Great Moments in Comics History: John Byrne’s Next Men #1


Yeah, that pretty much sums this issue up.


  1. and then she woke up again, and she was an extra from the flinstones movie.

  2. Thor lie to women all time.

  3. Then she woke up once again and was in a scene from Inception.

  4. Wait, what? Is… Is this real?

  5. I have to say, this is not a very good drawing.

  6. i hate when i dream about fake greenery.

  7. I bet after Conor read this issue, he wanted to wake up, but sadly for Conor, this is reality.

  8. And then I woke up, and John Byrne was still relevant.

  9. lol inception

  10. @Bendrix elaborate, From my perspectve John draws more solidly than alot of artist working today,and he soesn’t seem as if he’s encumbered by over referencing his drawing with photo reference,there are somethings I don’t like about the drawing, but elaborate please on this panel

  11. @s1lentslayer  Bravo sir.

  12. I want to repeat what I said in the latest podcast’ forum regarding JBNM#1, as this latest theme from Conor feels like a snarky rebuttal (Hey, it’s all about ME!) :-).


    Want to disagree with Ron on John Byrne Next Men…I think it is too early to say whether this series will fly or not.  I agree with Conor (who read it!) that there was too much recap, but my reaction was a little different.  If Byrne can somehow make the question “What is reality?” when living in these VR worlds an interesting question, this series might work.  I was surprised Conor had a who cares? reaction, as I did think the female character (Bounce?) was fairly intriguing, particularly in terms of the sexual abuse she’s gone through as part of all the VR world shenanigans.

    In sum, I think we need to see what issues 2, 3, and 4 look like now that JB has gotten his recap off his chest.  The fact that the art looked stellar is a reason to give this book a few issues to see if it finds its legs.

  13. @Urthona  Not a rebuttal, this has been in the system since last Wednesday.

  14. I listened to the podcast, but I really want to try this series out. Although it sounds like I need to read the entire previous run of NEXT MEN to get this at all.

    Anyone ever have a dream where they wake up and then wake up again? I hate those. 

  15. Oops, sorry I didn’t realize that Conor.  I don’t know how I missed it, I really enjoy the content on IFanboy, particularly the individual book forums, but also the masthead articles. 

    TNC – I’ll tell you this.  Reading the recap in issue #1 will make your head spin.  It was barely comprehensible for me and I did read the first series.  Imagine doing a recap of everything that has happened to the XMen over the last 10 years…it’s that level of wtf moments…some series, are better enjoyed in the moment, but when you line up the canon of all the issues, things can seem more than a bit strained.  I think Byrne would have been better served by taking the attitude of “people who’ve read things before this might enjoy it even more, but I’m going to make this book for the new reader who wants to jump on today.”

    JB hasn’t made a book I’ve liked in decades…the last thing I tried was his Dr. McCoy stories (although maybe I lie a little as his Romulan stories weren’t too bad).  Conor, did you ever read his Batman (and Superman?) through the decades?  It was all too square for me.

    But man, I think his FF and Alpha Flight runs are still some of the best comics I ever read.

  16. Thor thought it easier to send to new dimension. Instead of deal with relationship talk.

  17. @Urthona Well unless you were staff you would have no way of knowing. What I mean by “in the system” is that it was written and ready to go in our system last Wednesday, not that it was published. It was published today.

  18. @Urthona  And yes, I did read most of those Batman/Captain America books. I don’t really remember them all that well. I reamember liking them *okay* at the time, but it was in that period when I was starting to realize that John Byrne’s work wasn’t really doing it for me anymore, which was sad because he was my favorite creator in the 80s/early 90s.

  19. It seems that for me I stopped liking h is work when he started to ink his own pencils, and the picture here exemplifies that.

  20. @OliverTwist The inking is weird. The line-weight is all over the place and the line isn’t very fluent. You can do a sketchy stile, but where her left lower and upper arm connect, this just look wrong. The face is off. It’s to much to the right side on the head. And no, shes not looking to the right, the shape of the head indicates otherwise.She looks like shes levitating a little bit. Her heels don’t touch the ground, but the feet are not shaped like she is tip-toeing, either. Among other, minor stuff. But to be fair, I guess that panel is blown up quite a bit, so it might look better in the actual book. I looked through some JBNM preview art and it looked like the best comic work Byrne did in years. Like it way better his Star Trek work. So not trying to put down his art per se. Just this drawing, like I said, doesn’t look very good.

  21. Sounds like INception

  22. @Bendrix, Yeah some of those things had popped out to me as well, but I couldn’t fault his clear storytelling and composition of the panel, it made for a successful execution for me. The blurriness of the scan, definitely indicated that this was a blown up panel, but the character was probably drawn about as big as our hands with a deadline. I have seen worse.

  23. Huh, I have this issue and it isn’t exactly what you might derive from that panel. It’s a little left field yeah, but it kinda pulled more of a Paprika. Also I suppose I should watch Inception now.