Happy Thanksgiving 2009!

EDITOR'S NOTE – iFanboy will be taking the holiday off and so should you!  We'll see you back here on Sunday with a new episode of the Pick of the Week Podcast.  Until then, sit down with a big ol' plate of food and enjoy the Thanksgiving memories.


Happy Thanksgiving 2009 from the staff here at iFanboy!




  1. Typical Americans, late again! 😀

    Happy Thanksgiving USA! Im jealous, my life could always use more turkey

  2. "Up to your old tricks again Hulk!" … haha. Happy Thanksgiving over here and happy life to rest of the globe. 

  3. Those are great videos. I can’t imagine why Marvel doesn’t have a float like that anymore. 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  4. HAHHAHA…   Captain America! Wolverine needs your help!.. in the FUTURE!  (Marty, it’s your KIDS!)  That is the Back to the Future theme playing over that scene, right?  heheh  I think that’s hilarious.. and perhaps even apropos considering current events? 

    Marty McFly must return to the past to get Steve and Bucky together, or the Nazis win WWII!   


  5. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Wow that was so cool! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!

  7. That Marvel float was one of the highlights of my parade-going childhood. My frends and I were dumb enough (and young enough) to think that it would be a permanent edition to the parade.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all the iFanbase!

  9. Anyone notice how Cap just bitches out Magneto to chase Enchantress?

    Captain America, Luke Cage, Robo Cop: The New New Avengers!

  10. How to defeat supervillains…through the power of DANCE!!

  11. Apparently Caps main super power is just climbing alot of shit. 


  12. wait a second, what the hell was fucking ROBOCOP doing there?

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

  13. Im glad someone else noticed Robocop. I think it went along the lines of "we need an ironman." "We cant afford to make one" "Lets rent Robocop!"

    The kid that I was, would have loved that. The comic book geek that I am now, says "Well Captain America can’t beat the Hulk or Doom…Let alone the Enchantress." 

    Good stuff. 

  14. Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day.  I ate more food than I think is humanly possible, but it was excellent.

  15. Good food and warm wishes to all this Thanksgiving. May your weekend be long, relaxed, and full of fresh trades.

  16. that WAS robo-cop?!!?!? WTF?!?!?!?

  17. I had a great turkey day. Except that I ate duck. And french fries. BUT IT WAS AWESOME.

  18. They did have a Spider-man float this year, so at least they had some presence.


  20. WTF!! Back to the Future + Robocop + Marvel Float = Awesome.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  21. As a TV Troper, I have to add that Robo Cop to the "Big Lipped Alligator Moment" Trope. Now.