GREEN HORNET Gets an International Trailer

There's some new stuff in here, not a lot, but some.



I never expected to be very interested in this film but I have to say that after seeing the two trailers, it looks like it could be fun. Overall, it looks a lot less jokey than I thought it would be (which was a lot), and the half-serious, half-humorous tone seems to fit. Honestly, since the vast majority of people have no connection to, or pre-conceived notion of, The Green Hornet, why not take a different tone to set the film apart from the rest of the super hero fare?


  1. This gets more and more redicilous, in a good way, everytime I see it.

  2. I’m really excited for this film now. Although the thought that this has been delayed like hell still worries me a bit. Hopefully we don’t get a whole lot of people saying things are inaccurate with this film. Because you’re right conor, no one really has much of the history with the character.

    Well except for that bitchin theme song. 

  3. There’s some cheese in there, but it looks like it could be a lot of fun.  Count me in.

  4. I had no interest before but it looks fun. It looks like a movie I’d see in the theater on a whim.

  5. Idk why but I really am not looking forward to this film at all. I mean there is some humor in there to fit Seth Rogen, but I seriously can not take him seriously as a superhero. He doesn’t bring that atmosphere of a guy who could be a superhero, notice I do not say that he is playing like an incompetent superhero and saying that’s wrong, no that would be good storytelling to have himk mess up and they redeem himself. It’s just Seth Rogen himself I can not buy him as a superhero at all. IMO Also they just barely show Kato doing like one cool move. Kato was played by Bruce Lee!!! He did so many cool moves on the show which is why people love Kato!!! I mean if you want to sell this movie as the Gren Hornet movie you’re going to have to show some cool Kato moves in the trailers & not so much of Seth Rogen (yes he is the star but Kato is just as important). Idk I will reserve judgement until another, hopefully better trailer comes out or some kind of sneak peak in the future.

  6. WHY IS EVERYTHING IN 3D?!?!?!?!?!?!? I HATE 3D!!!!

  7. I wish that I could go back in time and tell James Cameron that no matter how good his movie is, it will not be worth the ridiculous amount of resulting crap that will come after it.

  8. I wouldn’t blame Cameron, the 3D thing has been creeping up on us the last few years. Avatar is just one of the few that was actually worth it.

  9. As one of the few who’ve been excited for this GH flick since the project was announced, I am satisfied by what I’ve seen so far. 

  10. @flakbait-I think we can blame him for how out of control it is getting.  Before it was only tentpole releases like Superman Returns, and the Potter franchise.  Now it is in everything with an action sequence, including Alice in Wonderland.

    But all this is aside from the fact that it looks pretty entertaining.

  11. @MisterJ: That’s not really his fault.

  12. @Conor-I don’t blame him, but the result stems from his movie.  Kinda like Einstein and the H-bomb (granted that there are worlds of difference in scale, but I cannot think of another analogy)

  13. Was that Best Supporting Actor from Inglorious Bastards as the villian?  if so- sweeeet!

  14. @Apotheosize: Yes.

  15. This looks like a ton of fun.  Really excited for this one.

  16. I am pretty excited to see Gondry directing an action flick…wonder what that’s going to be like..