Great Moments in Comics History: The X-Men #3

Jean Grey’s expression is priceless.


  1. I got my hands on one of those 40 years of X-Men DVDs and I’m planning on working through the whole thing.

    I love the X-Men, but those early issues…..wooo, product of its time.

  2. I read this not long ago in the omnibus.  Definitely a great moment.  It almost looks like Jean’s lifting an object off panel to fling into Warren’s face.

  3. so disrespectful. let the professor finish he’s thought first. Marvel Girl’s face looks of anger and bitterness, and rightfully so. Great sceen shot guys

  4. So I take it Angel is a gigantic asshole in these old issues?

  5. I bet those poor boys were REALLY let down when it ended up being the Blob.

  6. Let’s put this another way.

    Jean Grey was the only femal smurf in the village…

  7. one just like marvel girl? what other types of females are there?

    or is he talking about a telepathic/kenetic red head? if that’s the case, way to highlight diversity in a diverse team, Warren.

  8. mmmmm Boy!!!!

  9. Why are they all so close to the Professor? So many questions.

  10. Jean’s just wishes she could die soon, which is ironic because…

  11. @TNC amazing!

  12. Warren, those wings, pretty-boy good looks, and insane stacks of cash won’t help you with the ladies if you keep spouting lines like that. 

  13. Even the most die-hard of X-fans don’t know that in addition to all his powers, he also has the ability to keep down a feirce boner.

  14. Lettering sure was confusing back then. Why did some characters have purple balloons and others have orange? Makes no sense.

  15. It looks like everyone is just staring into the back of Prof. X’s bald head. Not gonna lie…I’d do the same thing.

  16. If you think this is bad, you should see what gigantic, condescending pricks the male members of the FF are to Sue in the early issues of the Fantastic Four. they flat out SAY she is basically useless, but it’s nice to have a pretty chick around to raise moral while the men are saving the world.

  17. I think that with that X-men First Class movie, I think we need some 60s style Marvel TV shows where every guy is smoking, cheating on his superpowered wife, and drinking heavily.