Happy Memorial Day 2010!

It's Memorial Day here in the United States and everyone has the day off to honor fallen soldiers and spend some time at an over-crowded beach.

iFanboy is no different!



Unless some big news breaks we'll pretty much be taking the day off. So come back on Tuesday for all of your usual Monday content (including the updated Comics page) plus all of your Tuesday content! Tomorrow's going to be a busy day so come early and come often.

Until then, someone grab the sunscreen, I need help with my back.


(Also of note – because of Memorial Day, new comics won't hit stores in the United States until Thursday.)


  1. Great, now I need to get the power drill and get these images out of my head… 🙂

    Let’s not forget what this day is about too.  Honor and pray for our troops, those on the field and those that have passed on.

  2. For the laughter that picture brought me, you deserve two days off.

  3. now all of the fanboys know where ELSE conor shaves. 

  4. Who DOESN"T like a 3-day weekend?  Pinko commies, that’s who!

  5. I am uncomfortable.

  6. my eyes! MY EYES!

  7. I kind of throwup in mouth a bet…

  8. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  9. Is it bad to feel aroused by this?

  10. Paul looks like he’s used the GoldenEye "Big Head" cheat.

  11. ME i work SEVEN days a week!!!

  12. I love how all of your expressions match the poses, good job Conor!

  13. Conor’s picture haunts me now.  So does this mean comics are delayed this week? What about Canada? No holiday here today.

  14. omg is that picture a photoshop off a jersey shore promo?

  15. @conor you have a fantastic v

  16. wow, those pictures are disturbing

  17. 🙂

  18. The picture of Paul and his over sized head made me laugh to the point of tears. Good on yas

  19. That should be a t-shirt.

  20. They call me "The Circumstances".

  21. Jerseysploitation!

    Damn, Josh, oh The Circumstances!

  22. I feel like Conor is looking into my soul, I need to shower

  23. those pics are gold, Ron’s facial expression on that body is hilarious. God have mercy on the man bold enough to stand in Paul’s path whilst he detect metal.

  24. Paul’s face made me laugh!

  25. That’s uh……yeah….

  26. The Paul picture is amazing.

  27. looks like you guys are about to go film the volleyball scene in top gun.

  28. You know how in life you encounter things you cannot unsee? Like someone taking out a glass eye, or that guy at the party at the end of Pink Flamingos. Well, I will never be able to unsee this, and I fear there is now a small part of my brain that is now dead.

  29. @Conor: I HHHHATE those three-day weekends. No day off work, in fact workload is increased by x2.5!!! Insane right? Pretty much worked since Friday.

  30. DEAR GOD WHY?!