Heroes – S03E09 – It’s Coming

Volume Three: Villains

Tonight’s episode: It’s Coming

Heroes is on a mini roll. Last week’s episode was the best since season one and the episode the week before did a fantastic job of condensing a few of the seemingly disparate plot lines into one main story. The show is dangerously close to firing on all cylinders.

It may turn out that Robert Forster’s Papa Petrelli is the best thing to happen to Heroes, creatively, since Christopher Eccleston’s Invisible Man. He gives the show a real, true bad guy played by a charismatic actor. You know you’ve got a good villain on your hands when you find yourself rooting for him. And the revelation last week that his wife Angela was the one responsible for debilitating him just adds a whole new layer of complexity to Papa.





Uh, sorry.  Where was I?

Sadly, no one is around to see the show’s creative revival. Last week’s episode of Heroes was the lowest rated ever, with an estimated 7.83 million viewers. To put the numbers in perspective, the ninth episodes in seasons one and two were viewed by 16 and 10.8 million viewers, respectively.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.



  1. The dreded C word that’s what is coming soon….



    and I mean cancellation not the other C word your think of….perverts…

  2. Here we go.

  3. Papa totally ECLIPSES most of the actors on this show!

  4. Come on papa kill everypne

  5. Sad indeed that not many are watching right now. It’s getting so good.

  6. That was quite the close-up of a decapitated head.

  7. …… really?  Blinking does it?  Without even thinking about it?

  8. Ok his chareacter just got more annoying he 12 again


  10. I’ve never had chicken and waffles together.  And I have no desire too.  I love them both, but that’s too much.

  11. Chicken and waffles together?

  12. waffles hmmmmm waffles

  13. whoah!?


  14. I really cold use some waffles right no– WHOA!

  15. They should just give Elle her own show.  I would watch it.

  16. Holy crap. Elle is a badass!

  17. HAha Electro-disintegration

  18. poor sylar cant do anything right

  19. Oh, god, it’s Santiago the super futbol hero.

  20. Huge reference to Watchmen before the break.

  21. @connor Whats his power I thought it was super speed but my friend says he can see multiple outcomes

  22. 1) Sylar just pulled a Dr. Manhattan.

    2) I love An American Tail.  Don Bluth needs to get more love. 

  23. @cyberauron – Who’s power?

  24. Huh.  I had no idea ER was ending.

  25. Santiago

  26. Stand back!  Claire is going to use her whining powers!

  27. "You’re never going to find him… unless I jump out the window and practicqlly land on him and lead you to him."

  28. Maybe they’ll meet Matt’s turtle in the sewers


  29. I’ve tried to lift many sewer covers and its never that easy

  30. Wow she actually used her powers for something condtructive

  31. @Santiago – Other than handsomeness and an ever present futbol kit, I have no idea.

  32. So, I guess Mohinder is over the whole creepy Fly-thing?

  33. Wow! I missed last week, then someone said it was a review show, but I’m regretting it.

  34. doomsday?

  35. Mohinder does have some nice scales on his neck

  36. Santiago’s power is to make at least a million people care about him for no reason.

  37. @psyguy421 – Last week wasn’t a review show. It revealed hidden connections between the characters.  It took place all in the past, pretty much.

  38. Kid I when I saw your mother I saw sparks

  39. @psyguy411 It was not a review show.  It was very good.  You should go back and watch it.

    It filled in gaps of past events, so some joked around and called it a review show.

  40. They need to hurry up and find something constructive for Parkman to do, otherwise they need to 86 him.  He’s a distraction from the people I want to be watching.

  41. Also, it was a mistake to make Claire and Peter relatives, they have the best chemistry on this show.

  42. @conor agreed and right now its kinda creepy

  43. Is that relevant, though?  If they wanted them to hook up, they should have made her older.  Or him younger.

  44. im going to watch destiny

  45. Gotta say I was miffed that they waited until I practically gave up on the show to bring in Robert Forster.

  46. @Templar – Is what relevant to what?

