Great Moments in Comics History: The Brave and The Bold #85


If these guys don’t start communicating soon they are going to end up in couple’s counseling. That’s assuming they don’t drop dead from stress first. I have to go take a nap.


  1. This is perhaps the most "comicbookie" image I have ever seen.

    Who the hell is voting against an "anti-crime" bill?  I want to see the bumper sticker that says "I’m Anti-Anti-Crime" or simply "I’m Pro-Crime". 

    What kind of "Batman" attacks a bat that appears to be fleeing from them?  How heroic.

    What exactly is "Minotaur" going to do with the oh so originally named "New Island"?  Will he set up camp and wait for Jason and his Argonauts? 

  2. Batman is in Congress?  WHAT??

  3. @ohcaroline – Maybe that’s really Barbara Gordon in that outfit.  She was a member of Congress for some time in the silver age.

  4. Batman is anti-crime and anti-other bats.

  5. Escape plan:

    Step 1: Kill a bat with a batarang

    Step 2:

    Step 3: Escape! 

  6. It occurs to me, reading this panel, that Oliver Queen and Bruce Wayne could do far more good ACTUALLY ATTENDING IMPORTANT EVENTS instead of apparently performing target practice on live animals on "New Island" (That’s the best we could come up with?).

    Thinking about it, I’m glad everyone in the DCU knows each others identity (Practically) nowadays because it saves us from the "Datebook Drama" we have here. 😉 

  7. No way they would let Batman vote.  Who lets a masked vigilante vote??  And why in the hell would you ever need an "anti-crime" bill?  Are there people in the DCU that are pro-crime?  Lunacy!!

  8. For those complaining about the anti-crime bill…. this is the same universe that elected Lex Luthor to President. 😉

  9. Wouldn’t it just be eaiser for all involved to have an anit-Minotaur bill?

  10. @Prax-Was he the one that proposed the anti-crime bill?

  11. I keep thinking about this one….

    Bat’s balloon doesn’t say how he’ll vote on the anti-crime bill, just that he has to vote.  If he voted for the anti-crime bill, wouldn’t that put him out of a job as an anti-crime vigilante?

  12. Yet Ollie’s taking a little beauty nap in the panel above. What a lazy ass!

  13. This is just a great example of what the Silver Age was all about. Fun times but mixed with very bizarre dialogue.

  14. "After losing Old Island to a Cyclops and Fairly Recent Island to a Satyr, I just can’t let another one go!"

  15. If there was an Anti-Crime Bill, I am POSITIVE that partisan politics would make the vote VERY CLOSE.

  16. This whole crime fighting thing seems to be just an excuse for Batman and Green Arrow to do some  hardcore procrastinating. Get your priorities straight!

  17. Am I the only one who wants to know what Batman’s campaign slogan would be if he ran for office?

  18. Not to inject real politics, but how one names a bill and, more importantly, how that name is repeatedly mentioned in the news is an important part of getting your legislation passed. No one ever votes against Anti-Crime Bills. No one ever votes against anything that is "For the Children". Of course the so-called Anti-Crime Bill might be building multi-million dollar bridges from Gotham to New Island for all we know. The name means nothing.

  19. Just for clarification: In this story, the Senator from Gotham’s home state dies and Bruce Wayne is appointed to replace him. Bruce doesn’t want to do it, but decides to stay in the Senate long enough to vote for this Anti-Crime Bill.

  20. This Batman sounds like the one from the 60’s TV show.

  21. All Batman says is that he has to vote on the Anti-Crime bill.  What if he votes no.  After all it would be for job security.

  22. @Megnolia Possibilities for Slogans:

    "I am the Goddamned Batman."

    "Land Peace, and Alfred’s Scones"

    "I’m watching you."

    "Robin Says I’m Cool"

    "Resitance is futile"

    "Your Flower Power is no match for My Glower Power"

    "And Now for Something Completley different"

    Vote for me so I can Break the Laws Legally"

    "I am The Last of the Famous Internatinal Playboys"

    "Thee is A Party in My Cave and Everyon is Invited"

    "People All of Over the World, Join Hands, Start a Bat-Train. Bat-Train"

    "Yes. I. Did."

  23. @Conor That’s less fun. I like the idea of Bats being in a debate moderated by Gwen Ifill.

  24. hey it happens to everyone @ work I’m like; " I gotta hurry up and finish this (insert mundane task here) and go bid on that trade on Ebay !!

  25. I don’t think I’d be so happy if my Senator died and the powers that be decided to replace him with my local playboy millionaire.  

  26. @Bedhead: He’s also the leading humanitarian in Gotham. The people love him.

  27. Its good to know that Batman is a politician that is strictly anti-crime. Too many politicians these days are pro-crime.

  28. Is Bats pro-Death penalty? He strikes me as a tough-on-crime hawk which normally includes the belief that more crimes should have the death penalty and Death Row people get too many appeals, etc. However his own personal ethos is strictly no killing. From the frequent recycling of murderers to the streets and ease with which they get psychiatric care over jail time, I can only assume Gotham lies in a state with extremely liberal rehabilitation and sentencing laws and likely no death penalty. While Batman never kills, would he believe in a sytem that executed someone after trial by jury and a thorough appeals process? On the other hand, Batman has long struck as anti-authoritarian, so would he be so thrilled with giving the state the ultimate power over life and death. Certainly some Bat-writer has addressed this somewhere…


  29. I can relate.  I often can’t keep my mind off work while I’m out hunting bats with boomerangs.

  30. @ultimatehoratio: Wade Wilson could tell you it’s his countries pastime. 😉

  31. Hunting bats with boomerangs take patience. Take it from an Aussie!