Heads Up: Image Comics Previews – August 2011

Being a comic fan can be tough. With so many publishers printing more and more books, canceling titles and starting new ones, it can be daunting when you head to the comic book shop on a Wednesday to know exactly what's coming out.

The current system of presenting and ordering comics three months ahead of their release as set forth by the sole comics distributor, Diamond Comics, doesn't make it any easier either. We're not a fan of that system, we think it's slowly strangling comics to death, but we realize it's a harsh reality of how the industry works and we definitely don't want you to miss out on any of the cool comics being published.

And so, as opposed to regurgitating the list of comics solicited in Previews each month, we present to you some of the highlights of things you probably won't want to miss out on.

SPOILER WARNING – in order to get people to order comics, the publishers have a funny habit of revealing what's happening in the books. If you don't want anything at all to be spoiled, then you'll probably want to skip this post and take your chances with your pre-orders and/or your shopping.

New Stuff!

You're looking for a new start, a fresh beginning, and this is the place.

The Infinite #1

Robert Kirkman, Rob Liefeld

32 pages – $2.99 – August 3

Kirkmand and Liefeld are two names fairly well intertwined with Image Comics at this point. If you know anything about Kirkman, you know that he is spawned from the time when McFarlane and Leifeld reigned, and this is a culmination of that. Where Haunt was his project with Todd, The Infinite is his creator owned collaboration with Rob. In the story, a 40 year old freedom fighter teams up with his 20 year old self in his war against The Infinite, which sounds pretty challenging. But are comics without challenges interesting? No. They are not.


Here's a trio of new series to explore and maybe even get excited about.

Severed #1 – Scott Snyder, along with co-writer Scott Tuft, brings this series to Image. We're promised sharp teeth and flesh, which are areas Snyder has thus far excelled in. You don't want to miss this one, featuring art by Attila Futaki (Percy Jackson). 32 pages – $2.99 – August 3

Epoch #1 (of 5) – We're looking at an NYPD Detective and a creepy glowing blue dude on the front. They also promise a threat to the "very fabric of society." These are things that Top Cow typically does very well. From writer Kevin McCarthy, and artist Paolo Pantalena. 32 Pages – $3.99 – August 3.

The Vault #1 (of 3) – From the team that brought us Caliber and Supergod, a team of high tech treasure hunters explore Sable Island for the big score. Known as the Graveyard of the North Atlantic, there is more to this vault than would appear. 32 pages – $3.50 – July 27


Invincible Compendium Vol. 1

Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, Ryan Ottley

1024 pages – $64.99 – August 3

If you liked the Walking Dead compendium and asked, "When, oh lord, when shall Invincible be given the same love?!" while shouting up to the heavens, you can stand down. It's here. Issues #1-47 are in a massive tome, in full color. If you've fallen behind and want to catch up, this is your best shot. A higher page count, you will not find!

Sweets: A New Orleans Crime Story

Kody Chamberlain

120 pages – $14.99 – August 24

Collecting the five issue mini-series, and clearly titled with what's inside, the trade paperback of the critically acclaimed story is yours for the grabbing. A killer has a taste for pralines and murder, and one cop can track him down. Chamberlain's art is unlike anyone else out there and he easily sets the tone for this tale, with an authentic understanding of New Orleans at the same time.


Deadlands: Death Was Silent (One-Shot)

Ron Mars, Bart Sears

32 pages – $2.99 – August 17

We've got a silent bounty hunter, in the west, and a creepy supernatural vibe. If you're a western guy, or a horror gal, maybe this is where you want to be. From Ron Marz, who's been ripping it up over at Top Cow and Bart Sears, a talented veteran, this is another Deadlands one-shot, and I'm all prickly with anticipation.



Malinky Robot: Collected Stories and Other Bits

Sonny Liew

128 pages – $16.99 – August 3

Sonny Liew is a name you might not know, but you should. Eisner nominated and winner of the Xeric Grant, Liew (My Faith in Frankie, Flight, Sense & Sensibility) is a wonderful cartoonist. These 5 stories center on Atari and Oliver, a couple of street urchins, and their adventures. The book also features pinups by Skottie Young, Mike Allred, and Roger Langridge. I have no doubt that you'll be hearing about this book come award season next year. Be in the know.

