Guy Davis’ BRPD Cover Process

I've never been shy in my praise of Guy Davis and his comic book work, so I was pleased to see this over at the Dark Horse Blog.  Davis takes us through the steps of his cover creation from thumbs to finished work, along with comments from writer John Arcudi, colorist Dave Stewart, and editor Scott Allie.

Here's a taste of the process to create the cover to BPRD: Hell on Earth — Gods #1. You can see how even a cover that looks simple has so much thought and effort behind it.  Also surprising is how much of a team effort it was.  There were significant contributions from everyone on the team to the final product.

Here are some concept sketches by Davis:



The final rough:

The anatomical underlay:



The final product, with Dave Stewart magic all over it:



For more, go check out the full post.


  1. Cool post, nice to see the process from start to finish.  Kudos to Mr. Davis, amazing art.

  2. Love Guy Davis. love him 

  3.  It’s cool to see the collaboration and input from each of them. It was Dave Stewart’s idea to do it as an anatomical drawing, which I think makes the piece more interesting.

  4. Geez that’s a lot more work then I would think you would need for a cover….

    Beautiful anatomy design though. 

  5. Wow.

  6. Wow and that’s just the work on he cover.

  7. Guy is frighteningly talented…and easily one of the nicest creators I’ve ever had the chance to meet. 

  8. Very impressive. A lot of effort and the final product really shows.