Great Moments in Comics History: Hawkeye #3 (Part Two)

WAIT! Don’t procede any further until you’ve read part one!


Hawkeye #3

Call me crazy but is Mockingbird stalking Hawkeye who appears to be out (on a date??) with those arrows from last week?


  1. Not only is he cheating on Bobbi, he’s also trying to pass off an entire bundle of arrows as a single entity so he wouldn’t have to pay so much admission. Oh, Clint…

  2. This panel makes me (and my precious arrows) very uncomfortable.  Do Marvel U heroes never make use of their secret identities?  Can you imagine Batman buying subway tickets in costume?

  3. I’m disappointed that Clint, a former criminal, didn’t notice that he could just walk through the gap next to the exit.

  4. look! mAybe i have hd 9 beers but arrows make me happy

  5. too

  6. This is sooooo unrealistic!!!

     Anyone who takes the NYC Subway would never see a lucid, attentive, token booth agent sitting upright making eye level contact!!!  ;P

  7. Wait wait wait….

    You’re seeing a panel of a man in a ridiculous costume purchasing tickets….and your biggest concern is Bobbi in the shadows? Something’s not right there with that frame of mind 😉

    Then again you do live in NYC; I can’t imagine how crazy people are on the subway’s.

  8. Looks like he is trying to get in to Wondercon.

  9. No more comments necessary. @JesTr wins…

  10. @ActualButt: I’ll try one more good sir! 🙂

    So are the arrows like crack for Hawkeye? Do we just need to give him a couple of arrows so he can stop whining as a leader?

  11. RE: Bobbi’s thought balloon

    So, is she saying that, before the arrows, Hawkeye would have acted like a douche, handing the teller a $50 for two subway tickets? Would he just have jumped the turnstyles? Would he have gotten his tickets, then spit a big old loogie on the window?

    Wow. Arrows > Xanax.

  12. Yeah, Clint Barton woulda fare-jumped.

  13. @ William, Clint is one thing, but W.W.R.D.?


    (What Would Ronin Do?)

  14. If perspective is any guide, Clint is standing in the turnstyle buying those tickets. Old, no arrows Clint would definitely have lost his shit not being allowed out of the turnstyle until he paid for his tickets. With arrows Clint plays it cool.