Great Moments in Comics History: The X-Men #1 (Redux)

I never knew that the original X-Men were also members of Lambda Lambda Lambda.


  1. The funniest part about that issue: there is a panel where Beast is balancing on a thin stick, and Xavier is giving him instructions on how to do it. I don’t remember it word for word, but taken out of context, it’s the filthiest thing in comics history. It was just Xavier saying something like "That’s it, beast, work the shaft, tighten the slack, don’t break the stick, steady, steady, work the shaft." it was like something out of an Ennis comic. I expected Xavier to start yelling "Cradle the balls! SAY THE NAME! SAY THE NAME!"

  2. Beast is Booger

  3. I now want a Jack Kirby vs. Christian Dior design-off. 

  4. @ohcaroline it’s very sad that we will never see that!

    My LCS had the X-Men TAS on when i went in last night, and of course you see Jean Grey in all her 90’s glory, and I wondered what was so appealing about that design; her hair especially looked odd.


  5. The 90s cartoon had a lot of bad ideas to go around, but I think Jean’s was basically Jim Lee’s fault.  (Jim Lee does not get to be in a design-off with Christian Dior, ever).

  6. @JohnVFerrigno If that’s true then that might be one of the funniest panel ever, and the  best part may be that they didn’t even intend that to be funny. Haha

  7. haha oh man

  8. This has me wanted to use outdated words like moxy and dame. I blame old comics and Mad Men.

  9. Yes it’s Mad Men meets X-Men meets Archie!

  10. Unused alternative dialogue – "My stars and garters, I would like to tap that" – Beast

  11. "Hello,"



     . . .


  12. @Xeno

    Oh, it’s true. I even remember back in the 90s sometime, Wizard magazine had a list of the filthiest dialogue in comics, and that was #1. The great thing about it is that paired with the artwork, it’s totally 100% clean. But JUST the dialogue with no context is disgustingly filthy. Stan Lee at his best! 

  13. well, that’s an interesting outfit, for sure, tight and loose in all the wrong places…  *cough*

    now, imagine if these red blooded peeping toms had to deal with the current crop of balloon chested female supa-heroes?

    more to the point – so we know from the dialogue that they only arrived upon Marvel Girl.. getting dressed.. are they going to wait until she pours herself right on out of that outfit?