Heroes Con: Return of the Dapper Men Poster

You might remember Jim McCann describing his original graphic novel, The Return of the Dapper Men, with art by Janet K. Lee. If not, try here, and here.  If you happen to be in Charlotte this weekend for Heroes Con, you can swing by their table (AA-726), signed and numbered, with a total of 314 available for $15.. That number is important to the book.  Promise.

If that wasn't enough, Jim also wanted to share this video of Robert Downey Jr. picking up a copy of Jim's New Avengers: The Reunion. It's at about the 1:20 mark. Big week for our man McCann.


  1. does robert downy jr have a kid?

    anyway, looks good

  2. @He has two sons if I’m correct

  3. @Heroville actually RDJ has one son named Indio from his first marriage whose a musician in a band called the Jack Bambi’s. It is pretty weird though how much Jim McCann looks like a younger RDJ. Uncanny

  4. Nevermind I just actually watched the video realizing it was actually RDJ himself, lol. I actually don’t know who the little kid is now, my bad, lol

  5. when does the book come out?

  6. oh. October. Nevermind. Sorry.

  7. And there you go. Celebrity endorsement.

  8. It’s so funny how a lot of these actors have to buy comics now. Just for the sake of: A) Learning about the character and B) Probably forced too by Marvel to do so. Although now I desperately want to know what else RDJ has been buying.

    Props to McCann for having a big time actor buy his comic. Although shouldn’t Jeremy Renner be buying his books? 🙂

  9. he’s dress very well for buying comics, isn’t he?

    should he have a green lantern logo t-shirt and a stained hoodie on instead?

  10. I wish all comic fans went to pic their books dressed like this! Im sure he also smelled great! Would have been funny if he had also gotten some long boxes. Anyways, he looks good, as always. He makes excited for middle age and inspires me to welcome it in the best shape possible. Lesson: Just cuz you grow old doesn’t mean you have to "be" old.

    cheers my friends!   or xoxox?!?! haha 


    Love the daredevil glasses! 

  11. What really caught my attention about this book was that it was done on woodcuts. Thats a dead but brilliant craft.

  12. @Edward,TeleCarlos: That’d be awesome. And a Tea Party inside.

  13. Anybody feel kinda bad for Geoff Johns?  RDJ pulls out his book then stuff’s it back.

  14. I was at Heroes Con, and Janet Lee actually had the woodblocks on the table and let us handle them.  It’s a really cool, different-looking art style, and seeing it up close really added to that appreciation.  We also watched her sketch a dapper-ized version of Spider Jerusalem, and it’s really impressive how much gorgeous, detailed work she got done so fast.  Very cool!  I hope she and Jim had a good con because it was really fun talking with them. 

  15. @ohcaroline Yeah its awesome, I met her at C2E2! She is really nice and unfortunately this is not her day job…   but I am sure The Return of the Dapper Men will be succesful, I will definitely be supporting it. I also love how its a graphic novel 🙂