Great Moments in Comics History: Detective Comics #397

Detective Comics 397


“Hello, operator…”

“Please state the nature of your emergency.”

“This is The Batman. I’ve been–”

“Yeah, okay.”

“No, really, I’m The Batman.”

“Sir, this line is over emergencies only.”

“Emergencies onl– This is The Batman! I’m bleeding!”

“C’mon, buddy, it’s been a long night and I’ve worked a double.”


  1. He gave Gotham PD a Bat Signal, and they couldn’t return the favor?  Damn budget cuts…

  2. The "regular" police?  Does Bats consider himself a cop?

  3. I’m reminded of the scene in ‘Dirty Work’ when Norm MacDonald calls the "real cops’.

  4. doesn’t everyone know the gravelly voice of the dark knight by now?

  5. I hope he’s not planning on calling the cops collect. That’s just mean!

    @Anville According to Gordon and Police Chief O’Hara from Batman: The Movie from the ’60s,  Batman and Robin are "A fully deputized agents of the law."

  6. What year did this come out?

    How long has it been since one had to get in touch with the operator before making a call?

    Early cellular tech was around in the mid 1960’s.  LBJ had one, so why not Batman??

    He should at least have one of those tonal auto-dialers, they could have fit in his utility belt.

  7. One can only assume that Batman lost his belt and subsequently, inevitably, his pants.  

    "Hello, Operator.  This is the Batman, I’ve lost my pants.  Yes, again." 

  8. If this happens when he calls the police, how difficult must it be for him to order a pizza?!

  9. hahaha classic!

  10. If he really wants to prove it to the operator, he should just say "I’m the goddamn Batman!"

  11. It just needs to the Batman voice like in Community 🙂

  12. This must of been a non Kevin Conroy Batman.  I wouldn’t have recognized him either.

  13. "Come on, Bruce, you’ve seen Alfred work these telephonic devices often enough. How hard could it be?"

  14. In his best Christian Bale growl…

    "Can you hear me now?"

  15. He should’ve used 1-800-Collect.

    ….Does that even exist anymore?

  16. HA! I get it.

  17. ‘but-but-but—I’m the Goddamned Batman!’

  18. Maybe he had to ask someone to break open a Coca-Cola machine to get some change.

  19. @TNC Classic.

  20. I wonder what proceeds the "…and then take care of my wound!"

    "I love prankcalls. I’ll call the local constables, taunt them, hide in the shadows, abduct a straggling officer, then stab him in the stomach just watch him scream, but before he dies I will get out my handy-dandy bat-medical kit…

    …and then take care of my wound!"

    Ha ha! Good times.


  21. @TNC you win sir.

  22. @PraxJarvin Apparently, there’s no room on that belt of his for a change purse.

  23. "….and then take care of my wound." may be the strangest "out of context" sentence I’ve ever read.