Green Lantern Casting: Angela Bassett as Amanda Waller

She’s a little more trim than the comic version, but hey, she’s a fine actor, and Angela Bassett should make a fine duplicitous government agent, Amanda Waller.


  1. When I first read this for a split second I thought "What? They’re replacing C.C.H. Pounder?!" And then I remembered "Oh wait, cartoon. This character hasn’t been live action yet" 

    I think this is pretty damn awesome. It’s a hint that perhaps this Green Lantern movie will be the first in a DC Universe line of films. LIke Waller will be this universes Nick Fury, the connective tissue to other films. (Jumping ahead a bit I admit, but it’s nice to see them thinking this way.)

    And Bassett is a hell of an actress, she’s able to pull off that cold leader role. This to me, is very very cool

  2. They better put her in a fatsuit.

  3. Best news yet! This film just hit a whole new level of interesting.

  4. Doesn’t Pam Grier play this character on Smallville? (Not a regular watcher. Just saw the JSA special.)

  5. @Jurassicalien: That would be awesome. She could be in the upcoming Batman and Supes films.

    Not a bad choice for Amanda Waller and it could be worse. They could have gone with Jada Pinkett-Smith. Noooooo!!!!!!!

  6. she’s not fat, blah blah, this movie will suck, blah blah, epic fail blah.



  7. I read that Clark Kent will be in the film too. Anyone know who has been cast as him?

  8. Why is amanda waller in a green lantern movie?

  9. @gabe – sounds like they’re doing a "S.H.I.E.L.D." and laying the grounds for some interconnectedness like in Iron Man.

    She`s a great actress, I would have cast Sam Jackson in a fat suit as Waller. You have to admit that would be awesome.

  10. She should’ve been Storm instead of Halle Berry

  11. boobs

  12. So she’s DC’s Samuel L Jackson now?

  13. CCH Pounder was a perfect choice…but I don’t mind this.

  14. CCH Pounder, Pam Grier and now Angela Bassett have a played Amanda Waller — this is probably the only character where every actor has been awesome.

  15. It’s odd how I judge everything with Amanda Waller in it to be automatically awesome. For example, it wasn’t the inclusion of the JSA in that Smallville that made me interested, but Waller’s. Additionally, Checkmate is one of my favorite series. Color me interested to see how Waller fits into this movie.

  16. @Crucio – It’s scary how close that could actually be to happening, what with Martin Lawrence, Tyler Perry, and Eddie Murphy having already paved the way for black actors in female fat suits. Scary I say.

  17. @Amircat: That part has most likely been removed from the original screen play. At the most, you might get the ring flying by an empty desk with Clark Kent’s nameplate on it.

  18. Hot bod. I should do more reps so I can get my arms like that.

  19. Never thought I’d ever say, "I’d tap that Amanda Waller!", but I just did.

  20. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Maybe they’ll dub in CCH Pounder’s voice. 

  21. Not you Paul!

  22. But Angela Basset already played Tina Turner! She has no right to play Waller!

  23. 90s Angela Basset would have been a great wonder woman.She looked like she could kick all our asses in ‘Strange Days’

  24. They should have cast "Precious."

  25. Interesting. I wonder if Amanda Waller will be a factor in any other DC films in the future? Cause she certainly doesn’t have much history with Green Lantern as far as I know.

  26. The closest connection Waller has had to "Green Lantern" was in Checkmate when she antagonized Alan Scott. I like the idea of Angela Bassett as Amanda, size be damned.

  27. You dare us? 

    Ok- Easy  This is insulting to Angela Baesset.

    Amanda Waller is a fat tub.


    The opposite compariosn would be casting Hurley form Lost to play Schwarnzenager in ihis bio pict.

    Come on!   Was Precious too busy ??

    That being said of course Angela wil do a fine job in the protrayal of the character- but this is just Weird.

    Aisde form being exicted to see Angela Basset- this Is Weird, not to mention Wtf is Amanda Waller doing in a Green Lantern story- but fine maybe that will work. 

  28. Alan Scott ran checkmate for a while. He’s a Green Lantern.


    Really, Amanda Waller doesn’t have to be fat. CCH Pounder aint no whale bitches!

  29. Amanda Waller isn’t a real person. You know that right?

  30. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I just like saying CCH Pounder.

    Sometimes I just coast up to Burger King drive-thrus on my Huffy and shout, "CCH Pounder, hold the mayo!" And they’re all, "You rascal!" 

  31. @Paul Montgomery:  Really….  Rascal?

  32. I am 100% Certain CCH Pounder was not only free for this, but waiting by the phone for the call.

    She is now crying hearing this news.

  33. No she might still be filiming Warehouse 13 and apparently she never remembers she played Amanda Waller until they ask her to voice her again

  34. Are you guys really complaining. Angela Basset could play Kyle Rayner and I would still be excited for the movie.

  35. Josh, you mean The Wall isnt in charge of Homeland Security?

  36. I’d vote for that.