Heroes – S03E11 – The Eclipse: Part Two

Volume Three: Villains

Tonight’s episode: The Eclipse: Part Two

Everywhere I go online I keep seeing the same headline over and over, “Can Seth Green and Breckin Meyer save Heroes?” I don’t know, can they? Is there a rabid Breckin Meyer fanbase out there that I’m not aware of? Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the few people that seems to find the guy to be charming on-screen, but c’mon. And Seth Green? Popular? Sure. That popular? I don’t know.

How did Green and Meyer do in saving Heroes last week? Well, for only the second time all season, the numbers ticked up and not down. 7.85 million viewers last week as compared to 7.65 million the week before. Last week’s show even did slightly better than the show that aired two weeks ago.

So either Heroes is stabilizing and has found its season three number — in the 7.6-7.9 million range — or Seth Green and Breckin Meyer really did “save” Heroes and I then I have to question everything I know about the universe.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.

(Hold the fort down for me, folks.  I won’t be here for the chat tonight.)


  1. I’m Breckin Meyer….I was in Garfield!

  2. Is this a lead up to Heroes: Star wars episode?

  3. Who didn’t love Breckin Meyer in Camp Cucamonga, the greatest TV movie of the ’90s?

  4. How great would it be if HRG blows Sylar and Electronica Mars away to start the night off?

  5. JesterGoblin reporting for live commentary

  6. if no one dies in this episode the eclispe was pointless. Unfortunately it seems the Hatian will probabaly get it


  7. And Mohinder just got replaced as most pimping hero.


    In other news, Zachary Quinto has the best job ever.

  8. wow hrg/sniper was pointless


  9. bennet is the best

  10. He’s just messing with them.

  11. More subtitles? Like I have time for these…

  12. oh man i cant believe scofield got setup my agent self… sucks

  13. suresh needs to get his but kicked


  14. flint is an idiot

  15. how many times can he make a deal with the devil and not get burned

  16. george takei is in this episode

  17. Pyro wannabe.

    I didn’t know Mohinder’s weakness was a lighter.

  18. It’s quiet without Conor…

  19. methinks powers will return now that the eclipse is leaving


  20. wow matchstick got snuffed out




  22. did any one figure out how the comic is being publish without issac

  23. This show is pretty much just people yelling at each other to make a point now. It’s like watching Romanian parliment sessions,

  24. its like thanksgiving at my grandpa house

  25. “First of all, thank you for referencing Isaac and his series. When I saw them pull out that comic, I nearly I nearly jumped for joy. Apparently Isaac has seen very far ahead into the future with his ‘9th Wonders’ comics, hasn’t he? How is that comic still in publication when he is dead? And how much longer will it stay in print? I, myself, hope that we will be receiving the painter’s predictions for a long time.”

    You’ll be seeing more of Isaac’s ‘9th Wonder” comic books over the next two episodes. Comic writers and artists finish their work months and months ahead of publishing (or at least that’s the idea – sometimes we run a little late – sorry.) So, what we’re seeing is the posthumous works of Isaac Mendez. Our friend Seth Green is going to discuss that next week in Episode 11, “The Eclipse – Part II.”



    The more you know!

  26. Re: the hospital…

    If Noah has pretty much ALWAYS been right, how come no one EVER listens to him?

  27. Awkward transition.

    AHAHAHAHA I love 10 year old Hiro.

  28. wow it takes two comic nerds to help this cast

  29. I don’t really care about this Haiti subplot.  This show just condensed down to fewer plots.  I’m not enthusiastic about it re-expanding.

  30. I didn’t know it was so easy for white guys wearing backpacks to sneak into Haitian militia camps.

  31. CHARLIE!


    I miss her.

  32. i like the hatian plot over the clair plot

  33. Have we seen Nathan do a single politically important thing besides give up his seat?

  34. He sat in it once.

  35. yeah he had an affair with a hooker

  36. Actually, I’m not sure if he has…

  37. I was referring to him sitting in it, not the hooker.

  38. I think Parkman’s dialogue is just script notes: ‘Parkman goes finds Daphne’

    Parkman: "I have to go find Daphne."

  39. That’s called improvising

  40. wow she gets hurt and now crying for her daddy, who did not see that coming

  41. I loved Parkman’s line, when first seeing the leg braces.  "What are those!?"

    It’s like Snappy Answer to Stupid Questions from MAD Magazine.

  42. yes the two biggest badasses fighting it out

  43. Eww. Claire should see a doctor.



  44. OMG gretchen screwed them over…

  45. Aaaand cue powers coming back.

  46. …Man, life has made me cynical.

  47. time for a duo resurection

  48. apparently sylar has black ink for blood…

  49. When Sylar comes back, he’s going to be pissed.

  50. That blood would look smart on some Primatech paper.

  51. if sylar or peter die im done

  52. prediction: after commercial eclipse is over and no one dies

  53. about the comic book again. i thought issacs final painting was how to kill sylar

  54. HAHa im guessing deaths without powers dont effect those with the ability to heal.

  55. I could see the Haitain dying.

  56. @ray if peter dies im good for the rest of the season



  58. Oh, I must be the smartest man alive or something.

  59. I’ve got it!!  The Heroes are PLANTS.


  60. @jester if he does i want it to be in a big fight

  61. Awkward family issues.

  62. Sylar and Elle are going to be awesome.

  63. $5 on Peter getting his powers back.

