‘Green Lantern: First Flight’ Trailer!

These Bruce Timm produced DC Universe Animated Original Movies have been pretty great so far and this latest one looks no different.  Sinestro wearing a Sinestro Corps uniform!

You can’t pre-order the DVD yet but you can sign up to be notified when it is available for preorder.

Thanks to Kaylon for the head’s up.


  1. Sweet!  That looks awesome.  I can’t wait to see that. These animated films have really been great and I am sure this one will keep up the string of awesomeness.

  2. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Looks great.  Still somewhat concerned that they haven’t released anything showcasing Chris Meloni’s vocal performance as Hal.  Just seems odd.  

    Nonetheless, very excited to check this out.   

  3. @PaulMontgomery: That’s par for the course with these movies.  We barely heard Keri Russell as Wonder Woman until the movie actually came out.

  4. Sinesto even gets the Yellow Lantern symbol. Drool.

  5. Sinestro Corp?!?!  Hmm…maybe it will lead into a Sinestro Corp War sequel?!??!?  Oh how exciting.

    I like Hal’s uniform too.  Different, but cool

  6. Not only is there no dialog from Hal he apparently has the same stock yell everytime he sees the ring.

    Gets the ring – YELLS

    (After "In the Journey From Hero" text) he looks at the ring – YELLS

    That plus the over the top music makes me laugh a little every time. Still excited to see this when it comes out. I can compare the first time he gets the ring in First Flight with the same thing in New Frontier.

  7. Looks good.

  8. This looks mighty awesome.

  9. Sweet!

    Sinestro wearing his corps uniform? Sweeter!

    Thoughts of a sequel of a Sinestro Corps DVD before this GL origin is even out? Too sweet for words

  10. did he go all Ion at the end?

  11. @Paul: It’s funny, I just looked up on the forums for when the trailer for SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY hit lo’ those many years ago and here was your comment on it:

    "Looks really good. I only wish they’d included some dialogue. I really want to hear Adam Baldwin and James Marsters."

    That just seems to be the way they package the movies in the trailers – all action.

  12. If this one is as good as the Wonder Woman movie that came out last month we should be just fine on this one.

  13. iiiiiiii just had a heart attack….

  14. Real excited for this.  Was that Hal Jordan hitting an alien with a chair construct WWE style? Nice.

  15. @hbkhumanity: It was. And it rocked.

  16. Some epic music in that trailer.

  17. That looks really good.  I never expected to hear Hal talk like Chris Keller.

  18. why is sinestro wearing the sinsestro corps uniform?????

  19. In brightest day, in blackest night, this movie shall not escape my sight. Let those who shy away from Bruce Timm’s might, beware the power…Green Lantern looks dynomite!

  20. Can’t wait. I really liked the Uniform redesigh and hope the live action movie does something similar. Definetly want to add this to my collection.

  21. Why do all Green Lanterns in the Timm verse always have black gloves with green gaunglets instead of white gloves? just saying. I did, however, really like that Sinestro is wearing the Sinestro Corps uniform since I always thought the old uniform was really silly looking, which thankfully you guys thought so too on that last podcast

    Im hoping this will be just as good as Wonder Woman which really raised the bar for animated dvd’s since Superman Doomsday (New Frontier was disapointing)

  22. Oh man. Definitely excited for this! Love the costume redesign. The constructs look great! Hopefully it borrows heavily from Johns’ recent Secret Origin arc.

  23. oh my god yes!!

  24. Looks exciting! FYI you can pre-order on DCBService.com this month (for June delivery).

  25. soooo happy about this!!!

  26. I would love to see a film where it’s just two men screaming for 2 hours. That would be gold.

  27. I dunno why but I was a little "boo" about the costume redesign, and a bit surprised everyone here loves it. It is cool and makes more sense aesthetically, but was the old GL uniform in need of a redesign? I don’t think it’s one of the more ridiculous costumes out there. Meh.


  28. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome!

  29. Everytime I see the flight simulator portion of the origin story it gets more ridiculous.

    TBS (that being said),

    I FK’N love Green Lantern and look forward to this film more than any other DC film released yet.  

  30. I’m glad there is a song about how I feel about this movie.


    I hope things aren’t going to be awkward now.

  31. Looks dope!  I’m totally in.

  32. Looks good!

    @anyone interested (like I was) — it’s written by Alan Burnett. Check his resume —


    Dude’s written everything from the Snorks to Batman: The Animated series. 

  33. @TNC – get some gay porn 🙂

  34. I dunno. Doesn’t grab me like the WW one did.

  35. can’t wait

  36. Now I must pray for an Aquaman movie. Cumon DC!! PWEEEZZZZ!!!!

  37. Man this trailer is more awesome than the Iron Man and Dark Knight trailer combined.

    Was that the background score original or from some other movie? Kinda remind me of Courne series score, but in SPACE Space space…


  39. @stew – in fellatio no one can hear you scream

  40. The release date for this was pushed back to Jul 21st. If it is as good as the Wonder Woman one that was just released, this should be great.  It also is avalaible for pre-sale over at Coast City Styles, too.

  41. SO excited for this movie, I am a big big fan of Green Lantern, so this movie is something I have been looking forward too for awhile now.

  42. He hit him with a green construct folding chair!  This has to be the best movie ever made.

  43. It’s a bit more anime-influenced than I like, and this isn’t exactly new territory for the DC Universe animated films (didn’t we already cover Hal’s origin in New Frontier?), but I’ve enjoyed all these  aside from the abysmal Batman film so I’ll happily give it a chance. The fact that David ‘Block of Wood’ Boreanaz isn’t voicing Hal is certainly exciting news. But I can’t help but acknowledge a long held yearning, everytime I see Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner, for Guy Gardner to be the focus of the Green Lantern Corp. He’s easily more interesting then the other two.

  44. yeeeeeeah…i’m stoked.

    hopefully FLASH’ll be next!!