Great Moments in Comics History: The Defenders #33

beware a doe with gritted teeth!


Bambi carried around a lot of bitterness after his mom died.


  1. I feel like “Steve Gerber: Story” is the context.

  2. …I don’t even have a joke…

  3. “But all is not what it seems–and the baby deer knows it!”  LOL.  This miight be my new e-mail signature qutoe.

  4. man…ya i don’t have anything either….

  5. Oh man, the Headmen. Now there’s an old-school villain.

  6. and why not call it a fawn instead of a baby dear? do too many people not know that?

  7. I remember this story arc. This entire storyline, the Gerber elf, and and evil “The Headmen” gave the reader all of the benefits of being high without the downside of becoming addicted. Good times.

  8. damn… just WTF? I have too many questions! Who’s the chick with the cherry bomb on her head and the awesome rack? Actually, can ANYONE name all the characters to the left of NightHawk?
    “Luscious” brown eyes?
    Aren’t the Headmen the dudes who bring the Port-A-Potty’s?
    I’ve got to lay down now…

  9. *right* of NightHawk (sorry)

  10. This is what happens when you don’t let him play in your reindeer games.

  11. I think that the blue guy was named Gorilla Man.

  12. Does he use the orb to change deer season to “wabbit” season?

  13. Pretty good art!

  14. One of the seventeen wonderful things about this is that the bad guys’ names are, like, Doctor Jerry Stephens and Arthur Nissenbaum.

  15. New Christmas diddy:
    “The Hulk got run over by a reindeer”

  16. @ohcaroline  High fives.

  17. I did have a joke, but it’s pretty much verbatim of what Jimski put up.

    *dusts hands* That’s the end of that chapter. 

  18. I think this story appears in maybe the third Essential Defenders volume. All of this Steve Gerber stuff is really crazy and entertaining. If I recall correctly, another plotline around this time involved Valkyrie being committed to an insane asylum and none of the other Defenders know where she is for a couple issues. 

  19. I love Ruby Thursday…she has such a bizarre design. She looks like she can be a villain on he Tick.

  20. I remember buying this cover-less from a second-hand shop back in the day.   A few issues earlier there was the classic line:  “Men killed Bambi’s mother!”, followed by one of the hunters getting a shotgun twisted around his neck.  (Or so I remember!)