Those are our picks from Image's August offerings, but if you need more, check out the full list.


  1. the invincible compendium is great news! I read the heck out of my Walking Dead Compendium in a few short days. I think i’m going to jump on Invincible with that. BTW can’t wait for a WD compendium 2. 

  2. Same Here!

  3. Those compendiums are good for bench pressing too.

  4. Oh yeah that is great news about the Invincible Compendium because most of the HC Deluxe editions are still pretty pricey – though they have pretty good backup material.

  5. Been waiting for Sweets to hit in trade fir forever. It’s a definite buy. Maybe the Invincible Comp. as a gift for someone too. I’ve liked what I’ve seen and read about the Infinite but I’ll be trade-waiting on it.

  6. I NEED THAT COMPENDIUM! I was quite impressed by how well my Walking Dead Compendium was made (I was expecting super thin pages) so I will definitely be picking this up.

  7. If the art on Sweets is ANYTHING like that cover, I’m totally in.

  8. @conor  Yup, I’m in.  Thanks Conor!

  9. Avatar photo JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Severed seems interesting enough to try out.  I’ll also pick up the trades of Sweets and Halcyon.

  10. That Vault cover looks great.

  11. I’m glad to see Sweets is getting collected.  I missed the first few issues, and crossed my fingers that it would do well enough.  I’m totally looking forward to it.  Also, the Invincible Compendium is intriguing, and I’ll be damned if that Malinky Robot book doesn’t look great as well.

  12. Will be interesting to see if Kirkman has got anything other than Walking Dead and Invincible. Isn’t Haunt on the verge of cancellation?

  13. @MajorLaser  I believe Haunt is more McFarlane’s concepts that Kirkman just scripts for him, so it’s not really an accurate measure of his non-Invincible/Walking Dead ideas. Although I really liked his Marvel team-Up stuff.

    Also, can I just say how shocked I am that there are 13 replies to this article, and none of them attack Rob Liefeld for no reason? That’s so refreshing. Maybe the poor guy can get his new book judged on how it actually looks, and not one bad panel he drew 20 years ago.

  14. That Sweets trade will be on my list. Could never find it in issues so i’m happy it will be more available now. 

  15. Avatar photo JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    @MajorLaser  I think they’re just having a change in creative team for Haunt.  Capullo’s leaving the book (for something at DC), so Kirkman’s leaving as well.

  16. @JohnVFerrigno  

    To be fair, it wasn’t just one panel that he drew 20 years ago, it was almost every panel that he drew 10-20 years ago. I think that people mostly single out Liefeld because he is the artist who’s output is most associated with the 90’s trends, the DARK AGE of comics. He and his contemporaries brought the industry to its knees and it hasn’t recovered since. I would say it’s a typical case of “simply following orders” since most editors of the Big Two acted incredibly shortsightedly and irresponsibly and should shoulder the brunt of the blame for the near collapse of the industry but artists like Liefeld sure didn’t help. Personally I abhor his work as I do most art from that time, which really puts me in a bad position when I want to read something like Morrison’s run on JLA; I simply can’t get past the damn Superman mullet and the tiny feet! I do believe that Liefeld loves comic books. That doesn’t change the fact that he’s a terrible artist.

  17. The Infinite…. pockets?

  18. @nick7913  I’m not a big fan of that art style either. I get the valid criticisms of his work, I share many of them myself but people seem to have his personal vendetta against him. There’s this sense of glee when they bash him. He’s not my favorite artist, but he seems like a pretty decent guy who loves comics and tries to make the best ones he can. The vitriol pointed his way kind of bothers me. 

  19. @JohnVFerrigno  I agree that there seems to be a whole subculture dedicated to finding and pointing out all the flaws in his artwork. I often get a chuckle out of it but I never understood what the big deal is. If you don’t like it, you don’t buy it. Whatever happened to live and let live?
    Still, I think that it can become a problem when an artist you don’t like teams up with a writer you do like and you have to make a choice on whether or not to read what they put out. It then becomes a case of “Why does Marvel have to employ that talentless hack anyway? And now they’ll set him free on my beloved X-Men?” etc. That’s kind of how I felt about Loeb and the Ultimate Universe…