Hawkeye’s story continues in 2011 in HAWKEYE: BLINDSPOT

Many were sad to learn that Hawkeye & Mockingbird would not continue as an on-going series. in the current climate at Marvel (and presumably DC) where lower tier books are facing tougher scrutiny, the news was not a total surprise, but it was still tough news for fans of Hawkeye, Mockingbird, and Jim McCann and David Lopez.

Fear not! Jim McCann stopped by the Hawkeye & Mockingbord #6 discussion here on iFanboy two weeks ago. He said:

"What [Marvel Executive Editor] Tom [Brevoort] said is that Hawkeye & Mockingbird won't be returning in this format after Widowmaker, but Widowmaker and what is coming AFTER it is still the story I wanted to tell in Hawkeye & Mockingbird. News coming soon, but David Lopez and I aren't done yet!  Keep pulling Hawkeye & Mockingbird #6, all of Widowmaker (and encourage your friends, too) because you'll love what happens next!"

We know that Widowmaker is, of course, the upcoming mini-series that brings Hawkeye and Mockingbord together with Black Widow to deal with a crisis in Marvel's espionage community.

What we didn't know was: what happens next.

What happens next is Hawkeye: Blindspot, a four issue mini-series that hits in February of 2011. You can see Mike Perkins' cover for the first issue on the right.

“If you think Hawkeye has been through it all, think again” Jim McCann says. “Forget Avengers Disassembled, House of M, and Siege — THIS is the biggest turning point in Hawkeye's life — a story that will change and define the Avenging Archer for life!”

Much like Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's continued their Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy story in a series of mini-series, it would appear that Jim McCann's Hawkeye's tale will be following suit. Welcome to the new reality at Marvel Comics?


  1. Minis make more sense for B-List characters (sorry, Hawkeye) in the current comic environment.

  2. I’m surprised that Marvel isn’t going to keep a Hawkeye ongoing around. Fine to drop Mockingbird off the face of the Earth; but resort it to a series of mini’s?

    Considering Hawkeye is going to be in the Avengers film (regardless of major role or not) I think we’ll see another ongoing after this mini.

  3. that’s a great Perkins cover, but I’m hoping David Lopez will be on interiors. although Perkins on interiors would be just as cool.

  4. Hooray!

  5. Yayyyy more Hawkeye!

  6. Y’know, I know Marvel’s taken a lot of guff about quickly canceling new series, but I’ve gotta say that I think maybe the "series of mini-series" could be a better approach. For example, some folks may drop new ongoing titles after a couple of issues once they hear it’s in danger or canceled. But I’d bet more people finish out a miniseries if they’re aware that it’s that from the start. Then you can collect that mini, get it into bookstores, and see if it gains any traction there.

    So who knows? Maybe Jim wil get to continue Hawkeye’s adventures through a series of arcs. I think that’d be cool.

  7. NOT LIKE THIS! NOT LIK THIIIIIS!  I’m sorry. I had to.