Graphicly is all NEW!

It's time for the next step for Graphicly.

Right off, go check out the new, and explore. In addition to an all new look and feel, the whole thing is faster, easier to use, and it's all in one place. There's no flash, because it's all HTML5. You can read your comics there, or you can store comics for offline viewing. The site is connected to Facebook and Twitter, and your comments on the books are too. There's a new and improved user profile, with better social networking functions, where you can follow other users, and see what they're reading, and join those conversations. You can now browse comics by title, publisher, creator, or even character.

Then there's a new Android app as well, which functions a lot like the new site.

But check this out. Every comic available on can be embedded, just like a video, anywhere on the web you want, like so:

Cool, right?

It will all be connected as well. Comment on the site, the apps, the embedded comics, or wherever, and that same conversation is still going on.

What about if you're a creator? You can submit your work to, and the plan is that within 24-48 hours, your work will be live on the network, and we'll work towards getting it on other digital platforms, like the Barnes & Noble Nook or the Kindle.

There you have it. It's an all new world at Graphicly, and we're not done yet. We've been striving for newer, faster, and better features all along, and there's plenty left to do. You can bet we'll let you know when the next big thing happens.

If you'd like to hear what Graphicly CEO Micah Baldwin has to say about today's changes, get over to The Couch.


  1. In Firefox 3.6 on Windows 7 it shows three send buttons but otherwise cool.

  2. Love the new site!

  3. It finally works right.

  4. wow this is great news especially the HTML5. Really forward thinking. Love it! I need to spend some time over there, but i feel the new one is already A LOT more user friendly than previous. Are there going to be updates to the iPad app as well?

  5. I hope this proves to be as useful to indie ceators as it sounds.  This seems like an incredible opportunity to get your work out there. 

  6. Nothing but a big gray empty box appears, here and over at Graphicly. What is it we’re supposed to be seeing?

  7. Hopefully the iPad app gets updated, that thing is a disaster as of now.

  8. Problems when viewing it in IE8 (Big gray box problem) , I’m a web developer and I feel your pain. DAMN YOU INTERNET EXPLORER!!

  9. hey everyone – thanks for the comments (yes IE8 is painful! — It does work best in Chrome). Now we can get to work on our mobile apps, an optimized version of the site for mobile, and a better and deeper integration with ifanboy.

    Feel free to email me if you have comments, questions or concerns:

  10. The “embedded” example is not working on my Apple laptop (I’m using Safari).

    the Tiki 

  11. @thefreakytiki  –works fine on my MBP and Tower. Are you using Safari 5 cause i think you need that for HTML5

  12. @wallythegreenmonster  Yup, 5.0.5.  I just get a gray box both here and on the site.  It works on my iPad but not on my laptop.

    the Tiki 

  13. Is the app on my computer going to get an update or should I just use the website now?  The embedding of comics is pretty interesting, seems like some creators/companies wouldn’t be to happen about there comics out there on the net for free, but maybe I’m just being pessimistic.

  14. Site looks much better than in the beta, I like that you ended up moving some of the stuff around, can’t wait to see how the Android app turns out

  15. Wow, the new site is fantastic.  Such a huge improvement.  For some reason, I couldn’t get the discuss, icon to work though (which lets you add comments to panels). But I’ll keep messing with it.  Would like to see some Image and Skybound stuff on here. Anyway, the site is so streamlined and faster.  It was simplified.  The FB and Twitter links are cool too.  Great work.  Going to check out the Android app.

  16. It’s kind of mind blowing how omnipresent comics can become when you can embed them anywhere. Like vinyl records to youtube embeds, this effectively turns comics from specialty collectibles into socially interactive comic reading experiences. Whoa. 

  17. Wow, the site is pretty slick.  Looks really good.  I just can’t get into reading digital comics for some reason though.  Webcomics are fine with me, and I read tons of them, but reading normal paper comics on the web is like…hrrm…wearing uncomfortable shoes.  I’ve got shoes on, but I don’t like it.  I have no explaination for this.

  18. Someone’s going to have to explain the embedding to me. Does this only work with free comics (i.e. previews)? Surely you can’t buy a comic then share it on your blog for all to see for free…?

  19. Update: someone at was tinkering while I slept… No more gray box. 🙂

    It looks great folks.

    I’m just curious how long til DC or Marvel puts out an offer to buy Comixology or

    The Tiki

  20. @Cormac  If the comic is free, or the creator allows it to be free within the embed, it will stay free anywhere. If you buy the comic, you will always be able to read it, but others that havent bought the comic will have to purchase it as well – but there will be a 4-6 page preview in the widget. 

    Trying to figure out the best way to handle this moving forward.

  21. That answered my question about the embeded books. So far liking the site and plan on using it more this weekend.

  22. AMAZING!!

  23. Reading comics on the site-

    I dislike that the navigation bar hovers over the pages- either move it off panel or incorporate a nice mouse-jogwheel navigation scheme like a cbr reader.

    Actually just make it like a cbr reader period.