Great Moments in Comics History: Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #91

Hey, there are kids reading this!

No, seriously. Back then there were actual kids reading these comics.


  1. MMMF!

  2. This has offended my gentle sensabilities!

    Also, the zoom-out reminds me of the end to the first issue of Watchmen.

  3. Black Cat seems only mildly concerned that Spidey’s new costume can melt right off his face.  Of course, that’s a lot more concerned than HE ever was about it.  "Hey, I got this new costume that oozes on and off of me and can replicate any other piece of clothing!  I found it on a make-shift alien planet!  I have no idea what it is or where it’s originally from!  I’m sure it’s totally cool to wear all the time and never take off!"

  4. I wonder what Black Cat means by …"and all kinds of stuff." maybe she means talking? i bet with that mask on Spidey has a hard time being heard; he probably has to yell with it on.

  5. All kinds of stuff, like going to the restroom and washing his hands before a meal. You guys are sick in the head… 😉

  6. Next IFanboy t-shirt – the "MMMF!" shirt!!!

  7. @Dan: I don’t know.  Looks like a really kinky personal ad.  W/ iFanboy being Conor, Josh, & Ron, as desirable as they may be, this T-shirt may intimidate many an "F".

     @stulach: Was this what Black Cat meant? 😮

  8. That "MMMF" is less pleasure and more "I’m going to force myself on you". Thank god I was more naive, innocent and basically ignorant back when I was reading this book…who knows how Marvel could have corrupted me…

  9. Felicia is propping herself up on that ledge for leverage… that’s some kiss. 

  10. This makes me wish peter had known about the symbiote and still not cared

    "How does it do that?"

    "It’s an alien symbiote from another world using me as it’s host. Now kiss me you fool."

  11. "All kinds of stuff"???

  12. That Felicia Hardy is definitely a MMMF

  13. The jokes for this panel fail to remain tasteful, therefore, I will hang onto them.

  14. Conor, congratulations on making me feel unbelievably old.

    I use to own this issue.  I got it via my Marvel subscription, back when Marvel had a direct to the customer subscription service. 

    I was a tad bit older than 7. 

    Oh my, I’m an old, old man.  Where’s my tapioca?!  Why is it so cold in here?!  Why won’t Hunter speak up on that damn podcast?!

  15. @PozrDu – I sincerely hope so.

  16. Ha ha!


  17. Please, at seven years old, the moment they started kissing, I immediately stopped reading and flipped the page.  Hell, I had fight the urge to skip over the words just now.  To quote The Princess Bride, "Is this a kissing book?" 

  18. Wow

  19. awww yeah 

  20. Is it weird that the first thing I thought of is "shitting"?

  21. Ha! I get it! The suit opens up for his penis.

    Go get ’em Tiger!

  22. wait. spiderman has a penis? 

  23. Better! The suit doubles as a condom! This was the 1980’s, y’know, so Spider-Man was all about the safer sex and Black Cat was always kinda skanky. 😉