Heroes – S03E15 – Trust and Blood

Volume Four: Fugitives

Tonight’s episode: Trust and Blood

Last week’s episode kicked major ass, here’s hoping that continues this week. It’s clear that they are trying to return to the feel and dynamics of season one and I couldn’t be happier.

It has been fantastic to see the Heroes actually teaming up and doing things together towards a common purpose, rather than scattered off in their own disparate storylines.

So how did the show do last week with viewers? It had its best numbers in eight episodes with approximately 8.45 million viewers. That’s still way down from its hay-day, and who knows if that’s enough to make the advertisers happy, but it’s three episodes in a row of increasing numbers.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Well, I already watched the episode on Nfld. time.  Ugh.  It was ok, but, I dont’ think I have ever seen a show that spent more time moving it’s people in circles. 

    We’ve escaped!
    No! Let’s go back!
    Now lets escape again!
    Now that we’ve escaped what should we do?  Go back and fight them!  yay! 

    Just very frustrating.. and as usual for Heroes.. follow up a good show with a mediocre show and you’ve killed all the momentum.  Boourns.     I’ll check back in later to see if anyone else is thinking the same way. 

  2. Oh, and Conor?  Apparently Sylar DOES play around.  Too much.  With action figures?

  3. can’t wait, 20mins

  4. Maybe. Hopefully.

  5. YES 24 is coming on soon!

  6. Nope, it’s gonna be late.

  7. What the hell is this!


  8. FINALLY!!

  9. ok we’re good

  10. Only two minutes late, not too bad.

  11. Well, the crumbling economy is just slightly more important than any TV show, so…

    It’s okay.

  12. phew i hate nathan

  13. Has HEROES done this over-lapping thing before, where they show the final bit again in the beginning of the next episode, or was that another show I watch?  Either way it’s a pretty good tool.

  14. I’ve decided that I shall now hate Claire until such time as she either a) learns how to fight effectively b) gets and starts to use a weapon or c) a hopeful combination of the two.  I mean, how much would Wolverine suck if he had no claws? 

  15. lord of the rings moment??

  16. Haha – It’s Dr. Hiro Kimble!

  17. I’m going to paint in the middle of a crisis!

  18. i hate nathan too. what a sell out. daddy patrelli should have stole his power

  19. he has to save claire. dont shoot her boyfriend

  20. "Dad, why are you still EXACTLY the same character that you’ve always been?!?"

  21. Hmmm.. my station just snapped out of HD.

  22. whoa what was that?? i dont iunderstand her dad

  23. Good opening.  Strong start.

  24. @rayclark; It looks like HRG is cleansing the crash scene so no one will know who/what was on the airplane.

  25. @conor; yea i can see it now. but who’s side is he on??

  26. @rayclark: The same side he’s always been on – humanity’s.

  27. I think it’s the point…HRG is supposed to always have this air of mystery and bad ass-ness about him.

  28. @ conor: …/his daughter’s

  29. @conor; but who does that mean?? his own side?? im sorry im just confused and im not acting like an ass conor just wanted you to know that.

  30. mmmm…the t-word.

  31. the hunt is on

  32. It’s so lame though!  Like, grow a pair would ya Claire!  Don’t just STAND THERE.  … and shouldn’t all 3 of those people have known that HRG could have shot Peter all he wanted?  He was just touching Claire!  They all know how this works by this point in time!   Grrr…. 

  33. cain and able??

  34. @rayclark: He has always been about protecting the non-powered from the powered.  Always.  He protects humanity from those who would threaten them (i.e. those with powers).

  35. @conor; ok thanks lol. i knew i liked him for a reason. and i LOVE parkmans future powers

  36. @Crippler: I disagree.  That’s her dad who she loves very much.  What is she supposed to do, hit him?  She would be majorly conflicted about that, at the very least.

  37. Told you…it’s time to get your paint on.

  38. Haha, Ando being a cocky bastard?

  39. wasn’t Daphne’s hair supposed to normalize at some point in the future?

  40. haha hiro blabbed about the hideoout cuz he was proud of it lol

  41. And now Mohinder is dressed like Freddy Kreuger.

  42. oh Mohinder…somehow you manage to seem like such an ass when you’re just trying to be nice…what skill!

  43. i hear mat is working on the new boom studios book


  44. haha mohinder the serial killer??

