Here We Go Again: ACTION COMICS #1 Auction Price Breaks Record

Action Comics #1Back in February, a copy of Action Comics #1 set a new record for a single comic book sale price when it sold at auction for $1,000,000. Just three days later, a copy of Detective Comics #27 broke the record again when it sold for $1,075,000.

Better never count the Man of Steel out, my friends!

Another copy of Action Comics #1 has just sold for $1,500,000, setting a new record for the sale of a single comic book.

This is getting crazy. My the end of the year, one of these comics is going to end up selling for eleventy bajillion dollars.


  1. Wow… really?


  2. Is it a better copy than the other one that sold for a million dollars?  This is just getting ree-diculous.

  3. Ha! Nuts to Superman AND Batman! I just bought a copy of Youngblood #1 for 2.5 million!

  4. Spoiler Alert!

    Superman gets famous in the end.

  5. I still say these guys are all Giovanni Zatara

  6. fans

  7. Superman just cannot stand being in Batman’s shadow.

  8. Thus answering the eternal question: what would you do with a time machine?

  9. @DarthDuck Sleep with Cleopatra?

  10. Is eleventy bajillion dollars more than one million, five hundred thousand dollars? My math sucks.

  11. Silly fanboys. Still though, eleventy bajillion is about how much my girlfriend swears I spend on comics already.

  12. Anyone else get the feeling that a bunch of rich billionaires hanging out bragging about how much they spent on famous memorabilia or art, and one day one of them just happened to mention comics?

  13. @heroville – how did you know?  but on the way home I think I’ll swing by 1938 and pick up a dozen or so copies of this comic!

  14. This is just rich people showing off how much disposable money they have, is it not?

    I mean, nobody just opened Al Capone’s vault and found a cache of pristine comic books, Al’s secret shame. And I doubt these are being sold by hard-up collectors suddenly fallen on hard times eighteen months after the economic collapse, are they?

    I would love to be able to pinpoint why this sudden oneupsmanship is happening and spin it into a positive sign for the future. "America’s back! We’re spending money like imbeciles again!"

    All I know for sure is that this sudden urge for rich guys to have the most expensive comic ever makes me want to take another look in my closet for old Solo Avengers runs or something.

  15. I’m tired of Kryptonians coming out on top! Boarding jumping flying, job stealing, auction recording breaking space trash!

  16. Time for Batman to break out his Kryptonite ring and stomp Superman into the ground. C’mon Detective Comics 27 for $2,000,000!!!!

  17. @neb According to the ComicConnect article, this Action Comics #1 is the only one in existence with a grading of 8.5.  The other one was an 8.0

     I just can’t see how one in such good condition could still be around.

  18. @heroville have you seen the Cleopatra coin? She’s not pretty.

  19. Man, I’ve been holding on to my mint-condition Action Comics #1 for years … maybe I should consider selling.

  20. It better have a 9.8 on the CGC scale.

  21. By the way I wonder how CGC became the #1 "official comic book" preservation company. I kind of got the feeling that they self proclaimed themselves so.

  22. Look for Barack Obama to pass another bill so that all Americans can afford their very own copy of Action Comics # 1 and Detective Comics #27.  What?  There’s only a hundred or so on Earth?  But thats not fair!  Everyone deserves a copy of these!