Great Moments in Comics History: Swing With Scooter Ad


DC Comics just had no idea what to do in the ’60s. Just… none.


  1. I… this… what?…

  2. I remember seeing that ad as a kid. Believe me, England cheered the ‘loss’ of Scooter.

  3. the copywriter may have been on the drugs while creating this. may have been….

  4. i might be wrong but this looks like where Brubaker got his idea for Deadenders from.

  5. “Chicks turned onto his frequency”…so it was mind control, eh?

  6. It’s nice to see that some people IN the sixties didn’t understand them either.

  7. In the early 90s with one of Dad’s old comics…

    “Dad. Is this what was cool in the si-”
    Dad interrupts, “No.”

  8. Zams! You gotta dig that groovy 60’s lingo!

  9. Being a Londoner, I was truly gobsmacked when I first set eyes on this ad, probably while collecting JLA/JSA team-ups.

    Suddenly, Dick van Dyke’s mockney-cockney accent & a Robin Hood who sounds like he’s from the mid-west USA, made sense.

    For an englishman to appreciate the american take on all things “british”, dropping a tab is probably a good idea. How brilliantly ’60s!

    Can I also suggest a Scooter/Snapper Carr team-up?
    Definitely one for Grant Morrison.

  10. I have no idea what I just looked at.