Great Moments in Comics History: The Avengers #2


The very first official meeting of The Avengers was crackling with sexual tension.


  1. This is so absurd. I love it.

  2. Is this from an issue of Herogasm?

  3. They really needed Cap to get them in line. 

  4. the thing is, all the things we praise Stan Lee for are encapsulated in this panel.

  5. Pym is not having any of this.

  6. Hulk spin bottle! Hulk kiss puny Pym’s wife

  7. Off panel Jarvis is having a nervous breakdown – "Bring the bottle, don’t bring the bottle, bring the bottle, don’t bring the bottle."

  8. "You wouldn’t like me when I play the spin the bottle!"  

  9. Seven minutes in heaven with the Hulk? I’ll pass, thank you very much.

  10. Not Kirby’s finest panel.

  11. verily, it beeth makeout time

  12. " OK, EFF, Marry, KIll…Pym you go first"

    Is that Iron Man’s latest, CB trucker Armor?


  13. Looks like it’s "Hammer Time" for Thor.

  14. What a reasonable and well spoken Hulk.

  15. @Josh – I bet he drew it in less than a minute. Sometimes quantity>quality.

  16. I blame the inker!

  17. I don’t believe Iron Man could sit down in that old thing, let alone hunch over and cross his arms.  Shenanigans I say!

  18. "We get to know each other better, now if you got stuck on a desert island and could only bring one book what would it be?"


  19. I feel bad for anyone who gets it from hulk.  SMASH!  That guy has got to be packin’

  20. Thor, get your hammer off the table! It’s bad manners!

  21. And that Marvel coloring?!?! Garish!!!

  22. Hank Pym’s secret ability…he can read thought balloons. Look at that face & body language, it’s written all over him, he’s pissed.

  23. @Quentin  reading her mind isn’t really a difficult task.. she’s always looking for ways to get slapped.

  24. Oh my… so bizarre. However, why do Hank and Janet seem to be wearing the same belt?

  25. @Praxjarvin – It’s all part of the continuing evolution of Hank Pym as a cross-dresser.

  26. Yeah this is pretty bad for a guy like Kirby.

    Love Pym crossing his arm and Janet being the worst character ever as usual. Also….is Thor kneeling? Cause the position his arms are in it certainly looks like it.

    Eh Kirby can have an off day.

  27. You’d think the first Avengers meeting would be more…well…epic than this

  28. @ TNC – I thinkhe’s sitting on a bench as well.  Which makes me woncer why the Avengers basically would be sitting at a chromed out picnic table.

  29. BizDaddy, you think the old-school Stark mansion furniture is going to hold the Hulk?  Tony obviously had to whip an adamantium patio set.


    I wonder what happened on the other "get-to-you" meeting?  Did they go bowling? Or maybe a pub crawl? No matter what, you can be sure the Hulk got into a fight.

  30. The Hulk speaking like he’s from Brooklyn?  Awesome.  

  31. Huh so I guess everyone back in the 60’s had dark horizontal lines for eyes? Interesting. . .

  32. awesome. love this

  33. Why does it look like Iron Man has a beer belly? He sits like I do at the dinner table!

    This would be a nice runner on showing bad artwork by legendary artists.

  34. @TheNextChampion: I thought that was how his gold armor was designed.

  35. and people complain the Bendis makes them sit around talking…

  36. She had it coming

  37. And people thought the Illuminati ‘talking about girls’ monent was out of character! Stark just loves to have deep talks while sitting around a table! He just wants friendship!

    @siraim & TimmyWood
    I laughed aloud at your Hulk comments.

  38. You would think there would be a nicer board room in the mansion. And Benches!?!?! Where are the big comfy leather chairs?

  39. And I love the sky blue painted floor that just meets with the white sheetrock walls. "Molding? We have no need of molding!"

  40. I have to presume that the panel before had someone – Thor? – suggesting just such a thing.  Clearly then the next panel would read: " Verily then, it shall be truth or dare!  "

  41. awkward!


  42. "How come Hulk always Big Blind? Hulk Dealing."

  43. I wonder if that antenna Iron Man has picks up any good radio stations?

    "Reasoning with Hulk is like trying to have a conversation with a coffee table. It’s just not gonna happen."

  44. Awesome!

  45. this looks more like fanfic than actual comicbooks XD