Great Moments in Comics History: Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #3 (Part Two)


Yeah, I’m right there with ya, buddy.


  1. please just show me the scene with the cat.

  2. @SunnyvaleTrash: He’s building to that, like a crescendo. 

  3. Kinda hard to "score" when ya can’t get it up, Roy.

  4. I spent $3.99 of my hard earned money on this batshit crazy comic only because of what the boys had to say about it. And it was totally worth it. 


    for the record…the cat thing…I think was misinterpreted. If they do a part 3, I’ll chime in.



  5. You know…couldn’t he just show up in street clothes and buy his drugs in an inconspicuous fashion? Of course not, that would actually make sense. 

  6. Wouldn’t a super-hero have better taste than common street drugs? I’d think Speedy would be mainlining Velocity 9 or something.

  7. I think everyone’s misinterpreting Roy’s intentions – he just wants to set music to a movie. Come on, people. Think better of your heroes.

  8. This comic just keeps on giving.

  9. You know I read the last issue in the story. I know that’s a taboo but for some reason I was compelled to see how awful this was.

    Wow!……How does J.T. Krul have a job? 

  10. can we post this entire issue up??? i want that double page, freebasing spread!!!

  11. A better response from the dealer would have been: "Do you mean…dope?"

  12. If the freebasing page is going up, then I request, NAY, demand that the beating the bumbs scene be posted up as well.

  13. Is he doing all this with ONE arm, or does he have a prosthetic (ala Bucky)?

  14. @Jesse1125: He’s got a cybernetic arm like Bucky.

  15. ok that would force me to give up my stash

  16. Hey dumbass, why didn’t you wear someone else’s costume?  Don’t poop in your own backyard.

  17. This is why I don’t do the hard stuff. Nobody tries to kick my ass looking for Ecstasy and mushrooms!


  18. hmmmm