Great Moments in Comics History: Uncanny X-Men #168


Once you go blue, three fingered mutant, you never go back.

(Thanks to Jesse for the submission!)


  1. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Nice strategic placement of that "’bamf’ doll."  At least, I THINK that’s the ‘bamf’ doll, and Nightcrawler’s not using some kind of strange euphemism.

  2. Now we know were Andy Samberg got the idea for "Dick in a Box".  I guess Bill Hader and Seth Meyers aren’t the only comic fans on SNL.

  3. "Bamf goes the dynamite."

    Sorry for the double post.  JeffR’s post made that pop into my head.

  4. I do wish for a renaissance for Nightcrawler. He really was just that cool and he certainly wouldn’t be moping around because Pixie teleports further than him.

  5. Look also at the symbolic placement of the bottle of champagne… Paul Smith was a genius…

  6. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Wait, wait.  That’s his TAIL, right?

    … Ok.  I  apologize for that.  I took it someplace weird.

  7. I also like how his tail is holding his champagne glass freeing up his 3 fingered hands………

  8. now THIS is what double page spreads are for!

  9. Time for a mashup of Nightcrawler and Goth Ron.

  10. The "Yum!" from off panel is just perfect.

  11. im guessing this is before the vow of celibiecy?

  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    They say the scent of sulfur and brimstone is an aphrodisiac.  

  13. Product placement in the early years of comics.

    If this is Claremont, then I’m not surprised

  14. You know that there is some kind of "Furries" joke in here, but Nightcrawler was always a favorite character so I’m going to abstain from it.

  15. I am completely speechless.  Best one of these yet.

  16. Blue balls take on a whole new meaning here……..:o

  17. Now, reread the panel and have Curt talk with a German accent……Does the scene get that much better??

  18. Nightcrawlwer: Mutant Gigolo 

  19. Wow.    that is terrifying.

  20. Someone seeing a member of the opposite sex and exclaiming "Yum!" definitely belongs on the list of Claremontisms, if anyone is curating such a list. It goes right between "Your choice, your funeral" and "I’m nigh invulnerable."


  21. "Bamf" is a horrible name for his penis.  Why not "Big Blue" or "The Fourth Finger" instead?

  22. @Neb – My wife, girlfriend, and I refer to mine as "The Rawhide Kid".  Don’t tell DC.

  23. So who said "Yum!" offpanel? Was it Kitty? Rogue? Professor X???

    Though Prof X would have said something like, "Oh Kurt, you’ve read my mind."

  24. @cromulent – Based on the placement, size, and style of the Christmas present, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it was either Andy Samberg or Justin Timberlake.  Kurt really, really doesn’t need to open that box.

  25. So…is the BAMF doll getting in on this action too?  Maybe it was a prototype of those lifelike sex dolls that are all the rage now.

  26. @drakedangerz – I suspect it’s like the teddy bear nanny cam.

    He really doesn’t know when to give up does he? He’s on the couch, and he states that she sleeps each night with the doll instead, and he has to wait  for christmas to loosen her up with some booze… She didn’t even open his present! 

  27. I think these "Great Moments in Comics History" are only here to show how dirty and filthy we really are :

  28. The saddiest thing in the world is the fact that I remember this, but never thought of it in this way….until now.  Thanks for the context….thanks a lot.

  29. @cromulent: Pretty sure the "yum" comment is Amanda Sefton.

    @Jaredan: Yes.

  30. @Jimski: "No quarter is asked, AND NONE IS GIVEN!"

    "Them’s the breaks!"

    "_____ is NO MORE! NOW, there is only _____!"

  31. Wow I need a shower now

  32. My wife has something similar in her bedstand, but hers glows in the dark, requires a car battery, and takes 3 people to lift it. Needless to say it’s less sexy than a BAMF.

  33. I’ll never be able to look at Nightcrawler the same way ever again.

  34. I miss Womanising and Swashbuckling Nightcrawler. We haven’t really had him around since Excalibur ended.

    Religious semi-priest Nightcrawler is just so dull. And kinda out of character.

  35. so after this issue the X-men had to hire a HR person to discuss proper conduct in the workplace, many powerpoint presentations were made

  36. i want a nightcrawler plushie does that make me wierd

  37. When I read this issue as a child, I never thought for a second that Nightcrawler had his cock out.  Thanks for ruining a precious childhood memory.

  38. that thing holding his drink? its not his tail

  39. @mikeandzod21 – Dropping it was my best decision. I left after the "I’ll fuck you like a ninja turtle" line.

  40. yikes!

  41. Bamf indeed.

  42. o.o….. chlop … i want to read that back issue…

  43. I want one of those Nightcrawler BAMF dolls and a Samuel L Jackson BAMF doll! For some reason this has me wanting to read old Holidays and baseball X-Men moments.