‘Green Lantern: The Animated Series’ – S01E04 – “Into The Abyss”

Last week’s episode was pretty strong. I wasn’t sold on this show initially but we could actually have something here!

Here’s how “Into The Abyss” is described:

The Green Lanterns are called upon to save a cargo ship caught in a dangerous black hole-type anomaly. With help from Red Lantern Razer and Aya, the Interceptor’s AI, Hal and Kilowog must bring the ship and it’s valuable cargo to safety before they’re crushed alive.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I am really liking this show so far. The tone is really interesting. A lot better than the film.

  2. Just caught up with this and, much to my surprise, it’s pretty great. I love surprises like that!

  3. Cocky, brash, awesome. These are the traits that define Hal Jordan. This show captures all of that without making him look like a jerk. The comics could really learn something from this. I love this show so far. I also love that it’s a show my 3 year old son and I can watch together.

  4. They kind of write Hal Jordan like James Kirk (fun-loving / brash, but responsible) which I suppose is the best direction, it works here. I liked this episode. But I am growing a bit weary of the character chemistry for some reason, especially Kilowog.

  5. I haven’t been watching this show and maybe I would more invested in it if it was on the Young Justice continuity.

  6. I dun get why people arent giving this more attention.
    The last time i read one of the columns that called young justice, emh and even the not yet released spiderman cartoon “great” but failed to mention green lantern.
    Green Lantern since its debut have been critically acclaimed. The story line is great and the cg is one of the best with a tv budget. Plus Bruce Timm is doing this, it cant go wrong.
    Even the first issue when we saw the destruction of a planet and the death of the green lantern, nobody expected that and the weird thing is people actually cared for the green lantern that died.
    That was how good the story is.

  7. i really like the show but i cant stand the animation

  8. “You two; shake hands!”

    *Kilowog and Razer wave their fists at each other*

  9. This show is interesting…They definately nailed Hal’s character, and I really liked the Guardians from the first two episodes as well, but I find myself not yet loving the show.

    Some choices that I just don’t get:
    1. It’s episode three or four, and we’ve seen Green Lanterns, Red Lanterns, and the yellow rock that will become yellow lantern rings already. Too soon?
    2. Speaking of too soon, why were we introduced to Hal, his life on earth (Carol and Fighter Pilot testing), the Guardians, some other lanterns, and then….Hal and Kilowog are jettisoned into the frontier, with no contact with any of that stuff. The show feels like it could have used a little more grounding. This is like third season stuff to me.
    3. I find myself screaming at the TV with my inside voice…Why, if Kilowog could just rescue every last person on the planet with his ring, couldn’t Hal have gotten his head out of his ass long enough to save rookie frontier green lantern guy? For that matter, why couldn’t Kilowog have just told him “hey, I got the people, let’s go!” The dude was a dad and a husband, and he died FOR NOTHING. Don’t get it! Why does Kilowog’s ring make a rocket pack that can save a ship from being sucked into a black hole, but 25 feet away, Hal’s ring can’t make a big hand hold onto something? WTF? The problem with a magic ring that can do anything is that it’s hard to write stories around that, I guess.

    I do, however, love the ship, and it’s AI. Most interesting character on the show so far.

    Anyway, sticking with it…the good outweighs the bad for now, but I’m not loving this like I am Yound Justice, or even Thundercats for that matter.

    • As to your second point, I believe (and I could be wrong) that the plan is to keep this show mostly, if not entirely, space-based.

    • Keeping it space based is great. I think that’s a nice way to distinguish it from YJ, and the previous generation of DC animated series. I just feel like you could do a space based show and still show Hal splitting his time with a Girlfriend and Job on earth, and Space Cop as well. Showing Hal’s back story and the inner workings of the Corp and the Guardians just makes more sense as an intro to the character than jettisoning him into unexplored space in the first season.

      However, if the goal was to do a “Blackest NIght as the season Finale”, and this is how they were able to tell that story when they are not sure they will get a season two, then…Well yeah, I guess it makes sense.

      I will regret if they are not able to bring in Adam Strange, L.E.G.I.O.N., the Khunds and some of that awesome DC space stuff…but oh well.

      I do trust the creative team, and feel like this will all be building to something….