Happy Halloween: Show Us Your Costume!

A few weeks ago I posted an article talking about Halloween costumes. The result was a lot of people talking about their own costumes.

Well — enough talking — start showing. Send me pictures of your Halloween costumes and I’ll post them on the site.*

Yes, there is an asterisk. I need your pictures no later than 11:00 PM EST on Wednesday November 5th. Also I’ll need to make sure that they are appropriate — so keep the nudity and the illegal activities to a minimum. Also make sure that you send your iFanboy username — so people know who they are looking at! And — if you want to go crazy you can tell us where you are from.

Costume pictures should be emailed to contact@ifanboy.com with “Costume” as the subject!

Happy trick-or-treating!



  1. Is this the type lobster I’m buying at my SUPER 88 store?


    the Tiki 

  2. Thanks for making me spit my coffee all over my screen!

  3. No costume pics, but I do have the first image of the fabled IFan o’ lantern!

    Behold it!


  4. My costume is my Batman t-shirt. I’m too lazy/cheap to make/buy an entire costume this year.

  5. Very Cool


  6. I was watching Totally Rad Show on Wednesday and Jeff Cannata was dressed up as Captain Hammer from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.  I was like, "Why didn’t I think of that?"  It is so simple.

  7. I am not dressing up but did guys know about this –


  8. hahaha, I love that dog!!  My friends last year had their boston terrier dressed as a cop, it was sweet.  I tried putting a costume on my dog, he gives me the same look that the lobster dog is giving.  "Why the hell are you doing this to me?  What the hell do you want me to do?"

    I’ll be dressing up as a poser rock star, complete with eye liner and a guitar hero guitar.  If it doesn’t look too whack, I’ll email it

  9. @ Paul~  It was so terrifying that my retinas burned off.  I hope I post this ok.

  10. I’m going as 1999 Josh Flanagan! Bad bleach hair and all….Or just say Guy Feidei since that’s a more recognizible name. 😉

  11. @Paul Montgomery that’s awesome!

  12. Ron should go as the Goth kid from South Park! Look back at the video podcast about Sandman, in the opening Ron had the goth outfit on and was rocking the Cure!

  13. 28 year old drunk Harry potter w/ lightning bolt scar, hogwarts cloak (2 sizes to small). " my wand is in my pants"

  14. I’ve got my 2 and 5 year old already comic book corrupted.  Batman, Robin and I was the Joker.

  15. I was "The School Spirit". I kinda made it a variation of The Spirit, with the trademark Domino Mask. Beyond that, it was just black clothes and a sign. Some people got The Spirit reference, others just thought I was mocking the lack of spirit around campus. So it worked anyways.

  16. I was David Bowie from the Alladin Sane album cover and some one else at the party was the exact same thing. I now know how girls feel when some one shows up wearing the same dress.

  17. I was Clark for halloween, The lady humored me and came as Lois Lane =D  I randomly ran into a Captain America and a Rorshach in the Village Pourhouse.



     There was a better picture of me but its on someone elses camera

     hope everyone had fun!


  18. I was a tired professor…buy my son (5) had an epic Indiana Jones costume


  19. I went as the joker escaped from Arkham. Not included in the picture: Bright orange pants.


  20. Sent a couple pics in! 🙂

  21. @sithlord23: hey, this is completly of topic but I was looking through 2008 holloween pics that were sent in and I saw your joker costume and I noticed you had a nice pair of the purple gloves(and the pants). I have been trying like hell to find a good pair of purple gloves that is decent in quality and not just cheap plastic that dont really fit the hands like a good pair of gloves should.  So I was just wondering where you got them and if you could share that info….thank you…..also where did you get the pants?……thanks again.