  47. @conor I agree about Claire and Peter…that was my thought. He and HRG make her bearable when they share scenes. And thanks for the heads up on last weeks show. I’ll check it out after this one.

  48. @Amelia – Robert Forster makes everything better.  I wonder if he has to send a portion of every paycheck to Tarantino.

  49. Is them being related even relevant, since they can’t really couple them anyway?

  50. @Templar – They can couple them, no problem.  They’re a couple in real life.

  51. I assume that in real life, she’s older than she seems and he’s younger than he seems.  Ah well.

  52. Hiro Peter Parker!

  53. hes change my mond hes 8

  54. So… if Hiro forgot all about his powers, would he forget how to speak English, too, since he learned from that girl he spent 6 months with in the past?  Or is this a Brand New Day kind of thing?

  55. @Templar – In real life she’s 19 and he’s 31.

  56. @Templar – The brain is a tricky thing.  Papa was trying to remove his powers, who knows what he mucked up in there.

  57. is Sylar a medival monk? suffering is redemptive?

  58. Damn, man.  I’m almost as old as him, and I don’t think I could date below 21.  At most!

  59. These Sylar/Electronica Mars scenes, these are good stuff.

  60. Oh right.  I forgot Papa’s power was mind re-writing, not mind-wiping like the Haitian.

  61. no no no …do not kill her!

  62. hmm sylar + elle = awesomeness!

  63. Sorry I was just flipping threw and suddenly I was tempted to watch this, but a witty remark:

    Talking to Elle is like talking to an emotional and fragile brick wall.

  64. When you think Matchstick guy is going to bite it.

  65. So this Twilight movie’s ads are all basically "everyone else is going to see it!  You should too!", and I don’t get it.  Should I have known what this was before I saw the commercial?

  66. Holy crap!  Alton Brown is on my TV!

  67. @Templar – Youi’re too old.  And not a girl.

  68. I am here for the Electronica Mars.  

  69. Rosie Live! ?


  70. I’ve got my fingers crossed that some random person runs by and brains Tracey with a big rock.

  71. That sucks.  I liked Nathan’s wife, and they just retconned her into a girl he didn’t really want to be with, that his dad picked.

  72. @The NextChampion- I don’t know what genius decided she was likable or watchable.

    @Conor – I’m with you.  Bring on rock!

  73. @Templar – It’s not like he wasn’t sleeping with every available woman.  That marriage was not a happy one.  Certainly not a retcon.

  74. I cant wait till mama come back

  75. Well, he was a whore, but it seemed that he loved her.  They’re just throwing that it to excuse his whore-ness.

  76. and kicks all of their asses

  77. i guess i’m the only one who hated the "you’re my hero" thing between peter and claire?  way too schmaltzy.  i’m digging the scene between elle and sylar a lot more.

  78. Sylar and Elle… OTP?

  79. @cupcake – I like the Claire/Peter dynamic.  They were good characters in season one.  I’m hoping they are being reclaimed in season three.

  80. Which Sylar’s mother is he referring to?

  81. I’m gald that Nathan is at least smart enough to remember what happenend in season one. Otherwise we would’ve gone in the same direction again with him.

  82. how come i like the villains more than the heroes

  83. WHOA!  sylar totes just evolved.  a lot.

  84. He can smell fear AND gas!

  85. smooth peter smooth

  86. Peter proves that powers don’t make the hero.

  87. @conor Ah, yes…all young heroes must learn that lesson before being redeemed and becoming bad-ass again. I think Peter Parker has done this a couple of times, haha.

  88. Oh jeez is Sylar the next Aristole or something?

  89. @conor fair enough but i still like the chemistry between sylar and elle.  maybe because they’re weird and not the traditional heroes?  either way it’s oddly charming.

  90. "Oh, Sylar… let’s have kids!  You can wear a funny apron and make waffles!"

  91. @psyguy411 Of course he had to do it twice, he had amnesia. 😉

  92. @conor And thus we come full waffle-cricle.

  93. @cupcake – I agree about Sylar and Elle.  They are rocking this episode.

