Great Moments in Comics History: Amazing Adventures #2



The next time Natasha moves, she’s going to have to register with the local authorities


  1. I find that if I keep my standards exceptionally low I am always pleasantly surprised.  Mr. Bluepants appears to adhere to this policy, as well.

  2. Oh Black Widow, you had him at your uncomfortable landing from… somewhere up high?

    Also, if this is how he reacted to her then, just wait until she’s played by Scarlett Johansen. 

  3. i used to date a russian girl, every time she ordered a caeser salad she said "kaiser salad"

     it has very little do you will this but i still wanted to share

  4. Now this is a cougar-based sitcom I would watch.

  5. The leaping into view from somewhere on high as a way to impress a potential victim is a commonly used technique in female teacher/male student molestation cases.  It was Mary Kay Letourneau’s "go to" move.

  6. What the hell is he doing with his hands? Sure, he’s probably grasping them in excitement (which I can say I have never, ever done), but it looks like he’s doing that nuckle cracking that movie tough guys do before they kick some ass.

  7. Also, I’m really confused by the where the light source is.

  8. As I type this.. I hear Comic Book guy from the Simpsons in my head.. first.. what the heck is up with Black Widows left leg? There’s no way that leg is attached to her torso.. or she has a freakishly long left upper leg.  Secondly, what the heck is up with the shadows?

  9. @ultimatehoratio – I’ll have to add that to my arsenal of moves.

  10. @stuchlach – As of yet unable to confirm its efficacy on adults.  Going to try it at the Mexican restaurant at lunch.  Stay tuned…

  11. I’m guessing that Black Widow jumped out of a cake that is found just off-panel. That’s really the best explanation for what’s happening here that I can think of. She’s flirting because she knows that tips are on the line.

  12. @ultimatehoratio – I suggest you test it before you dine.  I can’t imagine making a leap like that after eating a burrito.

  13. Hey, she can register next door any day she wants.


  14. Flattery will get you everywhere zombox!

  15. she fucks everyone.

  16. She looks like she’s about to kick him in his special purpose.

  17. @stuchlach – Tried it at lunch.  This guy named Carlos beat the holy hell out of me, but I did get a free lunch and a phone number.  Jury’s still out on it being a good idea.

  18. I remember back I guess in the mid 70’s, my older brother and I would buy "used" comics (that had the covers removed).  We had a lot of of Daredevil issues from ’71-’73.  Even at 7 or 8 years old, I appreciated the way Gil Kane or Gene Colan drew Natasha.  Yowza!

  19. @ultimatehoratio – Where the any females present?  I’m not really into guys (not that’s anything wrong with that).

  20. @stuclach – The phone number I got was Carlos’s wife’s.  Carlos beat me before I had a chance to try it on him.

    @Anville – I remember buying those coverless comics in packs of three.  Defacing comics angered me, even as a child.

  21. See it’s just as funny to see a kid be extremely happy to see Black Widow.

    But it’s even funnier that Widow would say a thing like that. I guess Natasha was the She-Hulk of this era.

  22. Horatio, it was just the economics of the time.  The newstands or bookstores would return the covers to the publishers to show the comics were unsold, and get some money back, I guess.  Then the body of the book would make its way back onto the market, however illicitly.  Defacing maybe, but over the years I reaped the benefit of being able to buy many many cheap comics and paperbacks because of that.

    But back onto the subject at hand, it’s great that her right boob is as big as her left knee.

  23. I knew Black Widow was a whore, but i always assumed she wanted experienced men like Tony Stark and Matt Murdock, Mimbos both. Maybe sometimes she just wants a willing boy toy to serve her every whim. If that is the case, I would work for free.

  24. @stuclach: lmao! Is there one of us who doesn’t? If so then speak, so that I may call you naive!
    @ultimatehoratio: XD!
    @Dan: He’s going to have her one way or another 0_0!!
    @siraim: It’s her freakishly long legs that has him head-over-heels for her.
    @georgeXjr: Yikes.

    Boy if flattery could really take you everywhere… now-a-days all it does is get me a face full of mace. And I am the perfect gentleman = seriously eyes are on top and everything.

  25. Bottle of merlot.  I’m catching me a cougar.