Great Moments in Comics History: Solo Avengers: Hawkeye #4

For context, anybody who isn’t Hawkeye on this page is French and they’ve just offered him “pheasant under glass.” I’m not sure if that’s genuine or just goon humor.

What Clint doesn’t know is that The Avengers actually arranged for this bow and arrow detox program. Being jailed for the murder of Trick Shot is just a cover.


  1. Ah, comic books.  I love fast food humor.

  2. I believe the Hamburglar has your bow and arrows sir.

  3. What was he in jail for, crimes against wordplay?

  4. I like that, despite that fact that he appears to be in jail, he’s allowed to keep his mask, but not his shirt

  5. You go get ’em Clint!

  6. Talk about running with an idea!  I haven’t heard that many bad one-liners-on-a-single-theme since Mr Freeze in Batman & Robin. 

  7. hah! I actually picked this issue up in a back issue sale on FCBD.

  8. I’m just kind of in awe of how long he kept that terrible theme going in his quips.

    It’s like a Homeric simile.

  9. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It’s all about escalation. And the degree to which he had to set up the "Eat wood, Jerk!" 

  10. He’d been practicing that speech in the mirror for months, always trying to steer his banter with villains towards food. "Hey, Kang, quit trying to FEED ME your fists! What’s the matter, no comebacks about MEALS?"

  11. Next panel the bad guy’s all "Please lettuce stalk about this!"

  12. ‘Royale with cheese’ has to be mentioned at some point during this thread.

  13. That mask/cowl/hood/whatever is like a reverse Dickie.

  14. The French < Vegetarians < Guys who make bad puns < Everyone else < Hawkeye

  15. I nominate this as ‘Succession of Worst Taunts in the History of Comics’ award.

    ‘Go find the beef myself’…..Seriously? 

  16. I think Clint’s food puns swore me off Mc burgers.

  17. Where did he get that piece of wood anyways? There just happens to be pieces of wood lying about in prison cells? Don’t these minions check these things before putting someone like Hawkeye in there? Don’t they do their fucking reseach?

  18. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @cromulent – It’s actually from inside his mattress, which he tore open on the previous page. Not the bed frame. The mattress. 

  19. um.. how can he get yur bow and arrows after you just **THAK**ed him with a 2×4?

  20. oh my God soo many bad puns and cheap product placement…it’s akmost like a show that sets an entire episode in a Burger King, home of the delicious Whopper

  21. Hawkeye infiltrates Cirque De Soleil to bring down a crime ring at EuroDisney.  That’s the kind of story that keeps me involved in comics!

  22. This was my favorite Hawkeye costume.

  23. I own this issue and many others after it (though none of the ones before). This was a great series and really cemented my enjoyment of Hawkeye as a character. It also helped spark my total adoration of Silver Sable, wherever the hell she’s gone to.


  24.  Yep!  I collected the complete series back in the day. 

    Ah, Happy Days indeed!

     Last I saw Silver Sable she was being threatened by Red Hulk for setting him up.