  94. Arthur Petrelli = creepy to the max.  Also I think there’s some hidden joke about waffles I’m not getting.

  95. More Electronica Mars, less subtitled time travel guy.  

  96. comic shop NICE!!!


  97. @cupcakecore – Also, typing your name is making me want cupcakes.

  98. Ah, sweet comics.

  99. @cupcakecore – Do you mean a hidden joke about waffles on the show or here?

  100. Cupcakes and hot cocoa?

  101. Less yuppy couple, more Lightning Lad and Electronica Mars.  

  102. …Is it even possible for a human to make a contrail?

  103. Running down the aisles, randomly grabbing issues out of the back issue bin is no way to shop for comics, son.

    (Unless you have to shoot a mini; that would have made a good show)

  104. Nathan just turned into the Rocketeer all of a sudden.

  105. @conor on the show.  first sylar and then hiro manchild loving waffles.

  106. Lots of super close-ups in thie episode…

  107. The Parkman portion of this show is like TWIN PEAKS-lite.

  108. Yeah,  the couples episode….except the couples not doing so hot is Nathan/ whoever Ali Larter is and Ando/Hiro.

  109. Damn good coffee you got here in Twin Peaks.  Damn good cherry pie, too!

    *cue horse dancing with burning playing card*

  110. @psyguy – You’re totall right!  This is the couples episode!



    Sylar/Electronica Mars



    …. that’s too many scenes to jump around between.  But they are pulling it off, for the most part.

  111. @Templar:

    ‘Excellent! heh heh….I have no idea what is going on in this show’

  112. That was to good to be true, right they would never kill off someone as uselesss as parkman, right

  113. 4 couples too many.  

  114. Wow.  I can’t believe I didn’t realize the couples thing.  They’re even playing up Papa and Mama, though they aren’t seen together.

  115. I think they made Parkman useless.  His power is pretty good, and it’s strong.  They just chose to have him suck.  *sigh*

  116. @cupcakecore – It’s true.  They never found anything really important for him to do.

  117. Yeah.  I could kind of care less about this part.  It’s dragging.

  118. Geez, one wife puts you in a coma and suddenly it’s all "they all lie" and stuff.

    Someone’s bitter!

  119. I want Angela to exact her revenge on Arthur for all those times he screwed with her mind.  Like fire raining down from the heavens kind of revenge.

  120. All you need is love – song of this episode

  121. I see your complaints on Parkman, but for some reason I still feel invested in his character.

  122. I gotta remember if I’m around a telepath to just think "I’m telling the truth" and it will all be gravy.

  123. Except for Angela, all the women on this show are blonde.  What is this, Fox News?



    Is this thing on?

  124. Whoa is he turning into the human fly or wolverine?


  126. Comic book references ftw!


    Red Hulk!

  128. Is Isaac writing 9th wonder from beyond the grave?

  129. Wait, who does 9th Wonders now if Mr Isaac is dead?

  130. The guy in Africa.  He has a humungous FedEx bill.

  131. Oh nice Marvel joke there.

    That could’ve been Loeb signing out of the series.

  132. Kill the cheerleader, save the world!

  133. @TNC – It’s not, the show is like 15 scripts ahead of broadcast.  And this one would have been shot well before the firing.

  134. good show!

  135. so is the ice queen one of the bad guys?  it would appear that way brotherhood of heroes, what?! i’m also pretty pissed about usutu being dead.  i FREAKING LOVED HIM. 

  136. Awesome.  This show is totally back.

  137. Hiro and Ando are going to Smallville!

  138. All that episode was missing was Noah.

  139. @cupcakecore – Ice Queen is definitely bad.  She’s going to try to manipulate Nathan to suit Papa’s needs.

  140. Thus ends "It’s Couples"

  141. Man, next week’s show looks to be full of win.

  142. I would like to point out that in the comic book scene, they didn’t hyphenate "Spider-Man".  I am a stickler for that particular hyphen.

  143. @TNC They said we probably won’t see the results of the hiring/firing until the next volume, most likely.

