Green Lantern Movie Costume: CGI!

Slashfilm is reporting that Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern costume will be neither spandex, nor leather, nor rayon!  Nope.  It will be almost entirely computer generated.

Here's why this doesn't bother me.

As pointed out in the article, the costume designer for the movie is Ngila Dickson, whom you might remember as the costume designer from the Lord of the Rings movies, for which she won an Academy Award, and further, that those costumes were awesome.  So that gives me heart.

Also, the costume is generated by green space energy.  What's it supposed to look like? Stick Reynolds in spandex, and he'll look like a mego doll.  A jacked mego doll sure, a mego doll who split from Alanis Morrissette, and is now married to Scarlett Johanssen, but a mego doll nonetheless!  This swirling space energy has all the ability to be more interesting than what Gil Kane, master though he may be, was able to put on paper in the 50's. So perhaps we can hope that the marriage of some really smart, creative people, with a bungload of high end technology can do something that looks really neat.  And really neat is what we're going for when our main (imaginary) component is green space energy.


  1. Good news. No man-made fabric would stand the test. Can’t wait to see how it looks. Also, I forgot that Ryan Reynolds was married to Scarlett Johanssen. What a guy!

  2. He’s still gotta wear clothes though, no matter what the chicks want.

  3. Very cool. Should allow them to do that projected glowy GL symbol, too, which I think is a great design.

  4. This is . . . different. If it were any other hero I think I’d be more skeptical. But with GL, I think this could work. Like flakbait said, this’ll definitely alow them to do the "siren effect", which is awesome. I’ll reserve judgement til I see an image, but I have a positive feeling about this movie overall. There’s a great crew of people involved in almost every aspect of this film. If any comic is worthy of a record breaking 700 million dollar budget, it’s Green Lantern.

  5. They’re gonna do the costume just like God (and by that I mean Geoff Johns) intended. 😉

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I was hoping they’d use actual cosmic energy, but I SUPPOSE this is okay. 

  7. Hopefully it’ll look better than the cgi costumes in the recent Alice in Wonderland movie

  8. Makes sense to me.

  9. "Hopefully it’ll look better than the cgi costumes in the recent Alice in Wonderland movie."

    Seriously. It seems insane to me that in 2010 I can walk out of a theater complaining that a director used too much CGI. Shouldn’t we be over this by now? Did Tim Burton see the Star Wars prequels?

  10. GL is probably about the only character I could see this working for, hope they can pull it off.

  11. @cubman: I’d like to see the Flash in an energy costume on screen as well.

  12. I heard they’re gonna put some green LCD lights on reynolds so during shooting it will look like he’s naturally emitting green, much like what they did with Billy Cradup in Watchmen.

  13. I pray we don’t get any of the clone troopers floating head garbage.  That was unfortunate. 

  14. Makes sense in the long run. Maybe they’ll do what Johns has done and make the GL symbol float out of their costume?

    Considering how technology in film is now a days, it doesn’t bother me at all. It will be funny to see backstage photos of what Reynolds is actually wearing during the shoot.

  15. Am I the only one who isn’t fond of the flashing insignia? I don’t hate it or anything, it just doesn’t appeal to me.

  16. "Bungload" Really? I feel like I’m back in the early 90’s watching Beavis and Butthead.

  17. If GL’s suit is made by the ring, then when he goes to pee and/or poo, does the suit automatically open up in the correct places, or does Hal have to say, "Ring, I have poo"? These are the things I wonder about while perusing iFanboy on my toilet.

  18. Sure why not. I’m biased though I already think this movie is awesome

  19. man, thanks Josh, for saying this sounds like it will work. Otherwise, this would have just been a thread filled with people saying how much this is going to suck (like it did on the first website I saw this mentioned on)

     Like many people have said before, I think this is appropriate for Green Lantern’s power. In the past two years or so, I think filmmakers have made a genuine effort not to totally twist around the content or what works with a comic book idea. think about casting in the past for instance, Jessica Alba as Sue Storm, Michael Clark Duncan as the Kingpin. After that, the idea of Ryan Reynolds in a CGI costume doesn’t bother me a bit.

  20. Cool.  Should make for an interesting look.

  21. Is Bungload more or less than a Buttload? Strikes me it should be more…

  22. I just looked it up, and a bungload is about 1.5 times more than a buttload. So that is a lot of high end technology.

  23. Hmm, definitely want to see this.

    How many films will it take for them to introduce all the other different coloured lanterns, do you reckon? I’d love to see all the different corps together in their CG costumes. 

  24. The part of my brain that wanted to perv on Ryan Reynolds in spandex is very disappointed, but the rest is excited and curious to see what the finished costume looks like on screen. 

  25. Thank god. I was worried for a while.

  26. This could be very interesting. Of course waiting to see a trailer, but I’m remaining optimistic. SO far, alot for me to like about this film.

  27. I really would like to see them use that 3-D chest logo. I’m interested to see what they’ll do with the CGI costume. Seems like an interesting opportunity. 

    I’m just hoping they don’t turn it into a hideous mess like they did with the Key Art. 

  28. Should be cool could look like Tron tho.. which would be awesome

  29. Superfriends introduced me to Green Lantern, and I thought he was the coolest superhero I had ever seen.  After that when my friends and I would play superheroes, I no longer pressed to play Superman or Batman (the characters many of us wanted). I only wanted to be Green Lantern, and strangely enough I don’t recall anyone challenging me for the role. 

    A CGI costume sounds like it could be pretty cool, but also could fall flat on its face. Oh man. I’m crossing my fingeres.

    Oh come on GL movie, there is a lot riding on you here.