Her ‘Torso’ is in the box…!

David Fincher is set to direct the adaption of Brian Michael Bendis and Marc Andreyko’s Torso.

Sounds like a perfect, grisly fit.

Torso is probably my favorite work by Bendis. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I’m a sucker for true crime stories, but it is also brilliantly written and drawn and exhaustively researched.

I wish they had made this movie five years ago with Kevin Costner. I can’t imagine anyone else playing Ness.

Check out the book!


  1. the worst case inappropriate laughing I ever had was at the end of Seven with Brad Pitt crying, asking “what’s in the box?” hysterical

    Fincher would be great for this – I hope it happens.

  2. I’ve heard you all laud BMB as a writing god — and for the most part he is — and I’ve heard you all mention Torso once or twice in the podcast.

    Hearing it from fans, what exactly IS Torso?

    Is the “Ness” you are referring to Elliot Ness?

  3. TORSO is based on the true story of Elliot Ness’s post-take-down-of-Capone career.

    Ness moved to Cleveland to become the Public Safety Office (I think that was the name), which was akin to Police Commissioner. Around the same time headless, armless and legless torsos started popping up, drained of all blood. A serial killer was on the loose.

    That’s the gist of the story. I’m not going to say anymore, obviously, because it’s a mystery and I don’t want to ruin anything. But I got a chance to talk to Bendis about the book when he was a guest on a TV show I used to work on and he did a ton of historical research (which I can confirm having read otehr works on this case) and clearly still had a great love for the book.

    I gave TORSO to my non-comic reading brother,and he loved it.

  4. It’s probably important to mention that Bendis did the art as well, using his photo-based black and white style he adopted in the JINX Series….

  5. More info on the deal – and the re-emergence of Todd MacFarlane on Cinematical:


  6. This is all very, very exciting.

  7. Okay. I’ve had The Hardcover Ultimate Spider-Man collection that B&N put out a while back — which is why I love Ultimate Spidey (#1-50). But that was really the primary extent of my Benis readings.

    Then I picked up the Avengers: Disassembled and the New Avengers trades.

    Bendis rocks. I know the tone of these books will undoubtedly be different than the tone of Torso, but still — BMB is an AMAZING writer.

    I have GOT to find Torso now.

  8. Definitely TORSO, but you should also check out JINX and GOLDFISH. Oh, and POWERS!

  9. Well, I’ve got Torso and Jinx on the way, and I picked up the first three Alias trades.

    Again, wow.

    You know, when I first saw the Alias book, I thought it was based of the TV show.

    Silly me.

  10. Alias is SOOO Good – one of my fave series from the past 5 years – be sure to tell us what you think of it when you’re done reading…I think the TV show was one of the more unfortunate coincedences to happen to that book, I believe they came out at the same time…

  11. Yep, Alias is AWESOME. Wow. I mean, what a great first work for a book. :-).

    Jessica’s character development is just amazing. I know have to go get book 4 tomorrow. Wow.

    I mean, HOW does BMB do it? Thanks for taking me down this road of reading.


  12. Just wait until you get to the final story arc…

  13. Okay. Wow. Well, that whole ordeal with Luke Cage and the Purple Man in New Avengers makes a WHOLE lot more sense now.

    Wow. I love how she sort of Gumped her way through the early Marvel Universe. :-).

    Goog book. I wonder why I NEVER heard of how good this book was before you guys.

    Wow. Again, thanks. Every bit of me except my wallet thanks you.

    Kinda almost makes me want to get The Pulse now.

  14. The Pulse was not as good. It’s sorta like Joey is to Friends. Not that I watch that, but you get the idea. It’s still good, but just not as impressive.

    I’m not sure if my opinion is affected by the schedule the book failed to keep, because it came out sporadically, causing me to lose interest. So perhaps it’s better in trade form.

  15. I never bought THE PULSE. I think I was too traumatized over the fact that ALIAS was over. ALIAS came out of nowhere, really, to be one of the best books of the last five years. Who saw that coming? Not me.

  16. The Pulse had promise and got bogged down by the whole Secret War debacle…big disappointment

  17. Yeah, being out of the Marvel loop for a bit, what was this newest Secret War about? I mean, I know it was plagued with late books and all, and from what I understand, because of it, Nick Fury is kind of out of the picture.

    But, other than that, what happened? And wasn’t like one of the earlier Secret Wars where Spidey got the black costume/symbiote?

  18. I might be sketchy on the details because it was 20 years ago, but… in the original SECRET WARS, a bunch of Marvel characters were transported to another world because this super cosmic being named The Beyonder was bored and wanted to watch some fightin’. That’s when Spider-Man encountered a weird alien blob which melded with his body and became the black costume that eventually became Venom once the fans got sick of it and wanted the original suit back. That was a fun mini series that led to an excellent line of action figures (which was really important when you’re 8).


    SECRET WARS II blew.

    As for the latest SECRET WAR, I believe that Ron is the only one who read it.

    Oh, my god, I’ve been reading comics for over 20 years.

  19. the latest Secret War was a far too long, painted artwork mini by Bendis and it had Nick Fury drafting heroes (spidey, luke cage, captain america, wolverine etc.) to go topple a dictator in Latveria (who wasn’t Doom – it was some chick) – and it wasn’t sanctioned by SHIELD, so they went and did it and then Fury had everyone’s memories wiped…then it all got found out and Fury was booted from Shield and the heroes all got pissed at him

    so not even worth anyone’s time – even more of a disappointment than the Pulse

  20. Marvel used the memory wipe-as-plot-point too?