  45. Hey! HD is back!

  46. PARK-MAN!

  47. new characters? DANGER!

  48. a new hero??

  49. @conor- you beat me to the punch on that comment, haha. He likes monters movie-archetypes

  50. SYLAR!!

  51. It’s always a good sign when you see "Written by Mark Verheiden"

  52. Damn.

  53. @Conor – Well, she’s standing there yelling that she hates him and that he’ll never get away with it…   On top of that, HRG should know that if Peter was touching Claire, he can’t take him down with a gun.  As an agent, HRG of all people should know what the powers of the other ‘heroes’ are. 


  54. well that pause was entirely uncalled for

  55. ahhh sylar pwn those ppl its not like the guards gonna tell you anything

  56. @conor – agreed, especially with BSG heating back up, it gets me more excited that he’s writing!

  57. @Crippler: I don’t see how HRG would know about Peter’s new powers when even Nathan didn’t know what they were. And the relationship between a father and a teenage daughter is complex.

  58. wow ando kills hiro…that really sucks

  59. what if ando amplifies peters power??

  60. I’m calling it right now that Ando blasting Hiro doesn’t kill him, it gives him his powers back.

  61. i love sylar


  62. @hakaider: Yeah, that’s a good bet.

  63. YES DAPHNE!!

  64. whos the hunter??

  65. Bringing a speedster on to this show was a great idea.  Is she about to die, though?

  66. NO DAPHNE!!

  67. Whoa.

  68. Parkman did a badass thing!

  69. @ Conor – He’s always known what Peter’s powers were.  At least since the Homecoming episode of season 1.  They haven’t really changed.   

    Anyway, that’s nitpicking in the extreme except that as you’ll see in an upcoming scene, they’re quite able to identify other people’s powers.  "X must have done X."  Unless they know what everyone’s powers are, there’s no way to make that statement. 

  70. parkman was badass but come on i loved having a speedster!!

  71. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! That was fucked up, Sylar.

  72. that Ivanek guy. he held up the clinic on House and was on Damages.

    oh Sylar, enjoying a lovely morning cuppa joe. Brilliant.

  73. that was fucked up syler lol but so awesome!!

  74. Zip it!

  75. sylar…SO aweosme!!

  76. @Crippler: Except that Peter’s powers have changed… again.  Why else would Nathan ask him what his powers were last week?  They established that ambiguity intentionally.  Everyone else’s powers have remained constant.  We’re only talking about Peter here.

  77. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!11

  78. sylars protege??

  79. why does Sylar keep picking up proteges? doesn’t he understand that that annoys us?

  80. wrong place to get ur power kid. not with sylar in the room

  81. @hakaider: Why is it annoying?

  82. agreed its NOT annoying

  83. that hunter guy is very badass

  84. I can’t help but wonder what this show would be like if Greg Evigan played HRG and Paul Reiser was Nathan.

    More awesome, I think.

  85. who thinks daphne will come back?? i really hope she does i liked the idea of a speedster

  86. hrg always working both sides


  87. hrg being aweosme. i like the intensity of this half

  88. @conor-I vote Paul Reiser for Nathan…you blew my mind!

  89. whoa…the soldier guy is a real ahole

  90. I love how the airstrike took out any randos who might have been added to the plot. 

  91. i hope she comes back. i liked that parkman had somebody. i liked her kick ass attitude. dont kill off the speedster

  92. no you cant trust him tracy

  93. sylar training his protege!!

  94. …. and as noted earlier…    Sylar DOES play around!  With action figures! 

  95. Man, it’s just not a good time to be Batman.

  96. ooo hes dark and scary like sylar….

  97. i like sylars lying power its so sweet

  98. Haha, Sylar is playing this kid like a disaffected expert.

  99. soldier is goign to pwn someone….who….uh uh protege PWNED him


  101. Um… that was melty/bloody.

  102. This is how I’d imagine Vader, at his worst, training an apprentice!

  103. dude. that was awesome

  104. oh…mom’s gonna fry.

  105. Man, it’s gonna be so weird to see Sylar as Spock.  So weird.

  106. that was so awesome. sylar totally has an apprentice

  107. Paul Reiser as Nathan.  Yes.  Of course, you mean Paul Reiser circa Aliens, not Mad About You. 



  109. si freakin awesome i cant get over it!!

