Great Moments in Comics History: Justice Society of America #22


“Dr. Mid-Nite?”
“Um, is that your hand on my boob?”
“What? Oh… I’m sorry!”
“I’m blind.”
“Right. You already used that excuse last week when you ‘accidentally’ grabbed my ass.”


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Depth of field! No contact! No contact!   

  2. I have to agree with Paul.  The shape of the hand is unfortunate but her breast clearly doesn’t come out that far.

    Now if it was Power Girl. . .

  3. His other hand is on her ass.

  4. definite cupping

     i hear they feel like bags of sand, i wouldn’t know

  5. Thats just how blind people say hello

  6. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I hope the T-spheres are recording this as evidence for the upcoming trial.

  7. ummm yeah

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The real question: Where’s the owl?  

  9. It couldn’t have happend to a nicer gal

  10. The T-Sphere started out as a high-tech toilet-cam.  So you know where that guy’s comin’ from.

  11. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Come to think of it, where’s her left hand going?

  12. Dr. Midnite is a straight-up pimp.

    Or a sex offender.

    …you pick.

  13. I wondered why this was a pick of the week – now I know.


    I always suspected Ordway of being a little pervy, but Eaglesham? I didn’t see it… until now.


    How come Dr. Mid-Night’s bright pink Kid Toucher sign isn’t hanging up at JSA headquarters?

  14. In the South people commonly use the phrase "cold as a witch’s tit."

  15. They also use the "witch’s tit" aphorism in Maine, which is sort of a northeast redneck kind of place in spots.

  16. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I like to think Cyclone was created while Johns and Eaglesham were eating at a Wendy’s in a mall food court as "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" played over the loudspeaker.  



  18. And that’s how the "sexual harassment retreat" story arc started. The next 5 episodes are a series of trust exercises, role playing and videos about "good-touch, bad-touch" from the 1980s. And we all learned an important lesson.

  19. See….I think it’s CLOSE to sexual harassment. Considering Cyclone is….I guess…not a full blown woman yet….she doesnt really have….you know breasts. Plus it seems to be drawn as Mid-Nite’s hand is ‘floating’ in the air. If that makes any sense…

    What the biggest problem is for me: Why is Jay Garrick looking like Fabio?

  20. I’m afraid what the other guy’s about to do. His baseball cap is on backwards for a reason.

  21. Remember, they’re all family…  

    …which makes it even worse. 

  22. Yup, that look in her eyes is full of fear.  Doctor Mid-Nite is a sexual predator.

  23. Even his crescent moon symbol is shaped like a breast! What’s going on here???

  24. I love this column!  I’m sure there are millions of awkward panels out there that need to be exposed to the world. 

  25. It looks like flash might of been abused aswell.

  26. jakeems helping dr. midnight by not saying anything.

  27. Show me on Maxine where Gog touched you.

  28. He can’t see because one lens was put the wrong way. Those are joke goggles, and they should read "69".

  29. They call him doctor midnight for a reason. His house calls are legendary.

  30. And Jakeem likes to see it, the voyeur!

  31. This website has fallen so far….
    Pedophile jokes?
    Toliet cam jokes?
    You know Ron/Conor/Josh, just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this…and totally redeem yourself.

    Chris Clark

  32. I’d be worried about her hands! They’re under his cape! Not to mention, Jakeem Thunder’s eyeline seems to be 100% on target with Doc Mid-Nite’s hand. Oh, JSA where Percy Old Men and Young Innocent Children meet.

  33. I love Mr Terrific’s balls. They just hover there. I wonder how his balls feel to the touch? I bet his balls are smooth and vibrate ever so slightly when you rub them.



    ok…maybe a little too far…

  34. *scoots away from cromulent*

  35. cromulent just made my balls extremely uncomfortable.

  36. Wasn’t this the pick of the week?

  37. Yes it was.

  38. By far the funniest thing I’ve read on this site.  I love you guys…Group hug?

  39. And here I thought I was the only one who noticed…

  40. @Gabe, that’s what she said.

    I hope Sexual Predator Dr. Mid-Nite gets mentioned on the podcast soon.

  41. "Can you see anything doc?"  Famous last words.

  42. Dr. Mid-Nite’s "pick of the week" = Maxine’s left breast.

  43. We should have a feature, like a button, to press when a sexual joke is told.

    It would be a broken link within seconds b/c of this thread!


  44. Now we know what he uses his night vision for. I guess the owl is the lookout.

  45. I wonder what Gog did to Flash? teehee! My imagination runs wild…

  46. There’s an earlier issue where he sets off a blackout bomb during a robbery to give Black Canary the chance to change into her outfit and then she releases he can see in the dark and then there’s just a panel of her taking her top off and and another one of him blushing and looking away.


    Pieter Cross is a pervert.

  47. Remember the rule: Look but don’t touch!

  48. @Heroville – he also gropes Black Canary in JLA JSA Virtue and Vice, right in front of Green Arrow. He’s a naughty boy.

  49. thats the excuse i use