  64. u all kniw that since history repeats itself daphne is going to die because a rule for heroes is that matt parkman cant be happy

  65. @jester – not exactly a risky bet 🙂

  66. Well, some version of his powers. Maybe back to a blank state?

    Indestructable skin isn’t indestructable bones.

  67. At least the Haiti subplot is resolved quickly.  I’m cool with that.


  69. wait… im flipping from heroes and prisonbreak.


    so everyone has there powers back now?? 

  70. wow that got me excited and dissapointed and excited again in 5 seconds

  71. Peter’s powers are like Spider-Man’s webshooters.  They’re constantly running out, jamming, or having something happen to them to prevent him from using them properly.  But once the arc is over, they’re always still there.

  72. @smeeeeee – Eclipse is over

  73. Booty call!

  74. please let her be hooking up with another guy

  75. Oh, good.  Let’s bring back all the crappy characters.

  76. Hiro’s got a point.

  77. he does

  78. Did DC buy all the references? No great power? No responsibility?

  79. @jester – They’re making up for all the talk about Red Hulk

  80. oh great now she depressed agsain

  81. I suppose.


    And was that a serious retcon? Or does time travel remedy that?


  83. HRG has the greatest power of all.



  84. Aww, Sylar isn’t the third Summers brother?

  85. !!  OK.  That was awesome.


  87. BAD MAN!!! !HIRO TOo the rescue!!


  88. now is sylar hiros nemesis. he keeps on showing up to ruin sylars fun

  89. Liked that.

  90. who eslse thought bennet was goign to say gabrielle iam yuour father

  91. hey! last posthumos issue!



  92. Lame.

  93. Find the messenger, find the plot!

  94. find the messenger and save the world

  95. ZING!

  96. Puck from Real World San Francisco?

  97. whya re they letting the hatian run away

  98. He’s talking about the Ultimates.

  99. Did he just leave him in a jungle in Haiti?

  100. OMG elle better not die


  101. Poor Elle… I feel bad for her being shot in the tushy.

  102. NO

  103. "Damaged Goods" – great song


  105. DAMMIT!!!

  106. Sylar has flipped sides this season more times that a delicious waffle.

  107. First Charlie, then Elle.


    Why do they keep destroying all I love?

  108. I refuse to acknowledge that Elle is dead. 🙁

  109. well we never saw elle die

  110. Speaking of dead, so is my battery.  Good night, folks!

  111. Hey NBC promo voice:"It’s all been building" is really subjective.

  112. Must kill Tim Kring

  113. So did they even bring up how the eclipse brings/disappears powers? I’ve been watching this the whole time (sorry for no active posts for this) and I dont think one scientific or B.S. answer was given….So much for answers being explained here Conor.

    I’ll give my thoughts on this a bit later *I’m sure all of you are tuning off your laptops now :)* but this wasnt as good as usual….Oh and why do I have feeling Heroes will lose even more viewers cause of Elle dying? Bad move on your part Kring.

  114. hmm oretty good next week is gonna be ok i guess

  115. "An audience member asked about Caitlin, Peter Petrelli’s love interest from Season 2, who was last seen left behind in a plague-stricken future – a future that thanks to the re-shot end of "Generations," doesn’t exist. Kring revealed that if the strike hadn’t cut Season 2 short, the plan was, "to get to [Caitlin] around episode 14 or 15, during ‘Exodus’. She was a casualty of that storyline never being told." After the long hiatus during which Heroes was off the air, Kring said, "We realized that going back to [Caitlin] nine and a half months later would have been insanity." He felt that while there would "be some people asking about it, for most people it would have been a hard left [in the story]." When the fan asked if Peter would ever acknowledge Caitlin or express any grief over what seems to be her dire fate, Kring replied, "No, we passed it. We leapfrogged it." He added that when the idea of returning to Caitlin was brought up, they asked, "Really? Are we going to risk that? We have enough stuff to [deal with]."


  116. @Jim: Wow, that’s shocking….Really…I mean here is a dangling plot thread that you NEVER address and your telling us you cant take a friggen episode or scene to tell us what happenend to her? I guess it’s okay to have a Nathan/Peter/Haitian plot or an unnessicary flip flop of Sylar’s standing with the characters…but you cant address a character you clearly had no bother to mention again?

    Clearly this article best describes how lazy and incompetant these guys really are.

  117. First thing I have reading comics for a long time and i have never heard of a creator on a ongoing title having almost 2 years worth of books done ahead of the time. it doesn’t make sense that Isaac Mendez would have done all this story arc but not his own death (if i remember right the last thing he panted was his own death.) Plus hasn’t time been changed a few times between then and now.

    While i understand the reasoning  for not going back to Caitlin they could at least do a web series or comic to close the plot hole. to just say we are moving on is just giving us a big peace sign minus one finger.

    If it true that creators have two years worth of books done i will be be braking into Geoff Johns house for Flash: Rebirth.

