Great Moments in Comics History: Detective Comics #78



  1. I like to think that its still the real washington.

  2. just wonderful

  3. I like the different colored horses.

  4. My history teacher never even mentioned this.

  5. I absolutley love how Batman calls him George Washington.

  6. …there is way too much weirdness in this panel to really comment on.  And apparantly George Washington was anything but puntual.

  7. @lifesend maybe they are in Oz?

  8. I am currently several hundred pages into an exhaustive Washington biography, and I… I don’t think that’s him.

  9. *head explodes*

  10. this is not in continuity (of America).  =)

    Now if Jefferson, Franklin, Adams and Washington all shared a loft in DUMBO i’d watch that reality show. 

  11. @josh  Why would comics deceive us like that? Now I have to rethink everything!

  12. @josh  Which biography are you reading and is it good. I’ve been looking to read a new book on pretty much anyone from that time in American history

  13. I remember reading that Washington time traveled to help Batman out before.

    It was on wikipedia.


  14. Slap me sideways, that was fantastic Conor!

  15. wait ….they had rehearsals? WTF? how big are those bonds anyway?

  16. @Jesse1125  That wagon actually holds every James Bond ever. What better way to show American supremacy over the Brits?