Great Moments in Comics History: Justice League of America #128

Justice League of America #128


You’d think that Batman could spring for some professional movers.


  1. And by "books" I mean Thanagarian on Kryptonian pornography.

  2. Is it just me, or is it weird to hear Superman say "uh"?

  3. Superman: "Sorry Wonder Woman but we’re starting a new league, no girls allowed. It’s called the Just-us League.

  4. Wonder Woman’s mad that she didn’t get to call dibs on any cool stuff.

  5. Every new member of the Justice League gets a copy of Breaking Out of Power-Canceling Glass Chambers for DUMMIES. 

  6. Superman has super speed and super strength. Why the heck is he making Green Arrow and Batman help out with the packing? The guy could do it all himself in a split second! I think he secretly likes having normal humans do his bidding.

  7. Love the coloring job done on Wonder Woman’s star panties, did they get the colorist’s kid to do it?

    P.S.: I don’t know why my eyes went straight to WW’s crotch, they just DID!

  8. It was pretty normal for colors to shift a little bit in printing back then, you can see some of Ollie’s hair on his face too.

    Batman’s cowl expands past his head and superman’s shirt past his left shoulder too.

  9. Looks like Superman is going through a longbox looking for his favorite issue of something!

  10. Did Superman even need to ask if Hawkman packed all the books couldn’t he use his x-ray vision too look into the library?

  11. I really hope the Leageer’s all wrote their names in those books. I’d hate for Batman and Hawkman get into a fist fight over who that copy of Catcher in the Rye actually belonged to…..

  12. Books? What about the microfilm and microfiche?

  13. @wangman31888 Thats not bad colouring (I’m Canadian), it’s just bad printing on cheaper paper… used to happen all the time.  I kind of miss it truth be told…

  14. it’s neither bad coloring or printing.  they were going for a 3D effect.  eat that, Cameron!

  15. Wonder Woman is alarmed because they just crushed The Atom beneath their stack of books.

  16. Is Green Arrow wearing Green Eyeshadow?

  17. @Hawkboy: Yeah… crappy coloring/printing is something u miss out on in the showcase editions!

  18. Hawkman has to pack the books?  Isn’t that a job the Flash would be more suited for?  And just how many books are lying around the Hall of Justice, anyway?  Do you all have a big shelf of books at your places of employment that belong to the company as a whole for everyone to enjoy?  This just seems off.  The must be under mind control.  That’s far more logical an explanation than the idea of the Justice League actually keeping stacks and stacks of books around their headquarters.

  19. Superman is actually referring to the University of Houston Hawkman, not stuttering. There was a brief fad of all the superheroes going back to school to get the education they missed out on because of their crime fighting. Things got very confusing when Hawboy went to Pepperdine and starting putting on airs and insisting on being called Hawkman. Long story short, UH Hawkman is leaving and Pepperdine Hawkman can stay on an empty satellite as long as that obnoxious upstart wants.

  20. @Hawkboy- I miss the price!(Bring back newsprint!!)

    Is Supes trying to put together one of those Box-Locks-Box tops -ala Conor?

  21. "Yes, Superman, yes I packed ALL the books. And, yes, yes, I did happen find the obviously unopened, obviously unread copy of "Wind Beneath My Wings:  An Autobiography of Hawkman by Hawkman" that I gave you for Justice League Day last year. You told me you loved it! You blurbed the paperback! ‘It’s Hawktastic, and I know because I read every page!–Superman.’ Right on the back! My heart…my heart is broken!"

  22. I don’t know how long I could read a book with that Hawkman headdress on.  I’d get one page in and my neck would give out.

  23. Friggin Hawkman and his Absolutes…

  24. @jesse1125 I agree!  I’d glady take the newsprint if the price went back to 40 cents a pop! 😉

  25. When I look at this I hear Danny Dark’s voice from Superfriends.  Even the "uh".

  26. Like they can sell the HQ. With the economy and the real estate business as it is; they’ll be lucky to get half of what they paid for back.