  118. Okay, watching the first few minutes on Sidereel, I had this train of thought…

    "So Sylar and Elle just had sex… but last episode ended with them just kissing… and Noah was scoping them out with his sniper rifle… which means Noah was spying on them kissing but only took a shot after they had sex which means he… and they… and he was… EEEEEEEWWW!!!!!!"

    I’m as big a fan of HRG as anybody… but that’s just all kinds of wrong right there. 

  119. @Zerodni-the timeline in the show is really only a couple of months, at most a year, since the first episode aired.

    Theres a legend I heard from this guy on iFanboy who heard it from another iFanboy who heard it from another iFanboy who heard it from Jeph Loeb that this show is not going to get better any time soon.

    And I’m not the only one that wants to rip those damn things off Shuresh’s body am I?

  120. @Zerodni-Also, yes some creators are known to be pretty far ahead in their work.  Bendis stated somewhere that he likes being pretty far ahead of his books.  I keep thinking he said at least a year, but I could be wrong.  I don’t know if thats normal or not, but it’s not unheard of.

  121. @Tork – That’s the awesome thing about being a sniper.  I remember a story on the History Channel about a sniper who was scoping his target, but waited for the guy to finish his coffee before he pulled the trigger.

  122. that was some pretty lousy french, in Haiti. That always upsets me. The episode was okay, I mean, the best parts were in the comic shop. I just which they didn’t leave Peter in Haiti and did kill Claire instead of Elle. Looking forward to the end of this volume, hope its rewarding. Because, if Bryan Fuller returns to Heroes for "Fugitives", it’ll most definitely be good.

    Any of you watched Pushing Daisies? That show kicked every ass. (RIP)  

  123. @titom: The problem with Fuller coming back is that….well dont they already have Fugitives locked up with a story? I would imagine that Generations, Villians, and Fugitives was written at around the same time. Especially the first two since that was suppose to be the whole season right there…Until the WGA Strike happenend.

    Yeah it was a pretty medicore episode. It wasnt terrible by a long shot, but still nothing is really grabbing me. They got 2, count’em 2, episodes until this part of the season is over…they gotta do something pretty drastic for me to even consider trying Vol. 4 out….that is unless it gets cancelled before they do so. I’m just gald they killed Elle off, I know she’s revered as the next Jesus on this site…but what an awful character. She would have mood swings every scene! The more backstory the writers tried to make for her, the worse she got in terms of characterization and meaning within the show. Hopefully they keep Sylar evil permanent this time…you know like how they probably intended for the character the first two seasons.

  124. Sorry for the double post but:

    Is it a good thing or bad thing Seth Green and Breckin Meyer might’ve gotten them better ratings? I’m sorry, but when a couple of C list celebrities come on…that usually doesnt mean an extra 200,000 viewers. If they are the main reason for a bit of a spike in the ratings then that is pathetic. More people watched the show for a pointless cameo then for the actual story….

  125. This was bad. Like, seriously, there were points where I was just laughing at the television, and parts where I was screaming at the television. None of which were "supposed to" laughs or screams. This show has gone so completely off the rails. There’s no consistency. The mythical legendary last lost comic is ridiculous (I started laughing so hard). Mohinder’s insane. Everything on this show is insane melodrama.

    I’m with @NextChamp I’m watching the next two episodes and then I’m done. They either pick up or become so bad it’s fun or I’m walking.

    Also, @NextChamp: I loved Elle’s character, but she’s inconsistent. I don’t blame Elle or Kristin Bell, I blame the  writers. None of their characters are any matter of consistent. That’s something that’s killing this show.

  126. @Gunga: That was my point exactely. I mean Bell is a good actress (although not like a goddess like Paul describes her) but overall the writing of that character got ridiculous. She would go from insane angry to happy or vice versa in every scene. It got silly seeing this girl try to be a responsible person when she’s screaming like she belongs in a mental insitution.

  127. woww, this might be if for me guys, the complete turn arounds in the characterizations of Elle and Sylar finally hit a cord and i think im done.  I may watch it, i may not, but i no longer care for the show or the characters

     Cant wait for LOST to come back on

  128. Yea i actually misside half the show and it didnt matter to me. I was just like whatever its unfortunate. Its just gotten so predictable. Im sure noonw was surprised that sylar and claire were gonna get there powers back right after the got killed. I still love the Syler and Elle stuff but now that there not a duo that kind of sucks. Atleast Hiro finally did something besides be lame as hell i wish they would get rid of him so bad. I always am disapointed at the complete lack of using peter whats the point if every season hes gonna loose his powers it makes no sense. Ow well im with the rest of ya two more episodes and im done we will see hopefully there real good.

  129. these last two episodes have been the best this season.  seems like they’re getting things back on track.

  130. I’m pretty sure Sylar and Elle (you know, smoking hot Veronica Mars) getting all naked and hot together was the reason numbers picked up last week, and this week.  Even the straight guys I talked too were like "Sylar was… like a God last week!"  They’ll fuck it up somehow.  They always do.

  131. People still watch this show ??

  132. Breckin Meyer was the bomb in Go!