Great Moments in Comics History: All-Star Comics #64

And in that time, Sir Kal-El of Kent united all of Britain under a flag of primary colors. But in his tower in Northumbria did plot the hairless magistrate Luthor Pendragon…


  1. Wally Wood art!  At least, I think it is.  No one does such stiff yet gorgeous panels.

  2. I think this should be Superman’s new costume. He can team up with Medieval Spawn.

  3. Did Superman steal Supergirl’s old skirt?

  4. I love the Captain Marveled Style cape! It makes him look very regal, which he should given who he is. And this looks like a ton of fun!

  5. I’ll keep this in mind at “Medieval Times” this weekend.  (This and Cable Guy.)

  6. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @VitoDelsante  Yep! Wally Wood! Script is by Levitz, Conway, or both. 

  7. That editors not is kind of redundant. If the panel speaks for itself…LET IT!

  8. That is one snarky editor’s note.

  9. “Yon” is a word that doesn’t get enough play

  10. I love that he’s using a dude as a weapon in that panel. Also, that editor’s note definitely speaks for itself too.

  11. I actually kind of like Superman’s outfit. Maybe, I just I want a story about Superman as a knight.

  12. @TheGoose  He teamed up with the Silent Knight in The Brave and The Bold.

  13. Should have paid extra for a kyrptonite lance.

  14. I smell a team up with Robin Hood.

  15. Kinda has a Monty Python feel to it, especially with Sups opening lines.

    I’d like to see Errol Flynn top this! 

  16. This dialogue is hilarious but not on purpose, i think.

  17. that’s funny, Supes usually teams up with Dark Knights all the time

  18. It’s a little known fact that in Ye Olde England, ‘CRASH’ was always spelt with a K.

  19. …beautiful page that, elegant simplicity. thanks i’ve never seen inside a Superman comic before

  20. @Heroville  I think there was an Elseworlds story where Superman became a knight.

  21. Wally Wood will be forever missed. Thank you Wizard #232, Dec. 2010. One of the many good things about that mag.

    Wanna see some more Superman goodness? Check out Steranko’s art from “Exile at the Edge of Eternity” from Superman #400.