Great Moments in Comics History: Super-Team Family #4

Super-Team Family #4


If any one tries to tell you that The Silver Age wasn’t totally awesome then you can hit that person in the face with a brick.


  1. Does anyone have a brick I can borrow?

  2. Love the bouffant that Moonman’s horse is sporting!

  3. What is Sprang trying to pull here?  Everyone knows moon chariots have 3 wheels!

  4. well, everyone knows the proper way to ride in your moon-chariot is while wearing your moon boots and eating moon pies

  5. Luckily for our Super Friends Magneto is not part of the DCU.  I had no idea magnetism could so easily dispatch Batman and Superman.

  6. Old comics were better.

  7. So many speed lines.

    So awesome.

  8. Oh no it’s Moonman!!! Save me Superman… Batman… WTF! 

    "Holy ass raping clowns Batman, I’m outta here", Robin says as he flees.

  9. I guess I should watch my back then, b-c I fucking hate Silver Age Comics.

  10. Anyone who hates Silver Age Comics has no soul.

  11. Wow! Just… wow!

  12. That sentence Robin utters is one of the most brilliant things ever written.

  13. Robin- " I’d jump in and try to save him but I’m busy straightening out your cape!!"

    Batman- "Dick don’t fail me NOW!"


  14. I keep Moon Bricks handy, just for times when someone says the Silverage wasn’t awesome.

  15. Superman is clearly weakened by the awesomeness.

  16. There doesn’t even need to be any word balloons or explainations.

    That should be the new image for the Sistine Chapel.

  17. You know it’s silver age when the horses have perms.

  18. Somebody has to say it:

     Dick Sprang. uh huhuh huh

  19. That one panel might just sum up why I love the era so much. Nice work, Conor.

  20. It is soooo silly, I laugh at it, but I can’t get into reading this old stuff.  Good thing he has a picture of the Moon on his shirt, or I might confuse him for Gay-Chariot Riding Guy.

  21. I never could work out how a Super-Team could spawn a family.

    Well, the FF maybe.

  22. Wow…the artists name is great.

  23. i’ll say it: the silver wasn’t totally awesome,

  24. silver age

  25. *quitly activates brick-repelling force field*


  26. @Tom: Agreed.