Greg Rucka NOT Renewing DC Exclusive Contract

We don’t normally get into the ins and outs of the comics business here, especially with exclusive deals flying all over the place, but I found the fact that Greg Rucka writes on his blog that he is not renewing with DC to be interesting.

UPDATE! Rucka responds, affirming what I said in this post about how this doesn’t mean he’s over at DC.

A direct quote from his post:

“Continued frustrations in dealing with people who really ought to know how to do their jobs properly”

Now of course this is all speculation and reading into things, but we get a feeling that things are not well over at DC Comics these days, and perhaps the handling of The Question and the seemingly imminent demise of Checkmate as well as leftovers from the 52 project seem to have weighed heavily on Rucka.

So what does this mean? Hopefully some more Queen & Country. It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean that Rucka will not work with DC again, he just won’t be exclusive to them. So could he return to Marvel? Focus on creator owned work with Oni? Or focus on his series of novels, like recent Patriot Acts? Who knows. But no matter what, I’m sure we’ll all be reading as Greg Rucka has risen to be one of the top writing talents in comics.


  1. He should go to Marvel and team up with Ed Brubaker to write a book about the police force in a New York that deals with all sorts of heroes handling crime.

  2. I’d be dissapointed should he leave DC, however it would be interesting to see what he would do at Oni, maybe a new crime and or superhero book, or more Queen and Country. Who knows….

  3. Maybe we can get a third white out. that would be awsome.

  4. I seem to recall him going on a massive rampage about Dan Didio when he released the ending to 52 halfway through the series. Everything I’ve heard from him since then has been negative towards DC. Can’t really say this is a big surprise.

  5. What a crazy day.

  6. White out is supposed to be a trilogy but I think they want to release the third volume with the release of the movie. That crafty Rucka. And I want him writing the Black Window. He’s expressed an interest and I think it would be really cool.

  7. Although it would end up being Marvel Checkmate, I think The Initiative would be interesting with Rucka involved. Then again I am really enjoying Slott on the book so maybe something else. Something with Nick Fury’s underground adventures?

  8. Maybe he could a few issues Marvel’s Frontline if they let him. That would be cool.

  9. I’ll follow Rucka where ever he goes, but this is definitely a blow to DC for me. He was one of the few writers who I was actually following at DC. And it sounds like he was frustrated by DC…which is something I can understand, given the heavy continuity of that universe right now.

    I don’t really want to see him back at Marvel, either. I’d like to see more creator-owned stuff. Those books are the best fit, I think.

  10. I second scott… third Whiteout please???

  11. Rucka’s a great and intelligent guy. He’s going to be fine.

    Coincidentally I’m reading 52 Vol.4 and just read a note(more like a rant)of Rucka very pissed off for the treatment they gave Wonder Woman in the last issues of the story. The “not human enough aspect” on which DC was planning to base the relaunch of the series…

    Look how that turned out.

  12. It probably would never happen, but I would love to see him come over to Marvel (non-exclusively), and take a crack at Ms. Marvel and Punisher: War Journal. Brian Reed has been doing a good job, but I think Rucka is the ideal writer for that series, and well, the less said of Punisher: War Journal, the better.

  13. I love Rucka, and am sad to hear he will be leaving the DCU exclusively. I will, like many of you still buy his books, wherever they may release.

    Do you guys think that Geoff Johns read that blog and thought, “Oh hell!”? He’s probably one of the few big name, consistently awesome writers they have, which means he may be picking up just a few more titles. And he’s already writing like 40 billion books.

  14. I’ll read whatever Rucka does. However, I hope he writes more indy books. Q & C is the best comic ever and Stumptown sounds great. I don’t need him to run to Marvel, although Rucka on SHIELD book rocks.

    That said, are we sure he is leaving DC? He’s not renewing his exclusive. That doesn’t mean he necessarily is quitting Checkmate or not going to write the long-rumored Batwoman book. If he does leave, they should just cancel Checkmate, right? Who else could write that?

  15. Good for Rucka!

    He needs the flexibility to work on the best projects available to him. While Rucka is a fan-favorite writer, having written many excellent books, he has yet to become an industry heavyweight (which allows editors to occasionally screw him over).

    Rucka needs an an A-List artist and a high profile title to give him the stardom and clout he needs in the industry. A Greg Rucka with more creative control can only mean great things for comics.

    Here’s what I’d love to see Rucka do for Marvel:

    Iron Man w/ Scott Eaton

    Black Widow w/ Alex Maleev

    Spider-Woman w/ Trevor Hairsine

  16. Makes you wonder how long these tensions have existed. When Fifty-Two proved editorial vision and creator synergy could work, it seemed like everything was rosey and heading to a new golden age of DC comics, and company creations.

    Now it seems everything’s done a complete belly flop, with the company loosening it’s proverbial belt after Fifty-Two to just completely fall into the rut of a creative ‘marriage’.

    At the risk of making unfair assumptions, because i don’t pretend to know the guy or anything about him, I’m sort of surprised Rucka isn’t known for having more relationship meltdowns. There’s a particular vibe I get there.

    Agree or not, I think it’s clear he has the tools necessary to promote him on a level comparable to his former partner [Brubaker]. It just seems such a shame that DC have let both of those slip through their fingers, even if it was arguably through suitable company management.

    And as if Checkmate wasn’t already doomed! *sigh*

  17. Ed Bruaker mentioned on Word Balloon recently that he and Rucka were interesting in co writing some Daredevil if the chance ever arose.

    Good stuff!

  18. A Shield book would be cool. But obvious, creator owned Oni books are most appealing IMO

  19. “Maybe we can get a third white out. that would be awsome.”

    I talked with Steve Lieber (artist of the Whiteout series) at Midohio Con a couple weeks ago and he said that volume three is soon to be in the works.

  20. I am not used to this sort of piercing of the hype bubble, the bubble in which every company is staffed with enthusiastic comrades who can’t wait to dig into the next crossover. I can understand why the bubble exists– I like to think that creators giving me my stories are being creative in exactly the way they want to be– but it’s still sort of refreshing to see the facade crack a little and see some truth leak out.

    Does knowing too much behind-the-scenes scuttlebutt damage the reading experience? Will you read Greg Rucka’s next comic and taste unhappiness in the panels?

  21. “Will you read Greg Rucka’s next comic and taste unhappiness in the panels?”
    [Pssst! Stan was a jerk! Comic creators are disgracefully human. UNCLEAAAANNNN!!!]

    Only in the scenes that don’t involve a bevvy of lesbians.

  22. Are there any links to Rucka’s other ‘rants’ (for lack of a better word)?

  23. Just because you can never have enough muckraking.

  24. Thanks.