Help Kill a Booth Babe!

Only one more day left to vote! If you haven’t already, please vote for Haley!

Who am I to turn down a Booth Babe in need of help? Especially when that Booth Babe needs help with something that is comic book related.

This year in San Diego we met Haley, aka Goldilocks, while she was working the Zenescope booth. Well, now she is no longer Goldilocks — she is currently working for Platinum Studios, Inc. — and she has an interesting situation at hand…

…if she can get the most votes, Haley will be written into an upcoming comic book for the sole purpose of having her character killed off. I personally wouldn’t want to be killed in a comic book, but this isn’t about me. This is about Haley. And she wants to win.

If you are already on myspace click this link, head to the blog entry that says “KILLER VOTES, MAN” and leave a message that says “VOTE.” The deadline is November 15!

If you are not on myspace — sign up. It’s free.

We thank you for your help. And Haley does, too.

Let us behold the voting power of iFanboy!


  1. Voted twice, dude! When we getting the Gordon Show?!

  2. THank you Gordon and the rest of my home-boys at IFanboy!!! If I win, I’ll think of something cool to do for you guys…

  3. something cool? hrmm, will there be a video show 😉

  4. Dang she hot!

  5. Keep voting, people. If you haven’t done so already, get on it! She’s in a close second place!

  6. Voted!

  7. Voted. I hope you get a great death. I wanna be killed in a comic 🙁

  8. It is one of my favorite pastimes to add my friends and family to the pages of my books and kill them off, some people get it some people don’t;)


  9. So…… is she going to die?

  10. Curses! She lost by two votes!

    We failed.

  11. Dammit! Sorry, Haley! 🙁

  12. Coming in second by two votes shows a lot of popularity that would be foolish for the publisher to ignore. She should at least get wounded.