Great Moments in Comics History: World’s Finest #224



For a big time reporter at a major metropolitan newspaper, Clark Kent certainly has a limited world view.


  1. Oh well if the Greeks did it then I’m sure it’s oka- HEY WAIT A MINUTE!


    Who is that long-haired hippy in the skirt supposed to be anyway?

  2. Superman’s weaknesses include Kryptonite, magic and awkward social situations that reveal his middle-American upbringing. 

  3. So hippie guy wants a Kansas farmer and a Big City Industrialist/Doctor to dance?

    And with their own sons?

    I don’t know what the betting line is, but I think that I will take the under on this one!

  4. Clark Kent does not enjoy Lady Gaga or her many robe-wearing and amulet loving followers.  "’Just dance,’ my foot," he seems to say.

  5. Dance YMCA! Masculine men like cops and bikers do it so its not gay.

  6. Wait, since this is World’s Finest, does that mean the other two figures are Dick and Bruce?

  7. That’s exactly the conclusion I came to.  And with Bruce with his hands on his hips like that, he’s communicating, "Don’t make it a big thing farm boy!  Here in the city, we’re more *open*!"

  8. Well, if Jesus says it’s okay…

  9. @crippler and @josh: Close but, no.  That would be Clark, Bruce, Clark Jr. and Bruce Jr.  This is from the series of "Super-Sons" imaginary stories that ran in WORLD’S FINEST for a while there in the 70s.  Better left forgetten, really.  It’s all been collected but… don’t read it.

  10. @Kenkneisel – You know you have some issues when Greek Mountain Troops are your model for masculinity. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    JeffR – Your revelation takes this panel from slightly offensive to incredibly uncomfortable. 

  11. Okay so Clark Kent was Homophobic, Bruce Wayne was a little too accepting. It works out in the end though.

  12. Wasn’t this one of Wertham’s arguments about why comics are bad for kids?

  13. "Maybe we should dis…"


    "I’m not really in the…"


    "Bruce what do you think?" *Sups sees Bruce dance with Dick with a hand on his ass*

    "….Okay I’m gonna go now."

  14. And so begins the next arc of GREEK STREET.

  15. "And after we dance.. we Wrestle, in much the same way as those Greeks!"

    Also… shouldn’t it be "Troupe?"  

  16. Damn Europeans and their f***ed up sense of masculinity!!

  17. holy lol @ hailscott.

  18. Do you suppose that they will have to dance the middle school regulated six inches apart?

  19. "Finally 24/7 of wearing a leotard under my clothes will REALLY pay off!"

  20. When Jesus says dance you dance!!!

  21. Anger management class by Mr. Van Driessen?

  22. Don’t mess with guys in dresses and blades for hands and feet!

  23. Cult 101

  24. Hey, wait a minute! Jesus wasn’t blonde… IMPOSTER!

  25. Worst field trip ever.

  26. @ TheNextChampion Hahahahah, yes you read my mind!

    It wouldn’t have been soo awkward if Wham’s "Careless Whispers" wasn’t playing in the backround…

    "….and I’m never gonna dance again, Guilty feet have got no rythym…."

  27. Phantom Stranger before he went all broody.

  28. Oh come on, Clark.  You and a bunch of dudes followed a guy that looks like Jesus into a forest. What did you think was going to happen?

  29. Is that Jesus….. or Gregg Allman?

  30. Verrrrrry European…

  31. It’s not Clark that’s worried, It’s the kids. They obviously hate their parents – they intentionally color coordinated to make themselves as different as possible, even down to the sleeves’ length. There was nothing they could do about the blue hair, though.