Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

EDITOR'S NOTE – iFanboy will be taking the holiday off (for the most part – there might be a random article here and there) and so should you!  We'll see you back here on Sunday with a new episode of the Pick of the Week Podcast.  Until then, sit down with a big ol' plate of food and enjoy the Thanksgiving memories.


Happy Thanksgiving 2010 from the staff here at iFanboy!





  1. And Happy Thanksgiving to you, gentlemen.

  2. happy thanksgiving from the uk and scotland

  3. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you sirs for a very entertaining website!

  4. Happy thanksgiving everybody!

  5. My childhood memories! I always wanted to see Superman!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  7. Gobble Gobble!*

    *Translation: Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Happy thanksgiving to all y’alls!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Thanks for those great links! Enjoy the turkey.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving, Yankees! Over here in the UK, it’s just a plain old Thursday 🙁

  11. I swear these videos never get old.  What is RoboCop doing there?  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  12. Happy Thanksgiving to all the American folks here! Enjoy your turkey dinners! 🙂



    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone had safe trip!

  14. My favorite moment is when Cap defeats Hulk (who is up to his old tricks again) by lowering him gently into the waiting arms of Luke Cage.  Why don"t they do this anymore? 

  15. Happy Turkey Day everybody!!!

  16. Why did I have to be born so late?!? I missed it all 🙁


    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  17. Happy thanksgiving iFanboy!

  18. Lots to be thankful for this year. Thank you, iFanboy and thank you, iFanbase. 

  19. I find it interesting how the same float and costumes were used differently in the two years.  good stuff. 

    @Ron- it appears Marvel published a Robocop movie adaptation in the fall of ’87, so he must have been lumped in with all the others

    thanks for an awesome site, guys! 

  20. I’m sure Marvel was happy to hear Wonder Woman would be helping out there heroes in 1989.  Or maybe someone needs to stay on teleprompter.

  21. @ Ron:  Robocop is probably there because of the cartoon shows they used to run.  It was a block of 3 shows, usually: DinoRiders, Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends, and Robocop.  I forget what network it was on.

  22. All the best gents, thanks for all the quality work…

  23. Thanks for the hard work it takes to bring us this website, week in and week out!Thanks to the Ifanboy community, for awesome forums and discussions!

    Best thing about that 1989 float? The oversized comics shown on the back of the float towards the end of the video! sweet