  144. I cant believe I never tried this MSTK3 style before. This really breaks away the anger and tension I get when I read good jokes. I’ll definitely do this again next week. Dont get me wrong though, this show still is horrible as a whole. Other then Arthur, there are no redeeming qualities for me. But if I can keep making fun of it then I wont be so angry like I have been.

    Next week’s episode must be the series finale….How on earth do they get out of everyone not having powers anymore?

  145. @conor I know what you mean.  I still get mad when google suggests I search without it.

  146. @TNC – Understand that our making fun of it comes from a place of love.  It’s more about the shared experience of watching it together and whatever comes from it.

  147. "Heroes" is back.

    Sylar redeems himself/ Electronica Mars

    Peter is Claire’s hero again.

    I do miss Taskmistriss tho. 🙁

  148. @conor: Well cant I be the opposite where I make fun of it cause of hatred? Either way it’s fun, heck most of my comments didnt mention on me hating the show…made fun of it just as much as you guys did. If I do this then I promise not to say stuff like ‘this show sucks’ yadda yadda yadda….I need fun in my life damnit! >_<

  149. show keeps getting better…..while less people watch it. I like the Sylar and Elle parts the best.  Oh and does this mean that Sylar and Peter have had the same powers all along?

    Anyway like the end with the 2 imposing sides against eachother

  150. Hate leads to suffering.  It’s the path to the dark side.  

    As someone who normally hates on the show, I decided to give it a shot this week.  I had fun watching it with people who root for it.  Which reminded me that life’s too short to be so critical.  Just relax and enjoy what’s there.   

  151. Someone actually liked the Taskmaster chick?  Next you’re going to tell me there were Maya fans.

  152. Yeah, I liked the Taskmistress too.

  153. I’m confused on Arthur though. He’s suppose to be this badass and he obviously hates women (considering that rant he had this episode). But he freed Angela in the end and made the ‘Heroes’ try and work together….why would he do that? Makes no sense.

  154. @TNC – He’s in love with Angela still.  She may have hurt him, but he still loves her.  He has some nefarious goals that he needs the Heroes to achieve.  He is using (some of) them.

  155. @TNC You have mentioned your hate for this show for at least the last two or three weeks. Just sayin.

  156. @xebix: Yeah I know I have, but I feel left out because you guys have so much fun doing this every week. Again if I riff on this MSTK3 style then I can at least try and watch this without feeling like my heart has been ripped out.

    @conor: I understand he still loves her and that was the point of realising her. Still shouldnt that be a big advantages for the heroes now? I mean he’s trying to sway Nathan and that Flash girl but….still it’s like a Batman villain who goes on a monologue. Why ruin something when your plan is going perfectly so far?

  157. i thought it was good…not sure though…

  158. hey i liked it a lot

  159. This was good. They just need to change their dialogue style…

  160. i have nothing to say.

  161. im still convinced mama petrelli has some kind of persuasion abiity…

    it seems like Sylar has like three powers now: his intuitive know-how-things work ability (from mom?), empathic power absorbtion(dad?) and the telekinesis (from first victim)


  162. if papa petrelli has been mind-fucking his wife all this time why didnt he just do it to Nathan?

  163. For the most part I enjoyed this episode, though I will say all you Veronica Mars fans are blinded by your love of her.  I found myself saying "What is going on here?" not cause I didn’t understand, but because those scenes were boring and ridiculous.

    "I can take it all"

    "Ohh now put a little english on it"???  Please.

  164. Take it back. 

  165. I’m telling you man, your not looking at it objectively, too much Mars love’s got you all befuddled.

  166. There’s no such thing as "too much Mars love."

    No one said we were being rational.   

  167. Something I noticed after watching this weeks episode.  Papa Patrelli told Sylar that he would be able to absorb people’s powers without killing them because he was empathic. 

    Remembering back to the first season when Peter was "training" with the Invisible Man Claude…he was able to call upon the powers he absorbed by remembering those people and what he felt like whenever he was around them.  Which…technically is a form of empathy as well. I wonder if this is a coincidence or planned from the start.  Maybe there is no connection…but I found it interesting considering they are brothers.