end of epi 19 sylar was hiding in the hunter’s house which made for an interesting cliff hanger that delivered nothing. i at least wanted a confrontation, a mental bitch slap…smtng! instead we got the puppet master…oooooh!! aside from that it was an awesome epi, lots to talk about with my only 2 friends at work tomorrow.


    later peep

  134. I pledged to never have watched this show again….But like the rest of you, a return of Bryan Fuller made me intrigued. One man, one single man should not have changed this show. That defies logic…

    But….I watched this episode, and I loved every second of it. Hooked me in from the beginning and I actually CARED for the characters involved. Unlike the previous seasons where it’s just too much going on and no time at all making us care. There were some problems, it wasnt perfect. Like the reveal of Micah as this ‘rebel’ (I havent watch this entire second half so I am a little lost) didnt seem to be that of a shocker. Something like that of a reveal should have tense music playing and a commercial break….but here it was something blown over and that was it. (Maybe I have been watching Lost too much when it comes to reveals).

    So yeah….this was good, a step up better then what I saw in the first half of season 3. Maybe I’ll give this a shot again next week.

  135. Late as shit, but better late than never…

    @Conor: I meant, that this episode could be the best ever, because the next episodes will be as shitty as those before. Therefore, it doesn’t matter anymore.

  136. I feel like this show was never this good.   Yay for bringing back Micah.  Yay for killing off Daphne.  Yay for remembering that Matt Parkman has a wife and a baby.

  137. @Spooky: We must be watching different shows, then.

  138. Love:  Toddler Touch and Go

    Hated: The dreamscape part

    Love: What the dreamscape accomplished.

  139. When the dreamscape started I was totally distracted by the poor sunset background, it just seemed bad, then Matt flew and the lightbulb went on.  That was damn near perfect execution.

    I have one question that has been bothering me since last night, HOW DID PETER KNOW WHERE ANGELA WAS??  Did I miss something or what??

  140. Maybe he’s been stalking her? Maybe Rebel warned him? Maybe it will be explained next week.

  141. @zombox

    Thanks, I was just making sure that I did not miss anything obvious.  Rebel warning him would make perfect sense.