  110. even worse paul reiser my two dads

  111. haha sylar just goes no "i let you live its a big deal for me"

  112. is that his brother or something?? little bro??

  113. sylars boywonder


  114. awesome walk-off scene btw

  115. I’m thinking Sylar and his side kick are brothers, or half brothers.

  116. @Devastron; agreed

  117. uh yea nathan is a devil

  118. peter is not crazy hes just aweosme…HOLY CRAP


  120. @rayclark: I don’t think he is at all.  He’s just misguided.  But he’s not doing what he’s doing out of malice.  He’s like HRG.  He just wants to protect people.  His methods might not be the best, however…

  121. ugh nathan you dick

  122. @conor; i understand he wants peter to be safe. but hes just doing it the wrong way if you ask me. he want to help but hes not doing it right at all if you ask me. hes the nemisis

  123. the hour flew by so quickly. damn

  124. @boutux; agreed it went by like a flash

  125. @rayclark: Sure, but that’s a far cry from the devil or from evil.

  126. @conor; i concede defeat sir. i see your point and i agree. whos nathan talking to i wonder…

  127. If we’re all going to agree on anything on this thread it’s going to have to be that Reiser’s dickish schmo routine was strongest in Aliens.  Come on, he made Ripley go back into space!  She had to leave her cat behind! 

  128. It’s awesome seeing everyone together.

  129. i deff like how they are all friends again.

  130. i can dig angry vengeful parkman

  131. @conor; at the same time lol

  132. I must amend one of my earlier statements – Parkman’s powers have… not changed, but altered.

  133. The buddy system is awesome!

  134. sylar and bro road trip!! whos bringing snacks??

  135. They need a cool name… The League of Fugitive Heroes? Parkman Rangers?


  136. @conor; agreed man i like his powers though. didnt expect mom back though. does this mean mr muggles is back

  137. In a world that hates and fears them…


    Oh, god please. Say that Daphne is dead for good. Sylar Jr., snore – he’s going to get et on.

  138. lol legion of fugitive heroes

  139. i foresee clair and sylar’s protege hooking up? anyone agrees?

  140. ugh MOM come on…

  141. @boutox; im down with that

  142. Yay! Mama Petrelli!

  143. whoa thats intense

  144. wow! there are a lot of haters…I like Mama Petrelli and love Daphne!

  145. what an ep

    next weeks looks SO awesome!! sylar carrying his lil bro

  146. i hour is not enough.

  147. Another great episode!  Strong HEROES, strong.

  148. got work tomorrow. goodnight boys

  149. @boutux; agreed!! we need more

  150. I love the character moments this episode had! I hope it continues…

  151. @psyguy411; agreed finally we get good character moments.

    @boutux; goodnight that was SO much fun lvoe doing this

  152. I’m definitely making this live-blogging thing a regular fixture of my week.

  153. That last scene was awesome. I think what she said about Nathan hit the nail right on the head.

  154. someone just kill tracy/nikki/ ali larter…

  155. Can anyone post what happened at the end?  My DVR picked up some of the President so I lost about 5 mins of the show.  The last thing I saw was Mrs. Petrelli hanging up and Nathan being told "they’re ready for you."  Thanks!

  156. @JoeFX– Nathan talked to Tracy who was in shackles over what Nathan was doing.  He says he’s doing it to protect the non-powers but Tracy this is all about his ambition.  She tries to get amnesty but Nathan says it’s too late for that as someone puts a black bag over her head.

    I like that this episode shows Nathan isn’t just going to be a cartoon bad guy nor that Peter or Matt will be cartoon good guys. You can see Nathan and Noah are trying everything to not get anyone killed while Peter waving a gun around talking about doing anything necessary to fight back.  You can see both Petrellis are starting to crack which I find the most interesting thing in all this.

  157. Good episode, Claires new power should be the ability to get captured and released multiple times in a small amount of time.

  158. Great first epiosde and then we get the usual Heroes, more plot holes than characters garbage.  Now, we basically have a dumbed down, cops versus fugitives plot. 

    I really wish I could quit this show.  Someone give me something to do every Monday from 8-9p.


  159. This seemed like stretching. The only thing I really liked was Parkman killing the soldiers. The kid was irritating, Silar should have killed him and they got to drag out the plot to find his father longer too.